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  1. Hey guys, Im a long time Arma player back to the OFP days that recently rebuilt my pc and jumped back into Arma. I've got about 200hrs on the books for Arma 3 and idk how many across the previous games. Anyways I'm looking for a semi serious milsim group of adults who enjoy a little $hit talking and laughs while killing bad guys in pvp and coop missions. Some details about myself below. Gaming experience: Lots on time in the Arma series although it seems like quite a few things have changed since I've been away so will take some getting used to. Real life experience: I'm 29 with 11 years of military experience so looking for a like minded group. Good understanding of small unit tactics and the like. Preferences: Big fan of ACE/ACRE or TFAR for the realism factor and RHS for the modern units (M4s and 249s all day) so I prefer a group which uses these although I don't mind the original arma models from time to time. I'm down for using any platform as well although the joystick requires some brushing of the rust off. I also bring the possibility of 3 friends following along w me. My brother, AD marine, an old friend new to game, and a friend who is a civ cop. All solid dudes. Timezone: Pacific Active times: Rotating days off so every other weekend off and days scattered throughout the week. Pm if you have some spots open.
  2. Dino325

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    This has been requested previously but I'd like to see someone either make or port over the A2:OA insurgents and vehicles. That would be amazing!