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    Mission Presentation

    Aw man! You are the best! I would also like to thank you for your work on both "bis_fnc_respawnMenuInventory;" and "BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;" Recently made a template mission with those in it, and i love it! :D One question however, In the BIS script wiki the mission template entry is written like this: "respawnTemplates = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"};". However, to get it to work i had to use it the way you used it in your Defend Kamino mission: "respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"};". Beeing a bit of a newb when it comes to all of this, whats the significance of the "[]"?
  2. Tried searching the forums/googling with alot of different terms, since i am sure im not the only one encountering this, but i can't seem to find anything. My problem is that sometimes when another player enters my vehicle in multiplayer, he shows up to me as standing outside the vehicle, even though he swears that he is infact sitting inside it, it has only happened to me when a player tries to enter as either driver/pilot or gunner. And when it occurs it goes both ways, if he gets in first i can see him entering, but if i then try to enter after him he says he sees me standing outside. What causes this? And how do i fix it?
  3. Then i am sorry that i posted it here, The reason i did was because i was hoping i could fix it by editing the mission somehow. So this would be more suitable under the "General" section? Or under Troubleshooting? I'm uncertain since im not sure if this is a problem with the mission or the game.
  4. The support provider modules bugs out if i respawn during a mission in multiplayer. I can go as far as Communications->Type of support->Type of support unit. and once i click the last one the support menu just fades away. How do i make it work properly?
  5. exentenzed

    Helicopter Ejecting not working

    I have noticed this too. But as one of my team mates pointed out; They might still be working on parachutes and animations related to that. Still, having an eject action would still be nice to get AI's to get out of a helicopter over the ocean, as they don't want to get out with a normal disembark command.
  6. exentenzed

    =BTC= Revive

    Any chance you can make that optional?
  7. Well, you are correct in that description.ext needs to be in the same folder as the mission.sqm. But since im a little confused by the back and forth of what you have done so far, (I'm a simple man) I'll try to do this step by step the way i do it 1. create a mission and place 1 bluefor soldier as player. 2. create a marker called: respawn_west // This needs to be placed where you want to spawn. 3. save mission as respawntest (or whatever you want). // Save in the User mission category for now. 4. go to my documents and find the Arma 3 Alpha folder. 5. Find your mission in the Missions folder. 6. Open respawntest.stratis folder, assuming you saved it as that in step 3. 7. Create a file called description.ext // make sure you have file extensions enabled, or else it will end up beeing a file called description.ext.txt 8. copy what i've written below into the description.ext respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 15; respawnDialog = true; 9. play mission and try it out. if it works then save it and export it to MP missions. (10.) Alternatively, and this is what i prefer: Create a folder called MPMissions in your Arma 3 Alpha folder under my documents, and copy the finished mission folder (respawntest.stratis) to there. If you do this correctly, your mission will show up in the multiplayer select mission screen in blue text. and you can edit it directly from there. ------- After you have done this once, you can compare it to the way you did it in your own mission, and work out what you did wrong in that. I hope this helps. By the way, i assume you have used modules exclusivly to create your tasks? How exactly did you do that?
  8. That might be, but i still have no idea how to make that. Also, keep in mind, what i am looking for here is a way to properly group my divers and scripting their commands as a group instead of individually scripting their actions using their names.
  9. Okey so the scenario here is as follows: I want a group of 4 divers to get out of a boat and then proceed below the water surface to their objective, I can actually make them do that, but only by naming individual units and specifying them in waypoints with actions and flyinheight commands. However, this easily makes a little wall of text, so i am trying to learn how to use groups for this instead. Here is what i have so far: {_x moveInCargo ab} foreach units group this; Diver1 = Groupthis; // This i've put in the leader of the diver team init line. What i am trying to do here is to get the team into the boat and create a group called "Diver1". This works as i want it to, even though im not sure if there is a group beeing created called Diver1. Next up: {unAssignVehicle _x} forEach units Diver1; {_x action [getOut, ab]} forEach units Diver1; // This i have put in the boats waypoint on activation, ab is the name of the boat. This does not work. What am i doing wrong? After that: {_x flyInHeight -4} forEach units Diver1; // This i have in the diver teams waypoint. I am assuming this does not work either. As i said earlier i can get it to work if i use individual names, I.E "unAssignVehicle d_1; d_1 action [getOut, ab];" (d_1 is the name of a diver), but i really want to learn to use groups properly. What have i misunderstood? What am i doing wrong?
  10. That was one of the first things i tried. But the problem was that when i gave ab an unload transport waypoint it moved to the coast before they disembarked. And i need them to disembark about 800m off the coast. But thank you for the waypoint elevation thing, i did not notice that previously.
  11. I've noticed that there is a "helipad" at the rear of our carrier, i was wondering if it's currently beeing used for anything. If not, have you allready planned to do something with it? Just curious since i got an idea for it the other day. Dropships! I think it would be cool if you could be able to have a dropship on the carrier that you can fly to islands and then after you land it you can press "F" to deploy droids that will attack and capture any nearby buildings, like turrets and walrus garages. And then the walrus garages would start deploying friendly walruses that would patrol and help you attack an island. :) Thoughts? :)
  12. Oh! but i did not mean that they would attack the entire island for you, basicly just to take 1 of the bases on an island. :P But you might be right, it could still be a bit overpowered. :P At any rate, as i mentioned earlier i just really want us to be able to deploy some infantry aswell. :)
  13. Ah! Havent used the scout drone yet so didnt know that. Would you happen to know what the little hatch behind the manta lift is for aswell? I dont mean the hammerhead hatch in front but it's a small tiny one in the back on top of the deck, next to the control tower. Even though, i guess one could get a dropship mount in the slot where the hooks/ammobox/flares are for the manta. :P I really would love to see deployable infantry somehow in the game aswell you see. :P
  14. I've only had this happen to me once. However, it was on one of those islands that allows you to navigate your carrier into a natural "harbour" where the supply sub couldnt follow me, it connected to my carrier as soon as i left it though.
  15. You prefer quads over missiles on your "AA" walruses? Not judging or anything, just curious if i've missed something.
  16. exentenzed

    Boring enemy Carrier AI

    I dont get it, my enemy carrier is incapable of taking any of my islands, even though i've set my island system up so their defense is exclusivly strong, very strong and deadly. It does not seem to matter much. I've taken about 7-8 islands now while my enemy is still attacking the same island. The only challenge i've had in the campaign is attacking very strong & deadly islands. :/
  17. I can confirm this, the gate will open if you shoot at the "explosive" on the right side of the gate. Im sorry for nitpicking but i do belive it is actually a door control unit,
  18. Actually, in the beginning i rushed to the defense of my islands, i also discovered no units on the islands, but then after a while i noticed that the enemy carrier is simply a big fat chicken that runs away as soon as you get close. In some cases you can actually get the jump on their carrier if (im speculating here) its out of fuel. It's happened to me once, and i "destroyed" it. So yea, when an island is under attack, the enemy carrier is actually present. However, i think its a bug with the "island under attack" warning. Because it will not stop signaling that it is under attack until the enemy carrier reaches another island, triggering the "island under attack" warning there instead.
  19. exentenzed

    Torpedo Functionality?

    Im just going to recommend you save your game and then use it. Then just reload if something goes wrong. :P Just trust me on this one. :)
  20. Well, the way i do it is; i press 6 to select the first walrus, then i hold Ctrl+7 to "semi-select" walrus 7 then i use the radial menu and select assist, it should then only set walrus 7 to assist walrus 6. (When you do Ctrl+7, the 7th walrus icon should move upwards a bit). I dont know if it was a fluke or designed to be this way, but i found my marshland upgrade on the last island before i encountered marsh islands. Well, what type of defenses are you having trouble with? The worst kind of defenses i've come across are the flak and the missiles. I usually sneak up on the missile defenses, (1 manta, low and slow) and then pop up and shove a rocket down it's throat. The flak i take out with the carrier shell or my walrus team. But i need more specific information of what it is you are having problems with, because deadly islands usually requires you to change out your loadout and tactics alot because of the powerful and wide array of weapons the enemy deploys against you. Edit: I guess you could try to take out a nearby defense island command center (just sneak in with a tomahawk to destroy it and then leave) to reduce the defense of nearby islands, but i havent tried this myself as the only real challenge i've had in this entire game is infact "Very strong and Deadly" islands, and i enjoy them.
  21. While i havent used it to take out command centers, i have found Tomahawks to be great tools for taking out those pesky scramblers. so as MaddogX said, there might be something wrong with your Tomahawks.
  22. Well i don't know about the others, but what i usually do is: Equip carrier shell, launch 1 manta and press Q untill it reaches the maximum height. Now unless there is a storm going you should have a good view range of the island. Then start by doing a quick flyover to map out the island, have that manta return to repair/refuel, then i launch another manta and have it go to maximum height again. Now i check the map, find valuable targets like Walrus garages & Manta hangars, then i shoot a shell in the general direction of my selected target with the carrier shell, right after firing i switch to my manta high up in the air to see where the shell landed, then continue doing that until you have zeroed in on my target, then fire 4-5 shells to make sure its taken out. (Enemy radar dish is usually a good target to start with, and is easy to hit.) Then once im satisfied with my long range bombardment results, i use the following walrus equipment: Walrus1: HEAT, ammo box, and Mk2 armor Walrus2: Missile, Ammo box, and Mk2 armor Walrus3: Repair gun, Ammo box and Mk2 Armor Walrus4: Gatling gun, Hacking module and Mk1 Armor Set these up in a convoy (2 follows 1, 3 follows 2, 4 follows 3 and control the 1st one directly) to avoid pathfinding issues and then start making your way towards the enemy command center. I also usually set up a manta with some missiles and an ammo box to stay behind the convoy to be able to assist if things start to get intense. I hope this helps. :)