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  1. Hello, As can be forced to disable MASTERSAFE on the helicopter gun (RHS Mi-28N)? If you order the bot to sit in the helicopter, the fuse on the cannon will be disabled, but if it is forced to put the command (moveInGunner) will be incorporated fuse.
  2. Its work in MP? initServer.sqf //--- Block heli engine DMSK_Mi28N addEventHandler ["Engine", {if (_this select 1) then {(_this select 0) engineOn false}}]; /*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start mission -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ //--- task 1 "task1" call BIS_fnc_missionTasks; "task1" call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; //--- wait 1 task if !(isDedicated) then {waitUntil {count simpleTasks player > 0}}; //--- task2 [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 3; {_x in DMSK_Mi28N} count (units group player) == {alive _x} count (units group player)}; DMSK_Mi28N removeEventHandler ["Engine", 0]; DMSK_Mi28N lock true; ["task1", "Succeeded"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; "task2" call BIS_fnc_missionTasks; "task2" call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; }; or it should be replaced by addMPEventHandler?
  3. dimas1k

    Destroy convoy

    haha, its google translate :D How add a condition for damage*
  4. This is not exactly what I wanted. The pilot and gunner are players So that this option does not suit me, there are ideas?
  5. dimas1k

    Destroy convoy

    thanks for help. I tried it. This is better than I did, but there are times when the crew just left the car saw the helicopter. Can I add a condition damage cars?
  6. Hello, I'm trying to make a mission to destroy a convoy of vehicles from a helicopter. initServer.sqf [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 5; {alive _x} count [DMSK_enemyVeh1, DMSK_enemyVeh2, DMSK_enemyVeh3, DMSK_enemyVeh4] == 0}; ["task2", "Succeeded"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; "task3" call BIS_fnc_missionTasks; "task3" call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; }; But I ran into a problem, the shooter has time to kill all the soldiers in the machines and break the wheel, but the car did not explode. How can I alter the condition that the job count towards after the murder of the crew or the equipment itself exploded after the destruction of the wheel? Sorry for google translate.
  7. How to block the launch of the helicopter engine is a pilot and gunner sit in it? Option with retracting fuel and engine failure is not suitable. Sorry for google translator.
  8. I apologize for the slight delay. I checked everything in the editor all off. Still does not work to switch revival. Sorry for my english (c) Google Translate.
  9. I checked everywhere. I found only here respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition", "MenuInventory", "Revive", "Tickets", "Spectator", "EndMission"};
  10. Yes, im run mission with ACE and BI revive = on. Run mission without ACE and BI revive = on.
  11. Its now work :( //--- Автодетект и отключение оживления (BIS) if (DMSK_isACE) then { missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_mode", 0]; } else { missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_mode", 1]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_unconsciousStateMode", 0]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_requiredTrait", 0]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_requiredItems", 0]; missionNamespace setVariable ["ReviveRequiredItemsFakConsumed", 0]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_duration", 6]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_medicSpeedMultiplier", 2]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_forceRespawnDuration", 3]; missionNamespace setVariable ["bis_reviveParam_bleedOutDuration", 180]; };
  12. unless the first option does not work? In any case, I've corrected. I have an idea about revive?
  13. Now the mission is working without ACE, I gradually try to implement it in support of ACE, ACRE, TFAR.
  14. This is a great tip! In its mission, I use equipment kits. From initServer.sqf: DMSK_isCBA = isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "cba_main"); DMSK_isACE = isClass (configFile >> "CfgMods" >> "ace"); DMSK_isRHS = isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "rhs_main"); DMSK_isTFAR = isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "task_force_radio"); DMSK_isACRE = isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "acre_main"); //--- Экипировка if (DMSK_isACE) then { // ACE экипировка // // Тут нужно заебашить наборы экипировки для ACE (DMSK_ACE_Medic) // // } else { // Ванильные наборы {[missionNamespace, _x] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory} forEach [ // общие классы "DMSK_Medic", "DMSK_Engineer", "DMSK_Demolitionist", "DMSK_Machinegunner", "DMSK_Machinegunner_Lite", "DMSK_RiflemanAT", "DMSK_RiflemanAT_Lite", "DMSK_Sniper", "DMSK_Sniper_Lite", "DMSK_Grenadier", "DMSK_Rifleman", "DMSK_Rifleman_Lite", "DMSK_Rifleman_M16" ]; //[missionNamespace,["DMSK_Medic",0,1]] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; // лимитированные классы //[missionNamespace,["DMSK_Engineer",1,1]] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; // лимитированные классы }; The same principle detect and switch between BI's revive and ACE revive??