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  1. chrizzo

    Team killing

    you can kick :D use #login password in chat and then kick ^^ i will upload it. maybe we can talk in ts3 to show you how you can insert it
  2. chrizzo

    BaseWar 0.1 Beta

    push :D
  3. chrizzo

    Team killing

    i have a working script :) it will punish teamkillers!
  4. chrizzo

    Artillery function?

    and how did i do that :D
  5. chrizzo

    Artillery function?

    ok it works in multiplayer. but only one time. after you die the first time, you can choose artillery strike but then nothing more like mortar and how much shells. so it works only on first spawning, and after dead no more
  6. chrizzo

    BaseWar 0.1 Beta

    thanks. I think i will release this week 0.4 :) with some new features.
  7. I know its possible. Ammo Crates should be in godmode, cause normally they can be destroyed. Anyone knows the command or script? Oh **** wrong section ^^ iam sorry found a solution. can be deleted :D
  8. chrizzo

    Simple CTI Warfare

    Bug Reporting: Dont know if the problem is the alpha but with this mission my server crashes often!
  9. chrizzo

    BaseWar 0.1 Beta

    i know :) Its already included! ^^ here we go ^^
  10. chrizzo

    Respawning types?

    respawn="3"; for respawn on base. http://ferstaberinde.com/f2/en/index.php?title=Respawn_Settings
  11. chrizzo

    Respawn Script?

    oh okay its the same like in ofp1 and arma2 ^^ this file should be in the same folder as mission.sqm right?
  12. chrizzo

    Simple CTI Warfare

    I used since hours on my server (DE). Feature Request: - Air Factory - See Teammates on Map - Resistance in Towns before capture - See Respawn Time So works fine ^^
  13. Hello, i need somehelp with my server. After 1-2 hours gaming the server fps break down to zero and is no more fun with gaming! (With only 2 gamers...) Server Hardware and Software: Intel i7 950, 12GB DDR3, Win7 64bit Prof, OS SSD, Server HDD all SATA2. Using the normal server.cfg and the basic.cfg . Any ideas?