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    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Here is my honest humble opinion on the 6.5 rounds. They try to bridge the gap between 5.56 and 7.62, but for the obvious reason of being neither perform neither of the tasks of those rounds as well as those rounds. THe 7.62 will pretty much always put someone down in 1 shot. The 6.5 tend to do it close range most of the time, though there have been some times where I have had to put 2-3 in a person to get them down. There may have been many variables such as shot placement ect. Which brings me to my main point of why I enjoy 5.56 and 7.62 better. The 7.62 is pretty much consistently a 1 shot drop center mass at even 800 meters. The 5.56 though it usually always takes a double tap, unless you get a good shot close up, is kind in it's ability to have followup shots. I hear many people saying that it "doesn't matter because if your a good aim you can just hit people". That is fine, I do quit fine when I can sit a decent distance away and wait for a target to stop moving. The problem is that with 6.5, if I have moved recently, or if a target is moving I may only have a small window of opportunity to put some rounds downrange and I would like to have the ability to have as small a grouping as possible with a burst. 6.5 does not allow for this unless prone which my cause my view to be obstructed in first person. (When I join Serious TvT's they always usually are first person only). Also situation sometimes only permits me to stand or crouch to be able to see over/past an obstacle. So in the end, it's just my personal agenda against the 6.5. Some may like it. If it DOES have pros, it is the fact that you get a more powerful round than 5.56 with a more manageable recoil than 7.62. So for those that like to time their shots, but want something with a little more rounds per magazine, and the ability to suppress semi accurately, 6.5 is your round.
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    PVP heaven..for now

    The reason PVP is staying I believe is twofold. One because the game itself is more accessible to people so people who were generally scared to play arma at first now can. This lead to more more players which in turn leads to the second portion. People are still trying to figure out scripting correctly with the new arma. Porting over scripts can cause a much different effect than intended and as such people are discovering the new tools. A revive buddy/drag body script i imported works, BUT instead of doing a im hurt animation, the dead now are skydiving into the ground in place. This, mixed with very few items to place in the editor and very few mods and map makers only have 3 days of balance testing (key for good coop experience) there are not many coops out yet. Also with the crazy see through smoke aimbotting AI that sees perfect through smoke, people are finding joining an easy TDM where you respawn and run in to fight is funner, quick action while at the same time allowing players to become familiarized with the controls.
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    Sweet cya! On a side note, do you realize this is alpha day 3? You expected an anti hack at this time? half a decade ago players getting into an alpha test was insane, an a decade ago beta tests were for the most part not even public. And here you are complaining about a public alpha test. A version of the game meant for feedback and by no means your enjoyment. You realize all that exists are infantry with pretty much only 6.5 caseless guns and a couple others and a few vehicles. The we don't even have the main map. Released content to players probably isn't even 10% and your going to complain about hackers in a milsim that by design was meant to be played in private groups? Try clicking on the show passworded. you'll find there are double the passworded servers if not more than public. Arma was meant to be played with a group who all communicate with each other and know each other and trust each other. Arma 3 is NOT the jump into some ub3rf3st server for some run and gun kill sum dudes get my KD up and unlock achievments party. If you were in a server with hackers, you were in the wrong server. I probably didn't need to write this all out, but hopefully this can be a reference for all retards with your opinion. Every game has hackers. EVERY. The only way to get away from hackers is to have whitelist server.
  4. DavidCastle

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    I don't think so. The Iranians already have an M16 variant which is taken from a Chinese clone of the m16. It works pretty decently (i wouldn't say as well as the m16/m4/ar15... but what does? heh). The chinese clone everything and the Iranians are good friends with the Chinese, what makes the the Iranians having a Tar in the future so unauthentic? The chinese could have cloned it and the Iranians might have got it from the Chinese. Heck maybe the iranians intercepted an israeli weapon shipment and now they have Tars.... lol there is no rule saying people can only use weapons they design. Heck, many US PMC and Special forces operators us AK variants.