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  1. Hi Rydygier

    Just want to say I finally finished the mission woohoo!! I had a great time playing and wanted to say thanks!!


    I really enjoyed in particular the "hunt down this guy and kill him to prove your loyalty missions" I think you should build in more of those but just with smaller rewards to keep things balanced.

    The final drive the body back to the boat part was a bit tedious and annoying when I got HMG'd / GMG'd without the chance to have periodic saves which is what you get with the church saves (a very nice feature by the way and means you need to stick to the objective).


    Highlight for me was when I found a Hunter which was the perfect balance of speed and armour and I unwittingly hurtled into an enemy attack helicopter's attack range. The helicopter started blasting my Hunter and I managed to escape before it circled back around and knocked the vehicle out permanently. Then I took shelter until it went back to its base. I then stumbled upon a Titan AA and two rockets, and while on foot the AH came back for me... this time I took aim and the AA missile went off course due to counter-measures. The AH started to fire and I hid behind a building. It circled around and I fired with my last rocket, disabling but not destroying the helo. The helo desperately tried to swing around to deliver a death blow to its would be attacker but slowly lost altitude until I heard a satisfying BOOM from behind the building I was cowering behind. Great Arma moment!


    I played the game with the following mods

    bCombat 1.7 (essential to avoid frustration at super-AI - both super-dumb and super-good)



  2. @StrongHarm

    Haven't managed to beat the mission yet, some feedback

    - When starting, I opted for a long take-off (turn left) despite orders. Unfortunately there is a bloody plane right in the taxi lane that I crashed into. Can you move this plane back slightly so its not blocking the taxi lane?

    - Couldn't hear any music

    - Everything seemed to work well but I always run out of cannon rounds from strafe runs before the SF troops start moving for extract. And then subsequently fail the mission although UAV is only showing 3 enemy troops alive in the grove.

    Q: What is the trigger to get them to move? Is it time based or once enemies have been taken out? Or once I'm out of ammo? Should I be saving my strafe runs for when they start moving?

    My thoughts are: if the SF troops are hemmed in and I've only partially eliminated the enemy force why would they start moving towards the extract choppers if the situation is still dire? In theory they could stay put, wait for me to RTB, re-arm and then take out the remainders.

    Also it would be really cool if there was fellow AI CAS although I can't imagine how you would programme the strafe run and make sure that they don't complete the mission for you.

    Overall its pretty great but just a few things that I think need clearing up.

  3. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've been busy. I'm still working on the sounds + have a lotsa real life stuff going on. Tomorrow I'm gonna move to a different country because it's impossible for me to make a living here in my homeland (úúú and also because of the adventure :D). I'll be taking all my data with me, so it won't hurt development that much. :>

    Well you're part of the EU so the wEUrld is your oyster... see what I did there. Come to London we have jobs or so I'm told...

  4. One of my pet peeves is gun feel. I wish the small arms felt more realistic. I really love the gun feel in Insurgency - recoil handling etc seem to be great - I'd love to see that in A3 (unrealistic I know seeing as I understand A3 is all in real 3D so hard to tweak these things).

    TMR goes somewhat to fixing this but MP is where it's at and the vast majority don't permit TMR anyway.

    FYI: For those that haven't checked out Insurgency on Steam you definitely should. Its basically CS with a focus on reality so realistic bullet damage (better than A3) and tactical gameplay. Its by no means perfect and is based on the Source engine but its great for a quick drop-in game.

  5. For some reason, my oldest mission - made back in the Alpha days and updated multiple times since - has bugged out due to a BI update. The bug is really weird, whenever the player ejects from the boat (which they start the mission in). They are just frozen in the water. They can ascend/descend but can't move. The AI units under the players control, can eject and move.

    I can't figure it out... I've tried a different boat, scripted eject, manual eject etc. Its a really weird bug.

    Here's the mission - any ideas?


  6. Hi

    This looks a great mission, but unfortunately i am unable to play it due to "A3 structures f civ camping" and "A3 structures f mil scrapyard" being deleted??

    is there a way for me to remedy this?

    many thanks in advance for any help, im itching to play this!

    I've never seen that error - try again? also if you are playing on dev branch please don't report errors as they may be dev branch related.

  7. Okay so I've been playing a lot of campaign with v0.15 on Stable branch. Overall, its game changingly good. Whenever I die its like - "oh I see the tactical mistake I made there", not "WTF AIMBOT!!"

    One comment;

    My Group doesn't tend to break cover when in 'follow/regroup' particularly when in Combat mode. What I mean is if I run across a field, they will tend to stick to cover near our starting point and not cross the filed under any circumstance (I sped up to 4x and left for a minute to check). However if I give a move order next to me, they will come. Any idea why this is?

    Also, not sure if its mission design but they (& I) get stuck in combat mode, can't set to relax or aware.

  8. I can confirm that using the damage multiplier has unintended consequences that can break SP Campaign missions. I think what is happening is that BIS are setting damage on some units and/or vehicles in order to make them look distressed, but when the damage multiplier is applied to that set damage it is causing the death/splosion of that unit.

    This happened to me on both Survive and Adapt campaigns, primarily in the base sections where Miller would die therefore breaking the mission.

    @Fabrizio - is it possible to link the damage multiplier to specific small arms ammo rather than overall damage? Like have 9mm, 45, 556, 762 etc do double damage specifically?

  9. Really impressive updates, mate. LOVE the lmg's and FN2000 sounds. And of course the sonic cracks are killer (always loved them since the start).

    great job, can't wait for the update

    ---------- Post added at 19:28 ---------- Previous post was at 19:25 ----------

    Where can I download V2? The files from the links provided seem to be gone.

    V2 and the Hotfix links are all down....

  10. Anyone playing the 1st campaign with this as well as an upped damage modifier? Everything was going great but now at what appears to me midway, my cutscenes at base has gone wonky and pretty damn macabre as just about everyone save Miller is dead -weird shopping at my resupply point with a corpse folded up below it :(

    Using Damage modifier of 2 but thinking it may be a bit high, I like lethal but maybe 1.5 is better -interested on feedback there. Im on .16 and Dev branch and yes there is next to no smoke grenade tosses but I did hear a few grenades.

    Had the same issue - I think its dev branch related but yet to verify. Just turn off bcombat at Maxwell and then turn it back on for the next mission (Tipping Point I think).

  11. The first issues resembles alot the typical trigger not fired showstopper. THe fact was random seems confirming it.

    Yeah could be just a mission issue...

    If you are playing on DEV build, then consider there are already many known -vanilla- issues.

    Too many in my opionon to excluded something is broken into campaign too.

    I am running DEV so it could be that - anyone care to confirm?

    PS God am I struggling with the last part of Tipping Point (the final Survive mission)!!

  12. @fabrizio - really great so far. I would suggest one of your goals should be that this mod is compatible with the SP campaign because it really adds so much to the experience.

    I'm playing through the Survive Campaign at the moment from the very start with bcombat 0.16. A lot of the time I think I've encountered a game breaking bug, but its just some enemy prone in a building somewhere hiding that I can't find. I've found only two game-breakers so far;

    • Wet Work - after leaving the submersible, the other 3 divers just stayed static in the water. Restarting the mission fixed this issue.
    • Maxwell (after Crossing Paths) - this is the scene where the camp is busted up. Completely broken with bcombat - the cut scene doesn't play out and the surviving NPCs are dead. Task menu and map can't be opened. I had to disable the mod to get past this mission.

  13. you sir are f***** genius and i sincerely love you!!!!

    this + jsrs + blastcore + damage multiplier makes this game as awesome is i hoped it would be from the beginning!

    Pretty much this. I'm playing through the SP campaign now and its very enjoyable with the enhanced AI!! While Fire-Fight Improvement System is a good AI mod, it broke the campaign due to messing with waypoints, and so far I've had no issues with bCombat v0.16. A very well coded and well thought out mod. Congratulations on the excellent work.

    The holy trinity of mods are now complete - commence with true unabashed enjoyment of Arma 3!!!

  14. Go for it, its open source! I've commented most of my script changes which should make it easy to see what I've done. I think the waypoint stuff needs further testing though... I'm still having issues with the Campaign.

    Can others please test the first mission from the campaign with JUST FFIS v1.25 and see if they can get through.

    After the first FireFight Adams just legs it for Baldy I think and doesn't follow the ridgeline for the second contact. I even unpacked the campaign mission to check how they coded it and can't workout why he ignores his programmed waypoints.