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  1. On 1/9/2020 at 6:28 AM, Honger said:

    Hey, is it possible to not only choose which side's radios will be affected, but define specific radio devices? I would like to adapt the script so it would jam, as example, only blufor long-range radio XYZ, other long ranges and short ranges would work properly. I'm not a programmer and I have a minimal knowledge about such things, that's why I ask.

    I believe that both long and short range radios use the same variable to determine their transmission power, so you can't jam a player's short range radio separate from their long range radio. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. On 7/28/2019 at 2:58 AM, Kritty Cat said:

    I guess the ultimate form of this that I'm after is the ability to use Zeus+Achilles to spawn in a jammer when I want. Any ideas on how to move towards such a goal? The SQF can live in the Zeus Mission's scripts folder, but is it possible to create a new object in Zeus using Achilles that executes the code...?

    I've never used Achilles, so I'm afraid I can't really be of much help with that.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Nicholas Lendall said:

    https://imgur.com/Fcl4JE9      this is the error i get when i play with the default params

    Double check that the variable name(s) you have in the activation of the script match the variable name you have assigned to the object(s) you want to act as the jammer(s).

    In other words, if you're executing the script as such:

    [[jammer1, jammer2, jammer3], 1000, 50, TRUE] execVM "scripts\TFARjamRadios.sqf";

    You would need to have three jammers, one named jammer1, one named jammer2, and one named jammer3.

    Hope that helps.

  4. 15 hours ago, BadHabitz said:

    Is there a way to play a sound file then players try to broadcast, to let them know the jammer is active?

    This could probably be done using the OnTangent event handler for TFAR: https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/wiki/API:-Events


    15 hours ago, BadHabitz said:

    Is there a performance hit related to the size of your jamming area? Would a 2km area be detrimental compared to a 200m area?

    As far as I'm aware, the size of the area shouldn't really be a factor as far as performance goes. The only thing I can think of that would affect performance would be the amount of jammers, as the script has to find the distance from the player to each jammer to find the closest one. I haven't done any real sort of testing on the matter to see what sort of performance impact there is, though.

  5. 13 hours ago, Spoor said:

    @rebel12340 - hi there, have some errors, forwhich I give the flw screens. 1st - innitPlayerLocal, 2nd on start lobby and 3rd in game. Could you please have a look.


    Thanks and have a great day






    In addition to what Dedmen said, looking at your initPlayerLocal.sqf you have the following lines:

    Line 1: radioJammer = [[jammer1, jammer2], 1000, 50, TRUE] execVM "scripts\TFARjamRadio.sqf";
    Line 2: if (side player == EAST) then {jamOpforRadios = [[Jammer1]] execVM "TFARjamRadios.sqf";};
    Line 3: if (side player == WEST) then {jamBluforRadios = [[Jammer2]] execVM "TFARjamRadios.sqf";};

    You should really only be using either line 1 by itself or lines 2 and 3 together, not all three lines together. The way you currently have it, the script will run twice (unless the player's side is set to independent), which may cause some issues.

  6. 6 hours ago, Duke84 said:

    im kind of new to eden editor, i managed to get it working on my mission the thing is there is a constant message where the chat is about the jammer, is there somewhere i can deactivate the chat or the jammer from sending messages ?



    edit: also its creating a marker on map 

    You are running the script with debug mode enabled. All you need to do is remove the last parameter in the line used to execute the script (the bit that says TRUE) and the text/markers will stop showing up. It should end up looking similar to this: 

    jamRadios = [[JAMMER],1000,50] execVM "TFARjamRadios.sqf";


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  7. Radio Jamming for TFAR Script update (version 0.2.0)

    Download Link: Radio Jamming Script for TFAR version 0.2.0



    - The debug function will now create markers locally rather than globally.
    - The script will now (properly) jam sending transmissions as well as incoming transmissions.

    - Changed the default "strength" of the jammer to 50 (previously 100) to hopefully compensate for sending transmissions being jammed.


    Note: Due to some of the changes in this script, if you choose to update any of your missions that used the previous version of this script, and had set a custom strength value for the script, then you may want to lower the custom strength value that you had set.


    If you experience any issue with the update, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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  8. 6 hours ago, blow56 said:

    How do you increase strength/radius?

    If you open the script, that information is listed at the top.

    0: ARRAY of object(s) (Required)- Entity(s) that will cause the radios to be jammed.
    1: NUMBER (Optional)- Range of the jammer in Meters. Default is 1000.
    2: NUMBER (Optional)- Strength of the jammer. Default is 100.
    3: BOOL (Optional)- Enable Debug. Default is False.
    Example: [[jammer1],500, 100] execVM "TFARjamRadios.sqf";// This would make jammer1 the active jammer, and would have a radius of 500m and a strength of 100.


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  9. On 5/24/2018 at 1:33 PM, Spoor said:

    @rebel12340 - Hi again, working on a TvT Campaign where both factions will have jammer-equipment. Blufor will have Jammer1 disturbing Opfor players and Opfor Jammer2 disturbing Blufor players. How can I accomplish this ? - (nood here)




    Best Spoor

    Since the script runs on each client locally, you would just need to run the script for each side. I believe you would just change the code in the initPlayerLocal.sqf to something similar to this:

    if (side player == EAST) then {jamOpforRadios = [[Jammer1]] execVM "TFARjamRadios.sqf";}; //Jams Opfor's radios, using Blufor's jammer as the active jammer.
    if (side player == WEST) then {jamBluforRadios = [[Jammer2]] execVM "TFARjamRadios.sqf";}; //Jam Blufor's radios, using Opfor's jammer as the active jammer.


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  10. On 5/7/2018 at 2:27 AM, neodyn said:

    For my new mission i want to create TFAR Jamming vehicle with an option to turn on/off the TFAR Jamming feature. 

    So is it possible to turn on/off  your TFAR Jammer script with an addAction ?

    How can i realize this with addAction?


    Having not tested it, something such as this, I think, would get the job done:


    Action to Enable the jammer

    jammer1 addaction ["Enable Jammer", {[[[jammer1]],"scripts\TFARjamRadios.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM"];}]

    Action to disable the jammer

    jammer1 addaction ["Disable Jammer", {jammerEnabled = false;  publicVariable "jammerEnabled";}];


    And then you'd have to edit the script and put this somewhere near the top:

    jammerEnabled = true

    and edit the while loop to be dependent on jammerEnabled being true

    while {alive _jammer AND jammerEnabled} do

    That could be one way of doing it.

  11. 5 hours ago, xXThanatosXx said:

    I placed a laptop as Jammer1 . but yes there is some units that are not always filled by players....  


    I place the script folder with the script in the mission folder

    Added initPlayerLocal file

    and set up a jammer in a laptop naming it Jammer1 

    so, in the initPlayerLocal file you have something similar to this?

    radioJammer = [[jammer1]] execVM "scripts\TFARjamRadios.sqf"

    As Dedmen said, it's likely due to an incorrect variable name being passed as the first variable, so, if you haven't already, make sure you double check that you spelled the variable name the same both on the laptop and in the initPlayerLocal.sqf.