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  1. slightlyawesome

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Does anyone know where i can find the class list? I tried to search but with no success.
  2. Addons: Chechen Rebels, Acoustic Guitar,A.C.E Mod and PMC Proving grounds
  3. slightlyawesome

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I'm pretty sure there is a module in the editor to disable fragmentation effects.
  4. slightlyawesome

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    Nice terrain, fun doing CAS missions on it. Also like some people mentioned there needs to be a winter version of this map.
  5. slightlyawesome

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Really looking forward to Iwo Jima.
  6. slightlyawesome

    Gore Mod / Wound effects

    Imo option 1 would be the best. Great job Icewindo, looks pretty awesome so far. I love gore, feels like it's allways more realistic if a game has things like limbs which can be blown away. Love it when I'm playing Red Orchestra 2 and suddenly my friends legs get blown off :D