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  1. Firstly, KUDOS to the mods on this forum for policing the work people do to ensure it is legit! I am a firm believer that protecting BIS' IP leads to a better product. So let's not be worried about it if I'm not worried about it shall we?

    BasileyOne, I'll keep looking around for any information about that. The only .50 info I can find all points to the change of the rear gunner position. Perhaps its time to build a new version :)

    To be honest I'd like to make the flight model a bit more usable because I personally have such a hard time flying this beast. Flight model data is "pure magic" to me so I don't even know where to start with something like that.

    Not completely true, you know Bobby Kotick holds the same opinion ;) Modding only cheapens IP's.

  2. If everything is fine, then everything is fine. Let's relax about it. If his method is legitimate, then he doesn't need you to defend him. Rushing to his rescue, though, is muddying the waters.

    You turned the first page into a public mess. I think it would have been more professional if you PM'd him and apologized for ruining the first page, though I'm not a mod.

    Great work on the addon OP, I can't wait to try it out with friends in a mission :D

  3. I didn't link BaseRadio, I linked CurrentRadio. :) It returns the class name of the unique radio the player has. It doesn't use weapons player, it uses ACRE's variables.

    If it's a new session anyway, does it really matter if they have the same ID as last time? Won't that all get initialized again when they reconnect?

    I think those variables are local to ACRE client. And I'm not quite sure if they will get reinitialized on reconnect since ID's are per-radio. Ill ask in ACRE thread.

  4. Set the variable on each player. I'm still confused how you're getting a list of weapons from a player without having access to weapons player though. Why use variables and arrays instead of what the player actually has on him?

    I'm making sort of a persistent mission and acre is conflicting with it because it has ID's. And I want players to keep their radios after the server restarts with my inventory saving setup I'm developing.

    So when they reconnect it should conflict with radio ID's of people already in the server.

    Which is why I need to strip weapons player copycat array when they save it. ACRE has functions to getBaseRadio and stuff but I don't know how to find and locate the unique radio's in weapons player array because find only works on comparing the full string.