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    Different Camo for soldier In Arma3?

    WHAT THE???? Okay now seriously where is this video showing uniform, clothes and such being customizable? and How did I miss this?? I need a link or something cause I been following this for ages and not seen that bit.
  2. Amedeus

    Arma 3 is not going far enough with Technology

    I litterly choked on my lunch when reading this. Tell this to the thousands of soldiers who have had a Bradley come to their rescue in Afghanistan or Iraq, being used as mobile shields against small arms, cover fire, artillery, heavy fire support. Or non combat roles such as Ambulances and troop extraction from fire zones. The Bradley is a compact, armored fighting vehicle perfectly capable of urban combat. And I wouldn't go throwing around words like Precision in regards to military hardware, like most things new it all sounds great on paper but doesn't always translate well to real world scenarios. Most countries that have fought a revolution against tyranny in the last 100 years have used a weapon designed in 1940's and 50's, and you know what? Neither of them have changed much at all. the M16 and the AK. Pretty much all rifles since those two were first developed have used the same base formats even up to the newest and latest ACR which is just a pretty modular version of an M16, and by modular, I mean it has more rails on it to attach stuff and the stock folds, something the m16 and m4 didn't have standard. The javelin missile is the best real world example of Press to Win, an anti tank rocket that is fire and forget, capable of firing hundreds of feet straight up and then coming down to hit its target that requires nothing more then a few moments of visual lock and then it doesn't matter if it goes behind a hill. They sure didn't have that kind of tech during Vietnam though I am sure they would have loved too. Military Tech moves at a much slower rate then civilian tech. Civilian tech doesn't have to worry about things like How many innocent people can this possibly kill if it malfunctions? No they worry about things like can we offer a warranty to fix it later and look like heros even though we know its broken now... An example of Military Tech evolution. They built a Bradley fighting vehicle. 20 or 30 got blown up by IED's, they didn't go and reinvent a new fighting vehicle to combat insurgents. They welded a big V shaped metal plate under the vehicle to deflect IED explosions and continued to roll through the streets, why? Because it worked, and it was much cheaper then redesigning a new vehicle, and those vehicles are still out there doing a wonderful job, and doing what they are good at, support troops in an urban combat in more ways then you can probably imagine because troops get very creative in the field.
  3. Amedeus

    (not) Auto aim

    One of the rules of war will fix any bush crosshair problem. When in doubt, empty the magazine. If something is hiding behind a bush or a door, put enough lead into it that nothing can hide behind it anymore. :) I've grown rather fond of the ARMA 2 crosshairs with the general aim area and the smaller jumpy actual crosshair. I found it a good representation of how steady your aim is. As someone who served in the military and has gone through live fire training such as the ones implemented in the games training area in the video above. The general motion of moving does have a huge impact on where bullets actually land, especially with heavier weapons like a SAW which honestly is a lot of fun to shoot in the prone position on a firing line but very frustrating in a moving fire line and even more frustrating from a moving vehicle. I would like to see a system the incorporates both the old and a bit of this new system as I do recall several instances of trying to fire out of windows or over low walls, over fences, between fences, over guard rails, over the low walls surrounding a roof ect where you would for all reason think you were clearly over the wall, only to have your bullets hit the wall and alert the enemy to your location and then have his bullets also hitting the wall, your torso, your face ect. Perhaps the ARMA 2 style crosshair with the function of this new crosshair system but only up to 2 or 3 meters from the player to compensate for the immediate area in being able to tell if your barrel is actually pointing out the window or not, and would it understand if the window is penetratable, open or closed? If I am aiming at a guy between two houses through a window, i'm obviously aiming at the guy and not the window. They really need to make windows shatter when hit with bullets and not just hold together with magic like they do in ARMA 2, that way if the crosshair says Hey there is a closed window infront of you, you expect the smash of a window on the first round and then crosshair would jump out a little to show the muzzle is indeed pointing out of the window and not at the frame of the window. This is a pretty important bit of the game because if your not hiding behind cover and shooting from behind cover, your obviously not scared of the bullets and it is in turn not being very realistic.