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  1. Anyone else having this issue?


    Mission is built with a handful of playable slots (~24).  Attributes > Multiplayer is edited to taste with min and max player counts.  I can be inside 3DEN and select "Play in Multiplayer (MP)" and everything appears in role selection just as it should.


    So I pack it all up (solo .sqm, binned or non-binned, exported via 3DEN or packed with Eliteness), put it on the dedicated server, and load the mission like I've done a million time before...


    And It gets to role selection but there are no slots.  No slots at all.  No factions, no slots.  Leave and try to rejoin server and get a max player count reached error.  Tried overriding some settings, min/max counts again with description.ext to no effect.


    Dedicated server is latest stable via SteamCMD.


    Sound familiar?


    Thank you for your time,


    - Crap

  2. In the Medical Settings module there are options for the "Medical Level" (of course) and "Medics Settings". As the documentation doesn't seem to go into much detail about that latter option, I'm curious if some combination of these and/or other settings may help us, as we're experiencing the following phenomena when trying Advanced Medical gameplay...

    * A head shot of any sort permits field healing but revive is [near] impossible (unless PAK'd?).

    * A leg shot of any sort permits field healing but the player is stuck moving very slowly afterwards (unless PAK'd?).

    * Bruises/contusions cannot be bandaged.

    While these all seem like reasonable/realistic consequences for these types of injuries, and can necessitate full use of the medical support roles, we're wondering if:

    1) These are indeed actually intentional, by design, and not bugs.


    2) Would a setting like "Medics Settings" and/or others may allow us to remove some of these more strict conditions for smaller ops while still benefiting from the immersion of Advanced Medical field treatment.

    Best regards and thank you for your time,

    - C

  3. Is there a way to disable Respawn, or to make Respawn spawn you at Base rather than right where you died? It's really imbalanced and makes reviving people basically pointless.

    I'd check your mission description.ext respawn settings (BASE) and ensure you have appropriate respawn marker(s) in your mission map...


    We're using ACE3 with the usual suspects and all is normal base respawn-wise.

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    Is this a real thing that i dont know about or am I just thick and this is sarcasm?

    He's saying that in an all-out dynamic firefight, where you're firing a lot and at multiple moving targets, you're not going to want to take the time to fine-tune scope adjustments for every shot. You're basically sticking to zero, or a base elevation set for a common range and merely moving your crosshairs around to compensate for relative winds (Kentucky windage), or range/bullet drop (Arkansas elevation).

    ---------- Post added at 18:21 ---------- Previous post was at 18:18 ----------

    We are using RHS Mod (U.S Forces), and for us it's impossible to unload somebody from a vehicles if he's inconscious, and sometimes, we can't see the CPR option for reanimate someone !

    A downgrade to CBA v1.1.20.xxx should remedy most of these interaction issues. CBA v1.1.21.xxx and later cease to provide extended event handlers to third-party units that don't have them already mod-side, breaking these features in many cases.

    ---------- Post added at 18:44 ---------- Previous post was at 18:21 ----------

    Is it supposed to be as simple as 1.0 on the elevation scope mil equals 100 meters on flat ground? I can't seem to get the hang of figuring out the right Meters + Elevation rough, quick, middle-of-combat math you'd use for that.

    A mil is more a measurement of angle. There are basically ~17.8 mils to one degree (you'll see this with the ACE3 Mk6's digital compass in mils). As a rule of thumb, at 1000 yards (3000 ft) 1 mil would span 1 yard (3 ft). For a target at 300 yards (900 ft) a 1 mil adjustment would equal 0.3 yards (0.9 ft) or about 10~11 inches. The same 1/1000th rule applies to meters as well. However, a bullet's trajectory is never really flat and is going to be entirely up to the equipment discharging it, the type of ammunition used, and environmental factors.

    Best bet, aside from learning the Atrag, or using Koffe's old AGM web app (http://koffeinflummi.github.io/Arma3Spotter/#/spotter), would be to grab a rifle on a relatively calm day, quite a few practice rounds of what you're going to use in the field, and a rangefinder; and find some trees or abandoned structures at regular intervals of range and create a range card that you can jot down elevation settings on for those various ranges. Then later in the field in a firefight, you can quickly recall these base settings either directly off the card or by interpolation, and be in the neighborhood of effective fire from the start.

  4. Thanks for the prompt update Leight, eagerly awaiting its appearance on PWS!

    FYI, KillSwitch was saying over on the CBA thread that with their latest (RC7) updates CBA no longer provides extended event handlers to units that do not have them already. This is apparently the reason we're having difficulty interacting in ACE3 with LOP Taki civs and the like. If XEH hasn't been applied in this update, is that something that seems practical and easily done in a future update?

    - C

  5. So I have a problem with ace with the interaction keys. So I cant interact with others or myself however I can interact with vehicles like putting a chemlight on a truck. Its the newest version and I have deleted all the files and reinstalled it. The issue doesn't happen in single player I can get the stuff to work its when I join my groups server that it happens and the rest of the guys on the server don't have a problem.

    Downgrade CBA to v1.20.xxx, that worked for us.

  6. Thank you for your efforts, Leight!

    FYI from what I've seen the IND > LOP_AM and IND > LOP_ISTS factions, as well as a couple others, seem to be spawning enormous ~13x EI groups in ALiVE. One thing I have also noticed in Zeus since LOP v1.0 with these factions is that only the "Sentry" group under Infantry is defined.

    The "Squad", "Support Team", "Anti-Tank Team", etc. groupings from v0.81 have ceased to be. This make Zeus sad.

    As a sidebar, there is a CBA and ACE3 conflict that I've mostly observed with civilian and vehicle interactions. Downgrading CBA to v1.20.xxx has resolved many of those issues for us. The above broken groups however appears unrelated. Even with only vanilla A3 + RHS + LOP + CBA v1.20.xxx, or later, the groupings are gone.

    Happy hunting!

    - C

  7. Version 0.9.15 had the setSkill commands executed on all clients with server settings. But the current does not. I run it on server only, but for all AI, including remote units. That currently does not work well in the current stable version but suits most setups and it was fixed in dev branch.

    First of all: You're the man, Robalo. ASR AI 3 is absolutely indispensable. Thank you for all the time & energy you've put into it.

    I noticed the 0.9.16 patch notes earlier today while troubleshooting AI difficulty with Zeus in play (using ASR AI 3 0.9.17). Like T there, we too are experiencing some almost super-AI'ish behavior despite the Zeus client having the same default ASR AI 3 settings. Granted it could easily be something else like RHS, AiA + Isla Duala, AGM, etc. and I'm probably beating a dead horse here, but am I reading right that in the case of say, Zeus clients and theoretically headless clients where AI is spawned off-server, that setSkill isn't getting executed...at all? Or still is getting executed on server somehow and/or for those remote units?

    - execute setskill only on server (in anticipation of patch 1.40 which should fix setskill behavior)

    We're still testing, but might we be better off rolling back to 0.9.15 until the Arma 3 1.40 update? Or is that where the issue lays, with the current stable 1.38, and BIS has it sorted for next release?

    Thanks again, man.

  8. I'm using JSRS2.2 right now,whether need I delete the JSRS2.2 or I can load both 2.2 and 3 in Arma3?

    By what I'm reading this release is entirely standalone. 2.x should be obsolete and removed/disabled from your modset.

    Awesome work, Jarhead. Your work has given me hours and hours and hours of constant eargasm. Wishin' ya better health and recovery from your crunch. Donation incoming.

    - C

  9. Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall BattlEye?


    At least I had done it via directly replacing the .dlls from battleye.com to no avail. Having played OA a bit last night, and having prompted Steam itself to reinstall the client a couple times again after your recommendation, ACR seems to be installing fine this morning without the error showing up! :D

    Thanks again for the suggestions,

    - Cloud

  10. The exact error is : No entry 'C:\Users\UserName\Documents\ArmA 2\ArmA2OA.cfg.3D Performance' ?

    Try to delete your config file and launch the game. (it will generate a new one)

    File is located in "My Document" folder

    Affirmative on the error message. After deleting the config again (now with BAF and PMC installed as well), indeed the 3D_Performance value did get written to the config. Not sure why this wasn't happening with the plain A2OA fresh from Steam.

    So that error message is resolved, but the "!!! Missing string" error still remains.

    Thanks for your assistance,

    - Cloud

  11. So yesterday I suddenly started running into issues with Arma2OA where it was crashing anytime I tried to launch it. Be it via a third-party launcher with mods or vanilla right through the Steam launcher, it was crashing on launch. So I did the usual stuff; updated drivers, turned off any OC'ing, closed out of all unnecessary programs/services, etc. But the crashing/unexpected quits persisted, so I figured now would be as good of time as any to reinstall A2OA completely.

    Now with A2OA reinstalled via Steam, when I go to launch it I get a window titled 'Arma 2 Army of The Czech Republic Setup' that reads "!!! MISSING STRING". Shortly followed by another error window titled 'ArmA 2 OA' saying that there is "No entry..." for some file at "...Documents\Arma 2\Arma2OA.cfg.3D_Performance". After that it finally loads into the game, but without ACR, having self-aborted the first time run setup. I'd ultimately like to resolve this before setting BAF and PMC to redownload as well.

    I love you BIS, but y u forsake me? :confused:

    Best regards,

    - Cloud

  12. gday Cloud,

    unfortunately this slipped through/wasn't possible to hide with the existing technology.

    Hopefully when the full DLCs get supported, this will be sorted too.

    See also: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Take_On_Helicopters_-_Rearmed#Known_Issues

    Ahhhh hah, okay. Thanks for the prompt reply, PvP. The bug is no bother really. I'm always eternally happy to see signs of development.

    - Cloud

  13. I only noticed this the other day, but after going on a couple weeks TKOH hiatus, Operation Black Gauntlet is now somehow listed beneath Lark Rising in the Singleplayer > Career listing.

    Out of curiosity, going to try to select the career shows PMC00: Inception for the mission, pretty much mirroring what it looks like under A2/OA, and after a brief loading ritual, presents the error...

    "Mission 'PMC00: Inception' contains bad link to a static object. Open it in the Editor and save it again."

    Just wondering whether or not I'm the only one, or if this is a known bug'let. It doesn't really effect playability elsewhere in TKOH, just thought it was odd.

    For what it's worth, all my BIS stuff is purchased/managed via Steam, and this issue occurs without any sort of third-party launcher, and occurred before/still exists after I purchased the ACR DLC on the Arma side.


    - Cloud