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  1. Above all, I really loved its design, I liked its reminiscence to the Interstellar´s Ranger, the textures and the level of detail it has so far and all, but to me there´s one thing that still bothers: the wings. Why does it have such small wings for a planet like Mars with almost no atmospheric density at all? Judging it for its landing gear, it is designed to land horizontally but it would fall like a brick if you try to fly that ship with those wings. Or was it designed for landing/taking off vertically on/from Mars and then for reentry on Earth? I think an Ascent Vehicle does not need any aerodynamic surfaces at all for a planet like Mars and because most probably it would be used to just reach low orbit and dock to an already orbiting ship or station. Aesthetics aside, I think that it would have been more appropriate for that goal a ship similar to "The Martian" MAV. Overall I think its design, although being awesome, doesn´t make much sense.
  2. I don´t really understand why but it worked after doing the following: 1 - Rebooted 2 - Launched Steam as Admin 3 - Erased everything in the Steam´s TKOH startup parameters 4 - Launched TKOH 5 - It all worked fine! Thank you all for your replies!
  3. Steam has recently finished downloading/installing latest DLC for TKOH: Rearmed + Noisecontrollers but somehow nothing changes if I launch the game, even If I launch Steam as an Administrator. What I tried to do, since I see that two new folders now exist in my TKOH folder, one is "Noisecontrollers" and the other "Rearmed", is to add them as mods using for example: -mod=Hinds;Rearmed;Noisecontrollers on the Steam startup parameters. Now when I launch TKOH, they all show ticked in the "expansions" menu and now I can play Noisecontrollers missions, but still I can´t use any map belonging to ARMA 2 or ARMA 2 OA (I own both of them on Steam). Thank you!