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  1. What score is considered good performance? I got around 4000. I see that some got worse and some have better. What is considered good enough score to play this game?
  2. Try messing around with http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setBehaviour http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUnitPos http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCombatMode http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI I have also question about AI. How can I make AI do things when they contact enemy? Let's say Red force spots Blu force unit and alarm is sounded. I could not found command that returns something on encounter. I found workaround using CombatMode, but it does not work if unit behavior is set to Careless. Any ideas?
  3. ssg


    Thanks. I knew there had to be easier way than doing own minefield.sqf. I was thinking way too complexly. At least I can now start scripting with something much more simple. There is quite a lot of things already done in modules. I should check what else there is.
  4. Is there easy way to do minefield with properties like radius, number of mines, mine type etc. I did some research and I found ArmA2 minefield scripts, but they have different logic since ArmA2 does not have mines. I also tried to search for random item spawn scripts, but I could not find anything useful. I'm new to SQF and browsing through all commands seemed kinda silly to do. Edit: I found out that there is createMine, but I could not find what parameters it takes.
  5. We noticed that ATI cards generally run this game worst than equal Nvidia card. There is also something mysterious going on. Game runs same 25-30 fps on low and very high settings on escape from Stratis mission beginning. I tested it myself and my friend tested it also. We had vsync disabled etc. Also ArmA3 does not seem to benefit anything from crossfire. FPS was same with 1 GPU and 2 GPU. I think this indicates that this game is really CPU dependent and currently lacks crossfire support. But then again it is just weird because I have 965BE and my friend has latest i7. I have 2x 6950 and he has 7850 ATI card. Same time our friend with GTX 580 runs game in same situation with 60-80 FPS. We both have 30 fps and nothing in video options change it expect view distance. It is only one that has any effect. I really hope BIS will find solution for this problem.
  6. ssg

    Custom face textures in ArmA 2?

    I'm having problem with custom face I created. It's all white for myself. First person and third person. My friend sees it perfectly on me and I can see it perfectly on him. Also he sees it perfectly on himself. File is 43KB .paa file. We both have ATI video cards. I have 6950. I'm not sure what my friend has but I know it is ATI. Does anyone have idea why the skin shows as white on my character for myself but works perfectly fine otherwise? Edit: It also works for me perfectly on Profile menu.