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  1. So correct me if im wrong here, but if you use 

    this enableSimulation false;

    on a weapons crate, that is only to make sure it wont be affected by gravity? For example if you place it on a table and dont want it to fall off.


    Because that what it seems to have been doing exclusively for the past week while i've been creating and testing my mission.


    Now today, i couldnt grab or place, any weapons or items from my weapon crates. And after some experimentation i found out that it was enableSimulation that did this.


    Things i've tried:


    Disabling all mods, and creating a new mission from scratch, plopping down a regular soldier as player, add in an ammo box and set its name to ammo1, and init to "ammo1 enableSimulation false;"


    use the debug menu to toggle enableSimulation to true and false. (true allowed me to place/grab items, false didnt)


    utilizing both SP editor and MP editor.




    I initially started using it last week, after an extensive test of the mission caused ammo crates to eventually start jumping around on the tables i had put them on, eventually falling off. After i set enableSimulation to false, i did a recheck, and i could now see the crates hovering SLIGHTLY above the tables, but i could still use them normally. Infact, we played the mission for about 2 hours yesterday with no issues in regards to the ammo crates. (still hovering slightly above, and crates did not fall off the tables, didnt even move an inch.)




    Now i had to fix something else in the mission, and upon one of my tests i needed a weapon, but today, i couldnt use any of the crates that had enableSimulation set to False, all other crates worked normally.


    Can anyone reproduce? Any idea of what has happened here?

  2. Was just wondering, i see units without waypoints will start to patrol, and units that has non-cycled waypoints will start patrolling once they dont have any waypoints left.

    So what is the difference between units without waypoints and those that are set on patrol with the module?

    NOOOO you're not an idiot nor wasting my time. You don't know how many times I've done the same thing to other modders and even my own team. lol

    Thats kind of you to say. :)

  3. Hold on, from the instructions i gathered that the hold waypoint/module, was meant to make it so that units patrol/garrison but does NOT respond to support calls from other friendly units?

    Not testing in zeus no, i read about the part where you but in a timer before AISS activate for zeus placed units. :)

    Patrol started working after restarting the mission. i usually stand and watch them for about a minute before i end the mission.

    EDIT: I reread the instructions, and im afraid i'm in the wrong here and have wasted your time.

    ""If a group has a current waypoint at hold. AISS2 will ignor them as far as a support call. But they will still call others to support them.""

    Thats from the instructions, and i made the assumption that they would also patrol/garrison... Im sorry.

  4. hmmmm Arma has been updated. I'll have to take a look. May have broke somethings. :(

    Oh noes! :(

    Them updates eh? The struggle is real. :P

    Just retried with a fresh install of AISS, still no dice.

    Simple thing to check wether i've done something wrong or if its broken seems to be to check if hold waypoint/module do anything for you. Because neither of those makes units do anything at all.

  5. Hello! :)

    Had some problems with getting the different waypoints and modules to work in a mission, So in a new mission, I tried setting down multiple small squads with each of them their different waypoint/module, and here is my results:

    Squads with waypoints:

    No waypoint - Units starts patrol.

    move waypoint - Units starts patrol after move.

    Hold waypoint - Units stand still

    Cycle waypoint - Units stand still

    Support waypoint - Units stand still (As expected)

    Squads with modules:

    Exclude - Units stand still (As expected)

    Garrison - Units starts running around (Possibly looking for buildings?)

    Hold - Units stand still

    Patrol - Units stand still

    Support - Units stand still (As expected)

    Userconfig is set to have AISS be activated without the main AISS module placed, but just incase i retried with the module placed, still no change.

    Can someone reproduce this? Because while i THINK they worked a few days ago, (2-3) i was completely new to this mod so i might have misinterpreted what i saw.

    Or maybe im misunderstanding instructions and/or they are out of date?

    Whats the most surefire way to make units do what you want? Modules or Waypoints?

    EDIT: Patrol module seems to work aswell from time to time.

  6. Yea, i havent used that button yet either.

    Have a different problem with them now though, might just be something i missed or maby the button itself, but for the life of me i cannot set regular waypoints for the UAV anymore, the only ones i can place is when i right click enemy vehicles and i get the option to either "Follow target" and "Destroy target".

    Are you currently reworking UAV waypoints at the moment?

    I have also not quite figured out the correct procedure to control a fixed wing UAV in a way that i can designate targets for it and have it succesfully drop bombs on them. This might solely be due to the fact that when i am controlling the Fixed wing UAV's turret control and lase a target, it will fly erraticly and make me lose the target because i reach maximum rotation on the camera.

    But yea, stabilization in itself is absolutely perfect now. Thanks alot for your efforts. :D

  7. From yesterdays Devbranch changelog.

    Refactored: Current recoil mechanics for better understanding and easier future changes (again, may not yet be fully noticeable in devbranch - but gives an indication of what’s being worked on)

    I may be a bit optimistic here, but could this possibly be a subtle hint at weapon resting in development?

  8. I havent tested it in Multiplayer yet, but tests during singleplayer was perfect. the only thing was that i had to type in:

    [color="#0000FF"]_efs[/color] [color="#00FF00"]=[/color] [color="#0000FF"][yourPlane, 0.4] execVM[/color] [color="#FF0000"]"engineFailure.sqf"[/color];

    or else it just returned "Type script, expected nothing."

    But yea, worked perfectly. Will test in Multiplayer later on and will also check it on a dedicated on monday.

    You're Amazing. :yay:

    Edit: Works fine in multiplayer. :)

  9. Wow, i wasn't even close. :P

    You have my gratitude for your assistance, I will try it out in a bit.

    Edit: It works quite well, only thing is that it is only ammunition with splash damage that activates it, regular 14.7mm rounds and smaller do damage, but does not make the engine shutdown kick in, anyway to fix that?

    Either way, Thanks again for your help. Even if this last little issue cannot be fixed, this little script will help both me and my group. :)

  10. I've been searching around on Armaholic, Bis forums and Google trying to find a script that disables the engines on jets after a certain damage threshold (0.4-0.6), but not luck so far. I even tried making one, but due to my ineptitude i didnt get very far with that either.

    What i am specifically looking for, is a script that makes a jets engine turn off without beeing able to turn them back on after a certain amount of damage is reached, but also be able to turn them back on if it manages to emergency land and get repaired. Since jets only have the Hull damage sector it seems that it will either get blown up or continue flying with max power.

    Can anyone help me with this? I would settle for something as simple as all fuel beeing removed after said damage threshold was reached, as i believe it should accomplish the same thing.

  11. Hello everyone. :)

    Just making this post to try to garner some much needed votes and attention for this feedback ticket. -> http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=568

    When i made this ticket in early alpha, i set it's priority to low since at the time there were many other problems that had to prioritized. Now however it's less than a month to release and i figured it could use some more attention since sincerely belive that the feature suggested in it is sorely needed.

    Here is a gallery of images from different vehicles / All thanks and credits to Tovarisc for these images!


    I will also point out that i recognize the ticket as "Reviewed" and that the dev's might allready have something in the works for it, but at this point i have a "better safe than sorry" perspective on the matter.


  12. I found one thing about the new APC's that was a bit amusing, if you drive underwater the engine will as exepected eventually turn red. However, if you submerge the vehicle and then turn off the engine, you can stay there for an extended period of time. (oxygen is still a factor though.). and when you start moving again you should have enough time to make it back onto land, atleast i did everytime i tried. :)

    It's a nice touch that the engine is not destroyed when its actually off. :)

  13. I just tried and it worked for me. possibly a typo somewhere?

    (just a note, forgot that when you spawn a manned SDV it has both driver and gunner in front so there are only 2 cargo slots, but i see you are only using 2 divers so that shouldn't matter).

    {unassignVehicle _x} foreach units group squad1; {_x action ["eject", vehicle SDV1]} foreach units group squad1;

    That gave me an error when i reached the waypoint by the way: "Error group: type group, expected object"

  14. Well, i guess you could for example try: Name a SDV

    and then give it a move waypoint to where you want divers to eject.

    Now make 3 divers. name them

    In each their init line write:
    Diver1 moveInCargo sub1;
    Diver2 moveInCargo sub1;
    Diver3 moveInCargo sub1;

    With this you have a sub thats going to move to where you placed the move marker with 3 divers in its cargo.

    Now, in the move markers ON ACT: box. write:

    unassignVehicle diver1; unassignVehicle diver2; unassignVehicle diver3; diver1 action ["eject", vehicle sub1]; diver2 action ["eject", vehicle sub1]; diver3 action ["eject", vehicle sub1];

    And after that make a move marker for the sub for where you want it to go after it has dropped off the divers. Hope this works and helps. :)

    Edit: Some typos.