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  1. Beowulf, welcome to the forums and I'm really glad that your first post was the first post commenting on my mission! Thanks for trying it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. This is a good point, when I was playing of course I knew exactly where to go, where to stop, what to do so the convoy catching up never became an issue for me. What would you suggest? This is still a mission so the impending convoy is meant to be time pressure on the player. The last thing I want is the convoy stopping while the player dawdles deactivating the mines. In regards to stowing the mines in the car that was never the intention although from a realism POV of course that is what an EOD squad would do. The question is - is that taking the realism a step too far towards boredom? As it stands it doesn't bother the AI drivers to drive over deactivated mines. Would you be happy with text radio chatter? I could record something of course but I have a Kiwi accent (think Rocket from DayZ) so its not going to match the American voices of the squad This is hilarious as the Air Station security was a last minute addition when i realised I hadn't armed the base as I arrived there. I never played back through the mission but I'm surprised they managed to kill the SF troops as they divert away from the MSR at the last intersection!!! I might actually setcaptive the SF troops so they can't be seen by enemy AI unless they take damage (i.e. I hit one of them with a bullet). This will solve that issue. In regards to mines on the quads, this is a point I thought of but never implemented. Good on you for picking it up. I think I will put various mines in the quads although I'm not going to go as far as removing them everytime they place mines as that would introduce more scripting complexities and there is an element of randomness to mine placement. Thanks for the feedback - any other takers for something other than "Special Forces team assaults enemy position at night and must kill all of teh baddehz!"?
  2. sproyd

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    I'm from New Zealand and have done a lot of gravel driving and it is pretty loud with the windows down.
  3. What a troll - Rocket is the original bandit!
  4. So I am creating a mission whereby a squad of enemies race around the map dropping mines. To simulate this I have created Triggers to detect once the enemies have passed a set location and once these Triggers are activated I'd like for mines to appear. I tried a hideObject true script in my init.sqf for the mines to then be reversed with a hideObject false script to be executed in the Trigger Activation box. However, the mines won't hide upon mission launch. The Trigger is just a basic Once Present Trigger with a TimeOut (so the enemy don't set off the mines) but regardless the mines don't seem to invisible themselves upon load. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? {_x hideObject true;} forEach [mine5, mine6, mine7, mine8, apmine5, apmine6, apmine7, apmine8] ;//script to hide mines for spawning later Any other ideas about how to spawn these mines in set locations would be appreciated.
  5. PS the mission v1 is up http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162887-SP-EOD-Squad-1-something-a-little-different-(Stratis)
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    [SP] Operation Clever Girl

    Just finished the mission. Stable Build. Firstly, awesome fun and a cool range of objectives, if a bit short I really enjoyed the assault and watching the fireworks with the Commanche owning up Mi-26 Insertion task didn't complete. Also, an auto-eject for both units like in the Combined Arms Showcase would be better I think. Its not like you have a choice whether to get out or not - although this is of course a minor bit of polish. The big one - Extraction task and Mission completion did not complete. We completed all of the tasks (except insertion which didn't tick) except the optional objective. Extraction just wouldn't kick in i.e. the heli never came. If we were meant to wait ages (5+ mins) for it once reaching extraction we should have a prompt... or at least a hint to say heli incoming but there was no extra info in the task browser. We were both standing right on the extraction task marker but nothing so I shot Lacey in the face and that triggered the end of the mission (Mission Failed). Fix up these things and you've got a winner The opening music was awesome by the way - is that Arma? If you want a really good time on this mission play it with the latest versions of TMR and JSRS. Especially the new JSRS has updated sounds for high calibre cannons and explosions so the ambush is EPIC as is the Commanche assault. Stealth protocol with my AI team-mate Lacey was pretty cool too, except he kept calling out the Kajman every 3 seconds. Its like dude... I know its there its a fucking Kajman above our heads. ---------- Post added at 22:41 ---------- Previous post was at 22:28 ---------- Hmmm this might have been the case for me come to think of it. I thought I did it super-stealthy but like I said above, we never ticked the insertion task and so perhaps we were just captive the whole time!! Oh and these god-damn civilian snakes are getting on my nerves. I don't know why we let them into our country and call them civilians - call me protectionist, call me anti-immigration but they are snakes for god's sake, snakes!!
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    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Thanks LJ this latest update sounds great. A few bits and pieces I picked up on which may be of help; Various: When pressing W with the engine off the vehicle starts moving before the engine turns over. I.e. the ignition sound is still playing once the vehicle starts moving forward. Not sure what can be done about this - options are either make the ignition sound shorter, or maybe script a delay for the vehicle moving when pressing W from cold start. HEMMT: No horn sound when in 1st person Offroad: There are 1st person sounds when car is off. Not sure if this is intentional. Zamak: There are 1st person sounds when car is off as well. Horn is very quiet in 1st person. Kamysh: Engine and track sounds are really fantastic Not sure if this was in the prior build but the high calibre cannon impact sounds are EPIC, together with the reverb thats a lot of fun right there. I do have some things to say about the wheeled vehicle engine sounds but as you have mentioned you are still tweaking I won't give feedback as to those at this time :)
  8. I finally got it working. The trick was all about timing and the order of execution of scripts and trigger activation. The trick was to create another erroneous variable i.e. mines1go, that would be set to true only once the mines1 array had been filled. So in summary I created a trigger to activate once the enemy had passed through, and on a 3 second timeout. The trigger was named minefieldtrigger1 The minefield module then has a Condition of triggerActivated minefieldtrigger1 Which creates the minefield and is also sync'd to the Create Task Module so creates the task to clean up the minefield. Then the already activated minefield1trigger Trigger, subsequently executes the following script _handle = [] spawn { sleep 4; mines1 = position mineArea1 nearobjects ["minebase" , 20]; sleep 1; mines1go = true; }; In order to fill the mines1 array with all of the mines created in a 20m radius and subsequently creates another variable called mines1go. The condition of task succeed is therefore ({mineActive _x} count mines1 == 0) && mines1go Otherwise the task would succeed before the minefield1trigger has a chance to fill the mines1 array. Anyway, as usual there are a million ways to do things in the editor but I was happy to get this to work :) ---------- Post added at 18:44 ---------- Previous post was at 16:51 ---------- Oh and I don't think m6 SLAM mines are covered under minebase for some reason?
  9. sproyd

    TrackIR Profiles?

    that's actually bloody good. using this now.
  10. Ahhh -you are right, it needs to be tagged Multiplayer and Singleplayer when uploading it. I thought it might be in a config file or somewhere that I was missing. Problem solved - working now!
  11. Hi Guys I have a 3 player Co-Op mission on Steam but it won't appear in the mission browser under Multiplayer. I notice that a couple of other missions I have subscribed to on Steam Workshop do. How do I make Steam Workshop/A3 detect that a mission in Co-Op as well as Single Player? Thanks
  12. Not a bug but - "disable mine" voice instruction to AI has no recorded sample. It's just silence, but they acknowledge the command and go and do the needful.. Also, are we expecting the fixed wing aircraft to be rolled out to dev build prior to launch?
  13. Hi Larrow Your minefield module idea is excellent and works well. The module activates once my trigger is activated (Enemy Vehicle present with 3 second countdown to ensure they have cleared the area), however I can't get the mines array to work with the code you gave. What does "minebase", 5 mean exactly? ---------- Post added at 22:45 ---------- Previous post was at 22:44 ---------- Could there be a problem that the mines array is 0 upon mission launch and doesn't gain values until later in the mission at which point the Task Complete Trigger has already activated (but prior to Task Creation so doesn't get ticked in the Task Browser?)
  14. I think maybe its to prevent accidentally quitting without saving? What I don't get is that if we are limited to one save per mission (which I agree with it makes things more intense) how come we can then save & exit and resume from teh same point later on even if we've saved already?
  15. Signed with no caveats from a day0 Alpha downloader and daily player since. Excellent job and I hope the global release and ensuing review onslaught goes well!! What a ride its been, and done with utter class. And, respectfully, to Marek and any other BI shareholders - no matter how well A3 does, don't ever sell.
  16. Turns out this is a random bug.... with my keyboard. F7 is borked
  17. sproyd

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Do you even play Arma, bro. Arma is a realistic simulator so if someone has a sniper rifle and kills you go and have a cry, that's war. If you have a bigger gun you win. That's why you have a huge range of options available to you... heard of cover? flanking? armoured vehicles? CAS? Drone Strikes? Artillery? All of these are used in Arma and in IRL to flush out and kill entrenched sniper positions. The problem in BF3 is the maps are closed in like a tunnel and CAS and Mortars are a joke. In Arma you can cause some serious damage to snipers with these tactics. ---------- Post added at 13:18 ---------- Previous post was at 13:14 ---------- Awesome vidyo
  18. Steam and Arma 3 are 32 bit apps... but they run under 64 bit OS so have access to more memory... so yes you are wrong.
  19. sproyd

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Are we playing a different map to you? You do realise that this is based off a real island with more or less real settlements? Hence recreating war in a real location. You can choose where to plan your missions you know... If you want something dense I can introduce you to Crysis 2?
  20. Random bug - Editor on dev build pressing F7 doesn't enter Modules mode. Clicking it does.
  21. sproyd

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Well if you are saying that by looking at a texture on a sharp angle its less apparent then I suppose so but certainly looking anything over 45 degrees to straight on (90) its glaringly obvious? I am by no means a whinger I try and be positive as I can but this is one nit I have chosen to pick.
  22. sproyd

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Man driving around Altis (rather than Flying) REALLY gives you an appreciation. I was doing 110kph on the main highway for ages and then checked my pos on the map and I covered a tiny fraction and drove through many villages, saw farms, groves, petrol stations etc etc. Biggest gripe so far is definitely the mid-range textures which really kill the immersion when playing on max settings with everything else looking so good (shadows, AA clouds, close textures, distant textures, lighting, SSAO, ATOC etc). Secondly, I've got grenade bounce back out of some windows in what looks like a new building. A 2 story delapidated house. Probably the same on other new bdgs.
  23. sproyd

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Okay I'm confused - how are people claiming that Altis is immune from the mid-range texture problem - I've been using bad benson's tex mod almost exclusively on Stratis and now switching to Altis its like an eye-bleed (mid-range only, long-range and short-range are fine). I'm on all maxed settings by the way (incl Ultra textures). It looks like the graphic artists used the spray can feature on MS Paint to do the mid-range textures. Is it possible for a procedural mod to cover Altis as doing a reskin is going to take a LOOONG time.
  24. Muahahahahahahaha with my TIR hooked up and my trusty TrackClip hat I now have super sight! Going to be useful on those long range Altis engagements :)
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    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Okay awesome trick. Place a squaddie on top of a windmill hill with loads of multi-coloured smoke. TeamSwitch (U) to him and dump all the smoke. Then teamswitch back and and put on 4x speed (=). Watch the smoke get blown around and the windmills rotate in the direction of the wind. :) cool