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  1. hello i just purchased TOH on steam and installed it now my main menu is stuffing up can someone please tell me the exact file i need to delete to get rid of it. I have tried to delete all the dayz lingor files i could find but its still there.. your prompt reply is anticipated. thank you for your time. ---------- Post added at 04:45 ---------- Previous post was at 04:44 ---------- and this as well....
  2. syntax_error

    No Multiplayer servers .

    yeah i live in australia as well i only see like 3 servers 2 have passwords and the madsin one i cant get into : ( lol i just bought this game but it doesnt say anywhere that only 5 people play it online : (
  3. hello! i cant get into your server what do i need to do?
  4. thanks! im still trying no luck yet : (
  5. hey thanks for the quick reply but no unfortunately i had dayz lingor installed already before purchasing TOH i also have combined ops working and and the add ons folder from arma2 in my arma2oa folder. i have run in steam using right click launch combined ops.. when i launch TOH using the shortcut on the desktop that is what happens.. im still trying to fix it i just deleted a heap more dayz stuff.. its still there when i launch TOH .. any ideas where the file is that would be doing it? i really dont want to download another 8 gig as well as try to sort out all my mods again i just need to know the file that is causing it. why is TOH loading anything from dayz lingor is beyond me can i get a fix plz? thanks edit.. lol please make arma3 waaaay less of a mess i can spend hours on here trying to get a tiny mod to just work and when i do it breaks something else..i have @ folders and .pbo's everywhere... sigh maybe someone could let me know how to force TOH to only load from arma EXACTLY what it needs not just any random file in the OA folder.. thanks guys!!