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    Gear Mechanic Idea

    I couldn't find a suggestions forum so I guess this is the correct place. I didn't post in mods for request mod because maybe this will be moved there with no interest or place here. I would think adding to the realism would be a system that stops operators from reloading from their backpacks as your currently can. Also this same system should allow for magazines in your chest rig that you are carrying to reload at a much faster rate. In combat training whether military or civilian you are taught to reload fast and precise. It would be nice to see these military trained soldiers of arma reload much faster than they can, while at the same time being limited to actual real life logistics of how backpacks and chest rigs work. Also it would be cool to see additional weapons be carried. 99% of the time you only carry one weapon. Any modern military works in squads where each individual has a role. Would not make sense for someone to try and be a jack of all trades and carry an m4 on the front with his rig or one point sling and then have a m110 slung over his back with a 2 point sling..... BUT it would be hella cool. I have even tried this in real life with a 14.5 inch AR and a remmington 700 and though moving through doorways suck, with my good slings am able to easly maneuver without an trouble. I obviously can only carry a small patrolman back or else the shoulderslung rifle wouldn't fit, but I can easily move around and engage my invisible pretend targets. Adding this to the game would just be awesome since we as Arma players love options... PLUS for any sort of post Post Ap. type missions or rebel assymetrical missions, or even A-Team super hero special forces missions this would be way awesome. Also maybe I just haven't searched for the keys, but the ability to switch between weapons on slings and holsters could be managed easily with the normal 12345 type keys of other FPS. I know we are all used to and very efficient with the scrollwheel spacebar, but for the same reason we delt with the movement in Arma 2 because of how awesome the game is but no longer look back because Arma 3 blow it out of the water, we should also leave the confusing change weapons mechanics behind. Too many times am I near an AddAction or a door and I either open the door or do action when I want to shoot, or shoot when I want to open the door or do the action. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What can be done easily by Bohemia: I wouldn't really want Bohemia to spend their time delving into anything more complex that I would want persay, such as individually customizable pouches per rig where you choose mag placement on your body to affect reload times ect. But rather at the minimum prevent reloading from backpacks and increase reload time from mags in chest rigs. Also actually make heavier backpacks tired you out MUCH more quickly (does it do this now? I never pay attention) What would this add? - Intelligent gear management mechanic. No longer do you throw everything in your inventory with a spill over method pants filled >> rig filled >> backpack filled and reload completely fine. - Fun downtime mechanic. During downtime you briskly open your pack and consolidate your full mags for use in your chest rig. - Full backpacks tiring out players would create a situation where on combat missions you would ditch the full backpacks and take only a hydration pack and if needed one ammo mule. Where as on patrol missions or prolonged operations you would take with you your full packs which you could also store on your vehicle if you see fit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What could modders do? The sling deal where you can carry additional weapons as well as the quick change through a button rather than scroll wheel menu. Also modders could take it further and do fully customized chest rigs with choice of mag pouch, utility pouch, dump pouch ect placement. Eitherway, just an idea. At the minimum the nonreload from backpack itself would add a greater depth to gameplay that we would all enjoy.
  2. I have always found it hard to believe that anyone could ever choose Arma 2 over Arma 3. I understood at the start that people disliked the lack of features of Arma 3, but they always then list features of Arma 2 that aren't vanilla features. In my opinion, since the conception of Acre in Arma 3, which was weeks into Alpha, I saw no reason to ever look back. Mind you I played and still play with a weekly Arma 2 group, but even our group is slowly transitioning to Arma 3. In it's current state with all the community mods, scripts, and maps, I cannot see any part of Arma 2 that Arma 3 does not mirror or beat. Here are some features. Weapon Resting: Arma 3 has it. Also, you don't need to press the shift+space or whatever you Ace settings are. The models calculate edges better in Arma 3, and since you have more firing positions, you can actually "MOLD" yourself to cover to rest you weapon much easier and in more realistic situations than in Arma 2. Cover: Might as well state this since I covered weapon resting. The shooting positions allow you to utilize every ounce of cover you can. Arma 2 loves to put half shin high walls next to you so that you either have to lay down or expose 60% of your body. Weapons: Really, there are a ton of mods for both. Different mods have different recoils, damages, ect ect. In the end, anyone who plays the standard ACE in Arma 2 can find weapons with very closely matching handling. The difference is you don't have to mess with weird Ace interact to change optics ect. etc. You can just slap on new scopes and lasers. If you want to get realistic and make certain scopes 5.56 or 7.62 scopes, just script it. Very easy. Vehicles: The only thing that really has an un arguably bigger pool than Arma 3. Here's the thing, just like maps, you can convert all the Arma 2 vehicles over. Many are already done for you. Already many mods and scripts to make vehicles more realistic. IGload rocks. Maps: You can convert any maps over. I've done Clafghan, Lingor, and Panthera myself. There are many already done for you. Sounds: JSR2.1 Visuals: Blastcore Map Editing: Zues makes editing so easy. If you can't script, there are already dozens of steam workshop missions that have exportable SQMs for what you place in Zues. MUCH easier than MCC Sandbox. Much more accurate too. Animations: While still not the most authentic thing. It still feels more fluid than the Arma 2 animations. The physics allows your body to drop and react with whatever it falls on rather than playing some randomly instant death animation that doesn't match the victims angle of taking fire then becoming this flag strewn out body that hovers halfway over invisible something cuz he die on an object. ACE: We now have AGM, more responsive. Cooler wounding system.... all in all, pretty cool. Also since backpacks are now just an item, no more dealing with ace backpacks. Water: You can go underneath it now O_O Weather: You can easily import NIM or other weather mods. Communities: Already a ton playing since Alpha, even more now. EDIT AI: This is also actually very important. I mostly play Arma 3 in TvT, but I do some Coops with some RL friends weekly. I can't recall the mods for AI we use from the top of my head, but I can tell you they flank, ambush, push, suppress, MUCH better than any Arma 2 AI i've experienced. I actually never played much with the vanilla AI in Arma 3, so for vanilla can't say much. With mods though, so much more aggresive and lifelike. Also controlling them, there is a program called Articulate which is completely bad ass. It uses voice recognition (requires an hour of good training) but increases immersion by a full degree. It's nice when I can give my AI orders with my voice and not have to mess around in any commanding menus. Additional Content: I label the vanilla content (guns, maps, vehicles, etc.) as additional content, because with pretty much every aspect of Arma 2 already playable in Arma 3, I see all the Arma 3 content as just extra stuff. Anyways, I think it's pretty great and if we are comparing vanilla to vanilla, I like Arma 3 better. Altis - The variability of terrain is insane. What I mean is options. Take any 1square kilo of the map. Just look at the options for cover, movement, some firefight, etc etc. It's all pretty tight. It offers mountainous hilly regions, open rolling hills, even a salt flat/desert with flat nothingness, cities, towns, outposts, islands. When I compare Cherno and Taki (I actually like cherno a lot) I just don't like it as much. Plus it's so immersion breaking to be unable to enter a building in Cherno because it doesn't have a way in. Eitherway, what do YOU guys think? These are just my opinions, and because of that (being opinions), there is no right or wrong. I am just curious as to why people still choose Arma 2. Maybe If I can understand their concerns, I can help more people see the possibilities or Arma 3 and help the eventual transition. I started in OPFP and I have always thought each iteration was better than the last. I know some people like the hold on to memories and are sentimental, I am too, but I always see things as phases of a greater whole... so maybe it's really that aspect of myself which has helped me embrace Arma 3 so much better.
  3. DavidCastle

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    Why would I do that when it comparing vanilla games won't accurately represent the full potential of both games or how both games are generally played by communities. My comparison is based on available features whether from mods or not and how one might achieve a smoother target experience from Arma 3. Plus Bohemia's actions have shown they built their game with the intention to be used with mods as has been shown through their addition of mod tools, mod competition, and them taking a big mod (dayz) and making it a game, etc. IF I were to compare vanilla games though, I would say both are disinteresting. I would rather play disinteresting with smoother movement than with clunky movement. =/
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    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    All the gear in A2 has mod counterparts for A3 or can be ported to A3. Don't ever use A3s vanilla medic system ever. Please. Use AGM. As for A10. While i defended the A164 in it's plausibility and realism, I actually prefer using this A10c mod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2fNm8nmarw It's a bitch to learn how to turn the damn thing on, but it's super fun. ---------- Post added at 14:05 ---------- Previous post was at 14:04 ---------- All good. On a side note, I really wish someone would port/make the Arma 1 starship troopers mod in A3 or even A2!!! that was fun shit!
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    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    Of course I am justifying myself. That is how debates work. I started this thread specifically for this. I am glad you are actually responding with specifics. That is 100% what I am looking for. So ty for that. I don't see this as an argument, rather constructively debating the differences. What I am looking to get out of this all is the ability to concretely approach those in groups I am with that still play A2, reasons why they may enjoy A3-many don't even own or have played the game. This in turn helps our group move forward faster and puts us back into 1 solidified unit rather than 2 separate groups and thus nullifies and split of the group. I think we have a differing definition of sci-fi. Thanks for the wiki link. In the wiki link, the only imaginative content that works is the fact that the game is in 2035. Can we define how far in the future counts as sci-fi? If we can't It would be plausible by that logic to say tomorrow is science fiction. In a story telling and immersive sense, I believe my stated features of sci-fi as well as the other stated features in the wiki article are what people tend to think of as sci-fi. You know, stuff like Halo, Starwars, Mass Effect, Star Trek. I am guessing you are asking me to show you which country has the CSAT uniform based on me saying this. "Honestly, I don't even see it as pseudo sci fi. When I look at the arsenals each team has, they already exist. Maybe not all countries have the same arsenal, but the US military for sure is already on A3's level." This is a fault of mine. I should have worded better. When I say the arsenals each team has already exists, I don't mean to imply full production in service by on the ground troops. I mean the technology. Obviously I can't show you which country currently has the CSAT uniform. That's an asinine question. You should have asked what part of the CSAT uniform seems unplausible, unrealistic, or has technology that doesn't exist. I don't see the technology as sci-fi though, it is more than likely cooling for an on board eletronics system or suit cooling. I do concur with the cooling system being metalic though now that we are on the same page as to what is metallic. As for steam punk... https://www.google.com/search?q=steam+punk&safe=off&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=VKW1U-r9FdajyASjoIB4&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=955 I don't think csat look similar at all. lol. As for the turret thing. The only sentence I had to go off of was "The same weird turret fact?". I assumed you meant to turret technology was unrealistic. yes... haha It IS weird each faction has the same turret technology on their basic vehicles. While it would be expected that there is generally one most efficient way to put a rotating turret in a vehicle, having the same visuals on the computer system AND turret housing is really odd. You said "The weird turbine shale of the A10?". I assume you meant Shell. Yes. I was talking about the same thing. The reason I posted those two planes is to show the visual and technological design differences between two different planes that looks very similar. I was comparing the reasons for those differences to the possible differences between A10 and A164. I was completely in context I think. I said just "Dual Rotars" because is the first obviously visual difference from it predecessors. Still... it isn't sci fi. Nothing about it looking like 3 in existence vehicles is sci-fi. In the end I think our definition of sci-fi differs. Yes we can post wiki articles. But I don't think all books, games, stories that follow that definition would be categorized as sci-fi. Futuristic settings tend to refer to teleporters, beam lasers, plasma guns, space ships, etc. Yes, I see A3's setting as fictional, I never denied that, but it's not science fictional. It does have connection. I was explaining my experience with a shit load of mods and comparing it to yours. Honestly though, pretty much every mod in A2 can be imported to A3, and in A3 there are already mods for weapons and uniforms for a more of the common factions in conflict within the world today. As for finding mods that work together, I think you'd find more and more community members no longer supporting their A2 projects and moving to A3. Plus 80% of most repos ends up being maps anyways, so the extras few megs that you ask for someone to dl in a non map mod is miniscule.. But really, in the end though, vehicles, guns, factions, and maps from A2 can be moved or already exist in A3. That's not my concern. My concern is the main mod A3 doesn't have ACE and the base game engine. I truly believe objectively A3 does these things better. ---------- Post added at 13:18 ---------- Previous post was at 13:11 ---------- Also, kind of off topic. But I think Arma 3 is actually BEHIND in some instances of what technologies will be available in 2035. In this case optics technology. http://tracking-point.com/ Check that out. This last invasion of Iraq by America (2nd Iraq war) was the first time magnified optics were actual standard on mass amounts of infantry (it was originally though magnified optics weren't durable enough or provided good enough accuracy to justify the funding. after some test runs with SF units, it was found they were WELL worth it). Since then we have seen great advances in magnified optics technology for the infantryman. While the tracking point optic is expensive right now, taking into account the advances in computers AND optics in the last 2 decades, it would be safe to assume that you'd see smaller versions of these tracking point optics or other similar computerized optics assigned at the very least to marksmen within an infantry unit in the year 2035.
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    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    The technology within the CSAT helmet already exists. The basic aesthetics may vary, but it's something that is here now, and is very plausible. AUSA has been in development and testing by the US Army. It looks like the fricken Master Chief halo helmet. So let's sit back here and define sci-fi. To me sci-fi is functionality. Aesthetics doesn't matter to me since anyone who isn't familiar with military firearms would see the Tavor and FN2000 as sci-fi. So if functionality makes something sci-fi, let's look at the CSAT helmet. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RWd0AwfuCOE/UT_tgvnYveI/AAAAAAAAH4E/odlpEyrqOzw/s640/Yusufzai.jpg Nothing here is out of sense. The night vision seems normal. The dual eye heads up display seems plausible. http://www.baesystems.com/article/BAES_165373?_afrLoop=2241519002317000&_afrWindowMode=0&_afrWindowId=null&baeSessionId=XjQTT1TQYrKVTrhr1Rj28mTnbTGxCvxnJD8WDrTwv1TnVn6tY1hp!-1651352847#%40%3F_afrWindowId%3Dnull%26baeSessionId%3DXjQTT1TQYrKVTrhr1Rj28mTnbTGxCvxnJD8WDrTwv1TnVn6tY1hp%2521-1651352847%26_afrLoop%3D2241519002317000%26_afrWindowMode%3D0%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D4lolutktp_4 That link shows it being tested. The fact that it is part of the helmet is not a "sci-fi" feature, rather it is just due to the fact that the same manufacturer in IRAN decided to combine the two since they were chosen to be manufacturer for both. This would make sense since I believe the weapons manufacturer in Iran is government run. The shape of the helmet isn't that wierd at all, the bumps probably just house basic electronic requirements and sensors. The cable in the back goes to a small man portable computer. As for metallic? How do you know they are not polymer? They look pretty polymer to me. In fact, many guns these days are polymer but look metal. I think They are polymer. Also it's not sci-fi to include polymer on the parts of the uniforms that are shown. It's a funding issue. If we had the money, all our BDUs would have polymer supports for joints and points of contact. The problem is funding doesn't allow for that; things that the soldier can "deal" with are usually cut from funding first. As for the turrets, we have has thermal optics on our vehicles for a while. The turret isn't new at all. That has existed in our armor for a while now. I am sure, given the funding, we would throw thermal computerized turrets onto our basic ground vehicles. Given 21 more years, I can see funding becoming available to toss these things onto our MRAPs. As for the A10s. Just looks like a modern re-design of the A10 / design using very similar concepts. Within the last decade we have seen these aircraft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_F-22_Raptor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_F-35_Lightning_II Very similar. And in fact, the US military is debating retiring the A10 right now. If it does get retired, it has some old internals, it could be plausible in 5 years to see a the A164 "Wipeout". As for the Comanche, how is that even sci-fi? It existed already? Yes, I do know what it's intended role was. It's use as the main attack helicopter for NATO, to me, isn't a sci-fi thing. Rather it's bohemia being weird. Either way, there is a chance the Comanche program was revived and refitted. The helo was a good one, it just died due to funding issues. The military decided it was better to refit current helos and work on UAVs than developt the AA systems of the Comanche. Otherwise, it was a good helo; albeit it was an expensive helo. Dual rotars? Not sci-fi. Railguns - if these were included, I might give you sci-fi points. But they were not.... though part of me wishes they were haha. To me, for A3 to be sci-fi, you would have to have hover tanks, a new man portable weapon system (basically something that isn't direct impingement or gas piston), VISUAL cloaking technology, space lasers or any field laser for that matter, aliens(did Bohemia REALLY intend to put aliens in? I don't remember that in any seriousness anywhere), plasma anything, or the US winning the World Cup. As for your problems with many mods in A3, I am not sure where you are having those problems. I shop like mad on Armaholic for mods, and if I enable a new gun mod that doesn't work, I just disable it. As for the core mods, I haven't found a core mod for A3 that conflicts yet. You can also build a repo on PWS then all it is from there is 1 click. ---------- Post added at 12:05 ---------- Previous post was at 11:59 ---------- You are, and nothing wrong with that :) Hmmm, I dunno though. I would like to argue that the if you take some of the features side by side of TMR and AGM to ACE, you would see from an objective point of view with an objective expected goal for each feature that TMR and AGM do just as well or better. While ACE provided features that weren't really available in other A2 mods. I actually was always annoyed by it. I'd MUCH rather press a hotkey to put in earplugs than press a hotkey and 2 mouse clicks to put them in. Also some features such as weapon optic customizability (which is honestly just ends up switching your gun to a gun of a different classname anyways) is obsolete now with weapon attachments. Weapon resting is WAY better now as described in an earlier post. Medical system has all the morphine, bandages, epinephrine, and other stuff, except you actually treat the specific body part that is shot. IE: your leg is shot? Treat the leg. Again, it's my opinion that TMR and AGM are better. But I really do thing you can objectively set a goal for why a feature exists and what it needs to accomplish and see that TMR and AGM can do it better. (assuming it exists, there ARE some features, most aren't used in 30 matches, that aren't in TMR and AGM). ---------- Post added at 12:22 ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 ---------- Really though, we can argue preferences all day. What I really don't understand in A2 vs A3 is this. How can you go through a single firefight in A2 next to that low brick/mud wall, and think in any way whatsoever that choosing between full prone, taking a full single knee, or fully standing as your only options is more immersive in any way what so ever than being able to realistically mold your body to cover with the multiple stances of A3. How can you like running a long distance in A2 and then aiming down the sites to see that A2s version of simulating aiming while breathing fatigued is to make the visuals of your arms and weapons spaz out in a very sticatto manner around the screen, where as in A3 there is a smooth animation around the screen? Probably one of the things I disliked the most about A2. How can you enjoy the unit movement of A2, which feels like driving a car that just looks like a man, is better than A3. How can you say A3 movement is more unrealistic than A2 when any half fit skinny person in real life can move with the same ease in acceleration and decelleration. And just because A3 makes a movement toward the non-clunky now makes it a candidate to compare it to Battlefield? How can you say the better visuals, including better rendered grass even on A2 maps, is better than A3? Sometimes in A2, I feel like certain areas were just made by some guy throwing a bucket of greenish yellow paint onto a 200m stretch, using a height tool here and there and calling that imerssive terrain. While i respect everyone's opinion to like A2 better than A3 (i myself as I said before still play more A2). I should specify that I am actually looking for an objective reason why A2 is better than A3/why A3 sucks here. Unless you dig into some obscure feature that few groups use, I can't see any objective reason why any feature of A2 isn't done better in A3.
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    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    Honestly, I don't even see it as pseudo sci fi. When I look at the arsenals each team has, they already exist. Maybe not all countries have the same arsenal, but the US military for sure is already on A3's level. My friend who's been out working as a contractor for 3 years now says that when he left Iraq, they had already pretty much phased out humvees and MRAPs where all that were being driven around anymore. The humvees were either being handed to the Iraqis or used in aux. if MRAPs were unavailable. Drones - well I don't really need to start, we love those things, the big and small ones. The only REAL sci-fi thing is that earthquake machine that's part of the story. anyways, if you do wish to play asymmetric war with specifically an early 2000s military vs *enter 3rd world insurgency/army with soviet era hand me downs*, then mods do exist. Our group actually does a funny civil war setting. We even have a script that only allows you one shot with your gun (we use the enfield with modded incaccuracy) before having to press a button and do a reloading animation to get 1 more round in your gun. ---------- Post added at 18:05 ---------- Previous post was at 18:04 ---------- Check out AGM and TMR. =). But yes, both still have room on my drive. I actually end up playing more A2 than A3 still. Mostly because the groups I play with are still in the transitioning/convincing members phase, but by the next year I am sure each group I play with will be pure A3.
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    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    For most A2 maps, you just drag over the map, make sure you have all the dependencies (A2/OA vanilla pbos + any 3rd party stuff) and it works. I am not sure what to say about A3MP and Lingor. I did lingor before A3MP so I would just try doing a manual installation of dependencies. I know A3MP works with FATA since I just did it a few weeks ago though, so eitherway, just make sure you have no conflictions and you have everything you need for Lingor to run. Most of the features I talked about for both were based on mods. For anyone playing with a group or community, there will 99% of the time be mods. But yes, TMR is a mod that just recognizes any cover in a pretty realistic manner around you and compares it to the elevation and distance of you gun and then displays a small little icon on the bottom of your screen to show you are resting your gun. =). I DO have to correct myself and say that you do have to press a button to use bipods though. Bipods is a second option available on top of weapon resting in TMR that allows you to deploy bipods with guns that have them. That seems ok though. In a real life situation, the speed at which you apply points of contact to your weapon when resting (w/o bipod) is extremely fast. Deploying a bipod is still fast, but usually does require pressing or releasing a lever. ---------- Post added at 17:50 ---------- Previous post was at 17:48 ---------- I am very familiar with the features of ACE, but between AGM, TMR, other mods, and other scripts, you can easily create these same things within Arma 3. Any group playing with a community usually uses PWS so it's all an easy 1 click to DL a repo and hop in. ---------- Post added at 17:55 ---------- Previous post was at 17:50 ---------- Not sure how? I love everything they are doing. They plan to redo flight, they are currently redoing weapons aiming and fatigue, and they even plan to redo ballistics. A lot of people compare the movement of Arma 3 to battlefield. I would disagree. You still have a more authentic movement acceleration and deceleration then BF3. What A3 did compared to A2 is allow the player more control of your character's body in a smoother fashion. When compared to any movements I do in real life just hiking (weaponless) or plinking on the range and moving in different positions (with weapon), I feel that it's not unrealistic to expect fast the fast transitions between stances or smooth movement of A3 to be unrealistic. In fact, I have always felt that controlling my character in Arma 2 was more like driving my character. It was super clunky.
  9. You can actually change rookie, normal, veteran, expert etc. to have any settings you want in the menus and on servers... =/ I think default setting are negligible-who really plays default anything?
  10. DavidCastle

    Worth getting ArmA2?

    Pretty much everything in Arma 2 is can be moved to Arma 3. If you are not to inclined on the technical aspect of scripting, mission making, or file management, I would choose Arma 2. Since you play single player mostly, you will likely not joining online servers with premade missions. This leaves 2 choices, making your own or downloading them. There are many more high quality SP missions in Arma 2 than Arma 3. If you like MP, Arma 3 in a heartbeat. Find a community that uses Acre, AGM, and mods to your liking and BAM. In the end, it's all Arma, just glad you're playing it rather than some Michael Bay FPS =)
  11. So after the last patch, I noticed my add waypoints scripts have not been working. This has led to our group running across spawned units sitting dumbly in formation non responsive without them receiving visual or audible contact. This is the script I have used and has always worked since Arma 2 and for every patch in Arma 3 until the last. if(not isServer) exitWith{}; _grp = creategroup East; _grp = [getMarkerPos "ambush1", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; {_x setVehicleInit "nul=[this,'Atlis','MOVE','delete:',300] execVM 'scripts\upsmon.sqf'" } foreach units _grp; processInitCommands; _wp = _grp addwaypoint [getMarkerPos "ambushkill1",0]; _wp setwayPointType "Move"; _grp setskill 0.5; //_grp setskill ["aimingAccuracy",0.85]; //_grp setskill ["spotDistance",1]; //_grp setskill ["spotTime",1]; _grp setskill ["courage",1]; _grp setskill ["commanding",1]; //_grp setskill ["aimingShake",0.75]; //_grp setskill ["aimingSpeed",0.75]; // {_x setVehicleInit "guard = [this] execVM 'HousePatrol.sqf'; nul=[this,'area1','COMBAT','delete:',300] execVM 'scripts\upsmon.sqf'" } foreach units _grp; // processInitCommands; //_grp = creategroup EAST; //_grp = [getMarkerPos "responsespawn1", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "BIS_TK_INS" >> "Infantry" >> "TK_INS_Group")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; Any Ideas on what might be the problems? The basic Idea is I want to spawn a group of enemies in, initialize them with UPSMON, then have them move to a location.
  12. DavidCastle

    Want to start a Arma 3 clan?

    Will contact you on steam when I get back from work. Pretty interested. do you have TS and Dedicated?
  13. David Castle here, 21 yrs. USA Mnt Time. Free on most weekdays after 5-6 Free on most weekends after 3-4 on sat and all day sun Mic TS Skype Vent Boner Looking for a good mature squad to play with. - Interested in TvT and Coop. I enjoy both for their own reasons, though milsim TvT with a good mission is my favorite. - I enjoy playing medic, automatic gunner, and rifleman roles small fireteam leader (i love sticking with the guys, rather than leading up higher). I can fly to fulfill any transport roles. - 3000+ Arma 2 Hours. - I can also create TvT and coop maps. I like to create very dynamic maps with asymmetric elements... but I can make anything. I can also do basic scripting from scratch, but can also read all scripts and implement anything others make to create a good mission. - Looking for a good squad or group that consistently plays, without extreme requirements. basically I want to be able to hop on and know I can get some games in while not being kicked out for other events in my personal and work life stopping me from making a big game. But in the end, let's face it. I am usually up till 3-4 in the morning on all days soo you can get me to play alot =) - skype me at Pinindajin or private message me on these forums and I can play some games with you and we can see if my personality sticks with what you want. - Also if your group wants a website done, I can do web design so If i stick around I'd do it for free for a squad I enjoy =)
  14. DavidCastle

    JUMP please!!

    Ask the modmakers. Don't expect a non needed function in vanilla. When do you ever see soilders in any combat video jumping. Jumping only creates a situation where you are throwing your weight in one direction, chancing a fall, and unable to change your course mid air where as running is more controlled. as for getting over things, in real life you climb up a hill or step over or under barbed wire. you never do something so silly as jumping.
  15. You could make it yourself. My friend started learning to mod just a week and a half ago and he already has learned how to implement full entire new units. You could do this yourself. If you can't model, find a model already made. I'm sure somewhere on the internet someone has modeled one of those things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyJaE7ZAM7U - the KA40 AND mi28 right here in arma 3 - skip to 6 minutes and there is the comanche in arma 3http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://media.desura.com/images/groups/1/3/2074/arma3_screenshot_1107_009.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t%3D1250084%26page%3D3&h=720&w=1280&sz=603&tbnid=nlAzS3ssbP-7yM:&tbnh=69&tbnw=122&zoom=1&usg=__cTZsjoH7va2dExy3XsSZY8Bm5iM=&docid=CDeFGiZssQUbRM&sa=X&ei=Fq9LUb6oG8njigLilYCoAQ&ved=0CEIQ9QEwAQ&dur=3350 is this the railgun tank you want? Looks like arma 3 is all you need =) all those things are included and free =D
  16. DavidCastle

    Question on Setting: Why 2037?

    If you love Dues Ex/Ghost in the shell, my friend is working on a mod for that now. Includes the realistic cloaking, as well as a gui based brain hacking system. As for the setting, think of it this way, how long has the M16 been our service rifle? the M4 itself was an invention of the first iraq war and 20 years later we still use it, how much could possibly change small arms wise within 20 years? I think they have hit it right on the head with the exception of 6.5 as the main round used. I think the next 20 years in small arms evolution with be the growth of modular weapons to be able to have 1 system meet as large a range of needs as possible... thought honestly i can see us just using some ar15 style platform in 20 years since us americans LOVE the ar15 which i still must say have proven to be the most accurate 5.56 platform, even over the HK416. Eitherway more than likely 20 years will bring us evolution on modularity and ammunition. As for the drone stuff, we are only playing a partial alpha so I can't comment on how the drones/uavs and airstrike will be, but the vehicles themselves seem realistic, the hunters which are basically mraps are representative of the actual transition taking place now from humvees to mraps. My friend deployed actually used the exact model of MRAP in arma 3 his entire deployment. Technology evolves quickly but until we find a better way to fling projectiles at our foes physics lay out certain limitations on the performance of our current weapon systems.
  17. DavidCastle

    A prone lean is needed

    That is nothing, I have played 3000+ and i agree with you 100% +1
  18. DavidCastle

    Double Reload -> bullet in chamber

    usually i would say throw this to the mod forums, but this seems like a reasonable request for vanilla functionality! +1
  19. None are prototypes. They exist now. Only a question of whether the army provides a contract to those companies, or expands existing contracts and whether or not russia and china continue to support iran. As for mods, I have found the mods I used mods to be of HIGHER quality than the vanilla game. Mods like ace and acre made the game more realistic than vanilla. the RH weapon packs added more realistic acting weapons than vanilla with a better shooting feel and more configurations. Same goes for maps. Lingor, Panthera, and Clafghan they were all MUCH better than vanilla. Also free. and very easy to install. Also since these are user created and there is usually a different creator for each, you bascially have a developer with a specialization in each individual part of your game experience with entire forums and communities of other editors to help fix bugs. Manpower BIS doesn't have and recognizes. They themselves even note many times that they create the canvas by creating the arma 3 game with it's engine, but mod makers will do the rest. In the end, this is just my opinion. But they will do dlcs. They even say in supporter edition you get DLC's free. why else unless there are some. Those that want vanilla functionality with great dlc's will have it. those that want a custom experience tailored to their every needs will also have it. the beauty of the arma series.
  20. DavidCastle

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Arma 2 had a good pvp scene and still does. Mostly though it is on whitelisted servers. Arma 3 will seem to be more public as the attention from Dayz, Shack Tac, and PCgamer as well as lack of interest in Run and Gun Cod and BF (i love BF don't get me wrong, armas just better) have brought enough players to arma 3 to create a public scene. I hope it stays this way, though the best experiences will always be private servers and organized events. I view arma as doing milsim airsoft/paintball. You can go to a public game hosted by a group and these are usually always available at any time, but organized events and private groups are always the best. TLDR: I think it will, but private is the best way to play
  21. He's just showing the weapons that will be in arma3. and we are commenting on it.
  22. I feel just as scared in arma 3 as 2... but i play Tvt alot with groups and public. always did pvp/tvt stuff on arma 2 quite a bit as well. WHat needs to be fixed is aimbotting ai's. i LOVE the tactical actions of the new ai, they are better vanilla than arma 2 ai with zues and upsmon ever were, but they aimbot too much. Fix that and we are all good.
  23. DavidCastle

    Why not add killstreaks to the game?

    Seems your trolling. But if you want this, it's easily done with scripts. go make it. though.. i doubt anyone would play
  24. Only read the first few posts, but it seems people are scared of arma 3 being extremely future-istic. It's not. EBR - In service today. MX - The future military designation of the ACR/MASADA which today features the ability to swap barrels for 7.62, 6.8, 5.56, AND 6.5. Also quite possible could be the robinson arms XCR but seems more likely the ACR since it's different configurations feature the entire myriad of magpul stocks. MXM - Nothing more than an MX or ACR/MASADA with a magpul prs stock and 7.62 configuration. People use this configuration today. SDAR - Keltechs RFB Tavor - Israeli Service Rifle Khatiba - 6.5 version of the currently issued Khaybar (which was posted by someone in these forums to also be in the game, the khaybar is the 5.56 version) Rook - MP 443 P07 - Walther P99 Khatiba - Nothing more than a 6.5 configured rifle of the kh2002 rifle family. The kh2002 itself is also known as the khaybar and is a current iranian issue weapon. It is a bullpop version of a chinese rifle which itself was a chinese clone of our m16. Too lazy to go into the details of the vehicle mounted weapons, but those weapons and the vehicles themselves are also in existence today. Even the IFRIT which is used by the Russian Special forces and security details. The only unrealistic or fictional thing about arma 3 is the story line which creates plausible for iranian access to the the IFRIT and new RPG launchers (rpg 32s exist today, called 42 in arma 3) as well as nato troops or american troops having contracts with new gun manufactureres to arm our troops with the MX rifles (acr) rather than the ar15 or scar family and replacing humvees with more MRAP's which is already happening. (my friend's squad didn't even patrol in humvee's when he was deployed, he said only mraps just like the ones in arma 3.) EDIT: On a side note, mods will take care of everything, and i doubt any of us will be playing arma 3 vanilla when it releases... who played arma 2 vanilla, was always with ace mod and acre at MINIMUM and sometimes more. Our group played with 20 mods at once providing us 300 weapons and configurations. Everything from WW2 to Mechs will exist when this game comes out. Got a friend currently modding a GHost in the SHell mod. He has stealth generators and is working on brain hacking with an included GUI. All will exist. EDIT 2: On second thought, maybe people haven't noticed the big change in arma 3. It's not that everything is sci fi, the biggest change is that it is no longer asymmetrical warfare as in high tech vs low tech of modern armed troops vs terrorists with old soviet era ak47's, it's now two modern armies with backing from superpowers fighting in a proxy war.
  25. I think they should allow you to swap the barrels of the MX rifle (just the military designation it seems of the ACR/Masada rifle) like in real life. I want to use it with 5.56. Other than that, looking forward for mods to bring my my ar15 family of weapons =D.