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  1. I can't remember which island I got it from but make sure to hack research stations from islands even if you have already taken them from the enemy and you should get it
  2. In strategy game I'd like to set the amount of islands not just who controls the majority if there's 32 islands I'd like to start a game with maybe just 10 for both of us to fight over to create a smaller map and a shorter game
  3. Hey the only way to send stuff to stockpile is to travel to your stockpile then when you open your supply menu you should be able to add and remove instantly also if it isn't dropping your mantas off check damage to your lifts if one lift is damaged a manta won't be able to use that spot until its repaired hope this helps
  4. Hi all just want to start of by saying i LOVE this game few issues with the walrus but i think its all been said. Anyway got an idea for multiplayer wanted to see what everyone thinks so here goes, i thought maybe have 1 island and 1 carrier 4 players carrier team attack to win they must hack the HQ before time runs out i think to destroy it might be a little 2 simple or may finish the game a bit to quickly. island team control the mantas and walrus from the island's garages maybe have turrets that you can control they win by defending the HQ until time runs out and/or by destroying carrier. not sure how respawning would work etc. i just thought might be a cool mode for multiplayer. Anyway let me know what you all think and lets see what other ideas people have for multiplayer
  5. im confused by this also i mean the main site says the 28th the store i have pre ordered my copy from says the 27th i have checked different stores and some say 27th and some say 28th i mean which is it??? Really hoping its 27th as i can not wait ;)
  6. I will be buying this game regardless of multiplayer or not but i do think the option should be there for maybe a coop that would be cool id rather wait for the multiplayer so i can get this game ASAP im getting it for xbox as my PC is useless and its killing me that there isnt a demo or anything for the xbox version but o well not long now.