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  1. I want to spawn a IL-76 with men already onboard, is there a simple solution for this? or would I have to setup a million moveincargo lines.
  2. richardp

    ARMA2/OA/CO/Demo/Free/TOH on WINE/Linux!

    Its a shame we wont be able to play ArmA3 with Wine, since BIS for whatever reason hates OpenGL since ArmA1.
  3. The server list when populating itself will lock up for ~10 seconds and get REALLY REALLY choppy when filtering etc, is this a bug or something on my end or just ArmA being arma, I've only started noticing it since 1.62
  4. richardp

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    Its not. If that was the case they would be mass producing Su-35BM's. F-22 is not very maneuverable, its US patriots who flood these threads with useless, dumb and uninformed misinformation.
  5. richardp

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    How did arma 3 banned in Iran turn into some stupid Balkan state bitch fest?
  6. richardp

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    Winter version or strike.
  7. richardp

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Regular checking and script restriction/public variable restriction/create vehicle restriction/etc >snip< Okay, fine I won't talk about the snipped subject anymore.
  8. richardp

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    That isnt what I said though. It seems you're also very uninformed about regularCheck, sig checking and of coarse, server side scripting. Besides, RGG is already full of hackers. There was a guy spawning UAV's on the official server earlier this week. So, not much you can do if admins won't bother informing themselves of how to administer a server.
  9. richardp

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Crime =/= mods for a game. What you just said is the equivilant of "You wouldn't download a car!".
  10. richardp

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    I had a fun game on some unofficial server the other day, they were running ACE and JSRS etc. I think it was some clan event server but it was more fun by a factor of 2000 then standard PR. I think they should allow mods because imo its alot better and people will break whatever protection you have inmind anyway.
  11. The assumptions in this thread, even by a moderator. Disgusting.
  12. richardp

    Flying in circles

    Its because BI has very shit AI in their game. Not much you can do.
  13. richardp

    Request tutorial

    It would help if BI started working for the community and updated the wiki, its in rather poor shape compared to other companies such as VDC. One of these days when the good ArmA modders move on nobody will replace them because it simply isn't fun looking through out of date OFP tutorials and resources. I'd only classify modding tools for ArmA(the only reason people buy and play the game) as loosely supported. Something tells me ArmA3 will be the Vista when it comes to modding for the ArmA series.
  14. richardp

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    I love these big maps for the reason that you can actually simulate large scale assault, even if there aren't any small towns to fight over mechanized infantry and tank assault is fun.
  15. richardp

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    Ah thanks! This will be fun.
  16. Are there any plans to include digital camouflage? Every unit I see in footage is wearing it(VDV, Marines, Army) with the exception of purpose-built soldiers such as pilots and crew and of coarse the Spetsnaz.
  17. Useful tutorial, much appreciated as it helped me writing a simple fortification script.
  18. First of all, lovely addon and second.. are these jeeps able to be dropped out of C130's IRL? I want to setup a recon mission with these.
  19. richardp

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    This is a great map PMC :D First thing I do when I download is do the above users suggestion and make some Russian airborne mission if I can find some VDV units.