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  1. Thank you! I only wish the changelog would be a little more "friendly". I can't understand most of the stuff in the changelog
  2. Yes, really. I won't name the sites here, but most of them are busted. Some recovered, but most of them are still recoding
  3. TSAndrey

    Beta patch once a month enough?

    Of course it should. Rocket uses new features from Beta patches in DayZ, all the time. BI is helping Rocket with those Beta patches!
  4. Actually, PB busted all private BF3 hacks recently. But, BF3 is a closed game without modding tools. Arma 2 is an open and trusting game with mod tools, not to mention how BE needs time to adjust to DayZ! BE is already busting public hacks every few days, which is pretty good! So yeah, hopefully, BE will have an easier job in DayZ standalone!
  5. Hey guys, is BE going to detect a custom skin as a cheat?
  6. Awesome update! Keep them coming