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    Speed Of Sound

    Same issue as reported in this thread: just played Combined Arms showcase and the game auto-saved after the helis touch down. I got promptly killed on the hill face and the game couldn't load the autosave. I got some error to do with Speed Of Sound like "mission could not find dependable content" or something... Edit: The exact error is "you cannot edit/play this mission it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.speedofsound"
  2. So BIS keeps making mission-breaking changes even post-release which I am sure you are all finding frustraing - its driving me mad. - They keep changing static object IDs which breaks any mission related to a static object ID (i.e. destroy this building) - They deleted/changed name of a Uniform which made all of my OPFOR naked - Also it looks like NATO Snipers now do not spawn with Rangefinders (I'm assuming Spotters still do). How do I add a bloody Rangefinder? this addItem "Rangefinder" is not working - did they change the classname? Thanks - sorry bit frustrated about all the time I am wasting fixing my missions due to BIS changes post-release. With Alpha and Beta it was a sacrifice we all agreed to make but now I don't want to do any more missions for fear of spending the rest of my life fixing them.
  3. Hmmm yes its still invisible but wasn't working when I pressed B (not sure if they have removed RangeFinder from NATO Sniper unit because you can't bloody see it in the inventory. I just used this addWeapon "RangeFinder"; this assignItem "RangeFinder"; at the start of the init. Thanks all for your help. This is quite a surprising bug to still be in the game post-launch given I remember seeing the RangeFinder in the inventory previously. I'm running stable branch btw.
  4. Released a few little tweaks. This is shaping up to be my favourite mission. I think one of the recent BIS updates has tweaked the behaviour of mines and so the mission is now much harder - the AP mines should cause more issues than before which is great!
  5. So UAV Operators spawn with a Quad Rotor in their mega backpack. If I want a trigger to trigger once this quadrotor is out of action what is the classname for his specific UAV - how do I ID it, seeing as it spawns as part of the unit?
  6. A tragedy - this is a fantastic mod. I hope you have time to pick this back up once you are sorted in college - heck I find time to make missions and play Arma and I work for an investment bank and have a fiancee!
  7. Anyone got any ideas? My next step is just remove the UAV backpack from the UAV operator and dump a named UAV beside him only.
  8. I can't think how to use this though? Doesn't this just trigger as true when weapon is assembled by unit? So wouldn't this require you to know how to refer to weapon which is the problem in the first place?
  9. The only solution I can think of is remove the backpack and just place a named and assembled UAV next to the poor guy. He can then backpack it up if he likes although I have yet to check whether if he does this it will retain its name when reassembled. Any thoughts?
  10. Updated with music, fixed the task bug and now launched on Steam. Link/info in OP.
  11. Okay so you are right - it only works if the Create Task is actively synced with all units that you want to have that task (or a duplicate of it). The Groups of Synchronized Objects, Sides of Synchronized Objects and All Playable Units DO NOT WORK AS SPECIFIED. Every unit must be synched. Maybe not the case in MP. This is actually a real pain in the ass as things get really messy having sync lines from every task going to every playable unit............................. I will create a ticket. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14897
  12. I'm building a SP mission and at one point in the mission I use the selectPlayer command to switch the player to another unit. All is working well except that the existing Tasks don't carry over to the new unit, only tasks created subsequent to the change of player unit. My tasks modules are set up all Playable characters and the new unit (lets call him newguy) is set up as playable. I've also tried "Sides of Synchronized Units" but that doesn't work either. I'm guessing the issue is that A3 in SP mode only has one player and hence doesn't bother assigning tasks to Playable AI characters which aren't currently the Player (even though teamswitch is on). Any ideas how I can carry over the task list to the new unit? Otherwise upon mission completion the player will only see tasks they completed under control of newguy and not the 5 or so prior tasks. Thanks!
  13. I'm back from Italy so did a big update today! Check the OP for changelog - I'm super happy how this is turning out. Please check it out and let me know what you think.
  14. the cut they get on TF2 hats is the most basic example?
  15. Um I just dropped into a unit's init box and they didn't take that name in-game, is there something I'm missing here? Do I also have to setIdentity and define this in description.ext? If so what's the point of setName?
  16. Well done on bringing the still woman-less child-less Altis more to life than ever. Now my fly-overs are much more interesting
  17. sproyd

    Tao Folding Map

    A great and useful mod. My ultimate dream is the Far Cry 2 map though - i.e. the map is an in-game item like binoculars and can be equipped by pressing M (like binoculars by pressing B). The player unit will take out the map and you press LMB to bring it up just below your head like you would a weapon, RMB to zoom in/ hold it directly in front of you. For those that haven't played FC2 - like this https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-csuQPq96MC1v5uI79EF35F7x2QoSfdmT0IuT-5Yt3Jj-70s5Ag I'm sure this is possible in Arma - but would be quite technical to code
  18. looks great keep up the good work - look forward to seeing a video. I'm not naive and I know its super-complicated but do you think its possible to have the panels display on a tablet (like Android)? Most people seem to have a tablet of some sort but a lot don't have a second screen or MFD they can use . There is probably some android hack workaround where your panel can act as a virtual desktop extension I'm guessing. that would be cool
  19. Excellent, this was just the feedback I was looking for in order to improve the mission. I'll do an update once I'm back from Italy in a couple weeks. Of course those who haven't played the mission yet please do so - its in a fully playable (and hopefully enjoyable state) and I look forward to your feedback.
  20. sproyd

    Blastcore A3

    Is this bad boy CPU or GPU heavy?
  21. sproyd

    Blastcore A3

    this! Can't wait and the video looks amazing - fav'd on YT
  22. JSRS FFIS TMR STHUD Mid-Range Textures BlastCore
  23. Great stuff - looks awesome, can't wait.
  24. sproyd

    TrackIR Profiles?

    I just took my TrackIR 5 out of the box after a couple of months. I'd been having nightmares with the TrackClip Pro and finally decided to try out the original TrackClip which I'd never used. Its SOO much better. Sure it might not be as sensitive but putting on a cap instead of clipping on the flimsy bloody Track Clip Pro that keeps breaking (i had to send one back for replacement) and all the wires is such a hassle. Now with the TrackClip I'm going to use TrackIR WAY more... just need to find a good profile. Anyone got one for A3 they care to share? I find with Altis being so huge and flat I look around a lot so want something with a small deadzone and not too much acceleration. One:One is not enough for me but the default Profile is way too much. Cheers!
  25. Made a few of your suggested changes and released v1.1 ;) changelog in OP