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  1. NO TIME FOR CAUTION A specialized unit is sent to Stratis to find intel and locate a mysterious artifact. OPFOR is also searching for the artifact and occupied the island. There's no time for caution. Use mechs to break into OPFORs HQ, steal their intel and find the artifact! No Time for Caution is a 2-4 player COOP mission. Teamwork is key. Download link (Steam Workshop) Armaholic mirror: No Time For Caution [COOP 2-4] Wander Panzer mod is required: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25551 The mission uses BTC revive! Notes: -If you spawn as pilot, you will need to reenter the vehicle to be able to both solo drive and shoot. This is due to a WAP mod bug -Sometimes 2 players can't reenter a Panzer. This is also a WAP bug -Don't press respawn once you die. There is no respawn, you can only get revived by your teammates
  2. TSAndrey

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I've always been saying this for a while now. Arma 3 has an identity crisis. On one hand, BI tries to make it realistic, with insane fatigue, weapon sway and precise enemy AI. But on the other hand, they put you alone against a whole enemy squad and expect you to kill them.
  3. Then I might aswell just stop playing the game, because most missions are "poorly scripted" missions.
  4. If a server admin that uses the BEC banlist unbans somebody, will he get removed from all shared servers?
  5. TSAndrey

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Well a boost to server FPS should increase client FPS
  6. TSAndrey

    AlienZ Mod

    Somebody please make this for A3!
  7. Can somebody explain what's so fun about RPG? All I see is people running around getting run over by cars and picking apples.
  8. It's a more realistic military sandbox, not a fatigue simulator. I don't care if it's realistic, a game should be fun. I agree, there should be some penalty for carrying heavier loadouts, but this is too much.
  9. It shouldn't be realistic, this is a game. There's no fun in the current system.
  10. So Arma isn't optimized for >50 player counts?
  11. Exactly. Why should the server impact my FPS? The only thing that should impact the FPS are large amount of objects/effects in the mission, but that's obviously not the issue hee.
  12. Why can't 2 players get into 1 mech? There's no option for the 2nd player to get in, once the first one is in.
  13. I remember the awesome times when you didn't have to open ports for Arma 3 just to play with friends
  14. When you play coop with friends, you're forced to download missions you already have downloaded. Why? If we both subscribed to the same workshop mission, why should I be forced to redownload it from the host?! Yes, it gets even worse, because not only do you have to redownload it, you have to download it from the host, not the Steam servers. Good luck downloading a 60MB mission, it takes like 20 minutes! Change this BI!
  15. And did they learn it? Because the only optimized Wasteland version I see is Samatra's, the rest have 20 or less FPS.
  16. You have to play user made content, there are no real official MP gamemodes. But just because that's how it is, doesn't mean BI can just ignore all the issues and not try to polish it up. MP is basically unplayable because of all the FPS problems and unoptimized missions. But I can't say I really blame the mission makers, how are they supposed to know how to optimize? Btw. Why is this moved to questions & answers? Just because I phrased it as I question, doesn't mean I'm really asking it, this is a bug report!
  17. I didn't buy a "tool", I bought a game. And even though this is a sandbox game, it's still supposed to be playable, and not completely rely on other people.
  18. As I said, those are just silly workarounds. This game shouldn't rely so heavily on capable mission makers/modders. Just the same thing as with MP optimization: unless the mission is heavily optimized, you're gonna get 20 FPS. Good luck finding an optimized mission...
  19. The mission is Doomsday night. I don't know why it's so big, but that doesn't change anything
  20. Why does every single thing in this game have to have a workaround? Can't something just work?! Yes, I can go copy the files, but the point is I shouldn't have to. It should be a basic game thing not to download a mission you already have, especially not from the host!
  21. So much hassle just to play? No thanks, it's up to BI to fix their game
  22. They're useless against AI. AI will easily pinpoint your location just like they always do
  23. And AI can still see pretty clearly during night. I once shot silenced rounds from the dark only to get killed by AI in 3 seconds!
  24. TSAndrey

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    Good to hear. Only wish cloud coloring from the Beta came back!
  25. TSAndrey

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Lucky exception? I once died just by touching an ATV