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    Arma 3 - slowly liking it the more i play

    Absolutely agree, its very hard to go to any other shooter after Arma 3, particularly with game-fixing mods like JSRS etc... I think give this game a year and it will be a classic. The only thing holding it from utter greatness for me is; - Sounds: Being worked on by JSRS and Speed Of Sound (each have their merits) - Mid-Range Textures: This really bugs me and decreases the overall graphical fidelity - AI: AI mods like FFIS are great but development has ceased - hope I really hope that DLC will give us some new unrelated terrain (like OA did). All these great new toys but only one playground to use them in! (Yes I know about AiA)
  2. sproyd

    ArmA 3 and GeForce Experience

    Also I see it as a marketing gimmick - so like if you have a GTX580 or some equivalent decent old model card it will put you at shitty as hell settings so you think you need to upgrade to the 7XX.
  3. Sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere but I don't remember ever seeing it... Question is: Are we ever getting sidearms in holsters? I know sidearms hardly get used in Arma given the ubiquity of assault rifles etc but I always find it strange when my char has a completely empty drop-leg holster when he clearly has a pistol on him. I mean if its poly-count we are concerned with (although pistols must be low poly) then why bother modelling the holster? Anyway I think it would just be another cool immersion factor, like the fire-selector switches on the ARs. Thoughts? Does not having visible sidearms bother you? Update: Enough talk, more action - vote for the feedback ticket here
  4. sproyd

    ArmA 3 and GeForce Experience

    This can't be right.. Just checked and its telling me to go from 3,500/default to 7,400 view and object distance, halve shadow distance to 50, and axe most of my near maxed settings, including MSAA from 4x to zero, Shadows from Ultra to DISABLED???? SSAO from High to disabled... So basically... double your view distance and quarter your graphics quality... Definitely bugged. My PC is decent - i5 Haswell 4.2GHz - GTX760 - SSD
  5. sproyd

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Oh my god. With marketing skills like that you should be selling JSRS for £50+ not giving it away for free!!! Now that is how you sell a mod!!
  6. Just checked and you are right the drop-leg holster is part of the vest item. Although all vests with drop-leg holsters have identical drop-leg holsters. Some vests like LBVs don't have any holster.
  7. sproyd

    Speed Of Sound

    Yeah I had to disable this mod to do a littlebird mission. They are pretty messed. Do not go straight at all and you lose the smoke trail after a short while
  8. My bad, the feedback tracker is quite terrible to use though - no real search feature to prevent duplicates
  9. Well it seems like hostility from the most established members of the forums, while the newer members (or less frequent posters) with a more open mind think its a great idea. I hope even the most jaded arma vets actually WANT to see this in the game despite their misgivings that such an endeavour would be clearly too difficult for the talented BIS devs. And on that note I give you an Arma 3 feedback ticket to vote up Edit: PS: Congrats Chortles/DM for being the first person to downvote the ticket.
  10. Hang on, the sidearm holsters are all drop-leg holsters not vest holsters so this point is irrelevant ---------- Post added at 10:17 ---------- Previous post was at 10:13 ---------- Would you say the same thing about the fire selector switch? BIS added that. I certainly don't think having a sidearm visible in a holster is subjective immersion it is absolutely fundamental immersion. Something is missing from the player model that should be there. I mean look at launchers, they don't just magicly disappear into your backpack they are always slung over the back. Why not pistols? If what DM is saying about pistols being part of the right hand bone is true this makes no difference whatsoever. Let me explain why. While the player has his primary equipped, the pistol models are hard locked into the holster. Once the player wants to switch to sidearm, the pistols in the holsters just disappear and reappear in hand with the current animations and models. You can't tell me that it would be hard to extrapolate the existing detailed pistol models into the holsters. I mean the pistols have a working slide and everything they definitely exist as a discreet 3D object on BIS's computers. Yes, this might take some coding trickery but I honestly don't see how it would be that hard to just hard-anchor a new item to the holster when pistol is not equipped, and then disappear it when equipped. I honestly see DM's argument as a cop-out and I feel to see how this prohibits or makes difficult implementation of pistols in holsters. I'm not denying it would be more work but BIS has an (amazing) track record of attention to detail that makes this series so unique. Dragonflys casting shadows anyone?
  11. OP updated - some cool changes to the custom radio script. I think you'll like them :)
  12. So I want to add a custom communication menu item, which I have managed to do using the wiki pages here and here. However, I'm confused as to how I get this communication item to execute a custom script. Whenever I put any code in the expression field I get CTD and error messages. How do I get the comm menu to execute regular code? Thanks class CfgCommunicationMenu { class myRadio1 { text = "Radio Alexandros"; // Text displayed in the menu and in a notification submenu = ""; // Submenu opened upon activation (expression is ignored when submenu is not empty.) expression = "[b][color="#FF0000"]THIS IS THE BIT THAT THROWS UP ERRORS, HOW THE HECK DO I GET IT TO BEHAVE[/color][/b]"; // Code executed upon activation icon = "\a3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\CommunicationMenu\call_ca.paa"; // Icon displayed permanently next to the command menu cursor = "\a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Cursors\iconCursorSupport_ca.paa"; // Custom cursor displayed when the item is selected enable = "1"; // Simple expression condition for enabling the item removeAfterExpressionCall = 0; // 1 to remove the item after calling }; };
  13. @Larrow thanks mate you are a champion, I was calling scripts from the onAct and DeAct fields but when I actually put the code in the trigger box its now workign (thanks for your example mission). Case closed - mission (Chain Reaction) shortly to be updated. THANKS EVERYONE!!
  14. sproyd

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    A great idea! Let's look at this for V2.0 though and get the overall fatigue nailed first (which is looking bloody good). Someone mentioned a heartbeat sound effect earlier in the thread. I think this would work well for Adrenaline rush as anyone who has ever experienced this will know, your heart beats crazy when your adrenaline shoots up and your breathing actually shallows. I don't know what effect this has on aiming though. ---------- Post added at 12:48 ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 ---------- so applies to enemy fire only. problem solved.
  15. I have a simple trigger zone (that can be repeatedly triggered), whereby when the grouped vehicle (the player) is present the comm item gets added and in the deactivation field for the trigger it gets removed. The same applies though if I try it in the Local Exec field. The idea is - the player in zone - he can use radio, the player out of zone - no radio.
  16. Cheers guys calling in the script worked. However, I'm having issues removing the comm menu item. I mean once I leave the area it throws up an error even using BIS's example from here. I use this to add the radio _supportRadio = [player,"myRadio1"] call BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem; and this to remove it [player,_supportRadio] call BIS_fnc_removeCommMenuItem; It throws up "Item -1 not found in the comm menu. " however this works... once. but not when the radio is subsequently added again (the next time I have to use 2 and so on) [player,1] call BIS_fnc_removeCommMenuItem Any ideas how I can have it so that the radio will reliably add and remove upon entering and exiting an area? At the moment the radio will not remove and when re-entering the area new radio menu items just stack up.
  17. Despite the issues with JSRS and SOS mods (which I actively switch between for their respective pros/cons) I just can't play with Vanilla Arma 3 sounds anymore. The ubiquitious 6.5mm rounds are the main culprit for me - they just sound SO awful in vanilla. Helicopters are significantly improved in mods as well. What vanilla does well is volume balancing, and its usually easy to tell how far away or in what exact direction someone is although distant firefights aren't audible and samples are mostly questionable. When you add more reverb you also lose some spatial direction (as reverb turns mono samples stereo) but this is realistic really.
  18. sproyd

    Survive - Radio Silence - AI

    Why don't we just get a Task Cancelled instead of a Task Failed - that should satisfy completionists. And some radio comms would be nice "Damn, the mortars failed to knock out the base, oh well let's swoop in and clean up the stragglers".
  19. sproyd

    Old Rig But Good Performance

    Suggestion: Put your PC specs front and centre at the top of the OP - people don't want to have to hunt for it in your signature for specs -a signature that will change if you update it.
  20. Okay thanks, yeah works for TI but the NVG script camUseTERMANL true; doesn't work. Should have been camUseNVG
  21. It won't bloody work, even passing strings with single apostrophes instead of quotations. Here is the full code class CfgCommunicationMenu { class myRadio1 { text = "Radio Alexandros"; // Text displayed in the menu and in a notification expression = "howfaraway = charles distance alexandros; howfaraway = howfaraway / 50; howfaraway = ceil howfaraway; howfaraway = howfaraway * 50; charles sideChat 'Radio: Alex, I'm at the RV, where are you?'; alexandros sideChat format ['Radio: I'm on the way - about %1 metres from your position. Hold tight.', str(howfaraway)];"; // Code executed upon activation icon = "\a3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\CommunicationMenu\call_ca.paa"; // Icon displayed permanently next to the command menu cursor = "\a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Cursors\iconCursorSupport_ca.paa"; // Custom cursor displayed when the item is selected enable = "1"; // Simple expression condition for enabling the item removeAfterExpressionCall = 0; // 1 to remove the item after calling }; }; and to add to the player's init line or init.sqf [player,"myRadio1"] call BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem; Edit: however using hint str(howfaraway) instead of using sideChat works fine. It won't let me pass strings within a string anyone got a fix?
  22. sproyd

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    - A fatigue meter is a bad idea. - Also someone suggested fatigue should be based on gear % bar. Also a bad idea, needs to be purely by weight. - Short Term fatigue vs exhaustion is not a bad idea. Although given the lack of veh in many situations, Arma has a disproportionate amount of long distance running in kit so I don't know if an exhaustion mechanic is going to be very fun for anyone that hits it. - Regarding the heavy breathing it could definitely be toned down. I usually run in 3rd person and always get surprised by how loud breathing is when switching to 1st person.
  23. no the question is where to insert the NVG/TI script modification