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  1. Did this thread move from ARMA2 to ARMA3? @meanmachine1 - do you plan adding outfits & accessories?
  2. grimwald

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Configurable survival mod that can run server-side: sleep/sleeping bag, calories/food/fatigue, hydration/water/fatigue, wounds/blood-loss, radiation/protective gear, exposure/clothing/tents/shelter-detection/warming up by a heat source. Extensive Weather mod: some of the dynamic weather mods ported to A3, fog, sandstorms, etc. Outfits & uniform collections: something others can add their work to with various configured containers of gear. Something like the Loadout manager tool that is configurable from side (BLUFOR, etc.) down to squad (SF, infantry) down to individual unit (left handed, thigh-holster, hip-holster), perhaps with some randomization within a squad (so not everyone has the same appearance, even if it's just some units have hip-holsters, or holsters on their plate carrier, etc.). Organized by thematic collections of outfits & accessories: desert, east, west, irregulars, civvies, near future, sci-fi (exo armor), cold-war, WW2, WW1, post-apocalyptic (eg. improvised armor; bits of car-tyres on checker-plate, dust-goggles, gas masks, dirty & worn versions of most other clothing, lots of ad-hoc satchels, bags, etc.), hostile environment (NBC outfits, CDC enviro-suits, etc). To try and explain a bit more; it's all just a way to manage configuring the great variety of things that modders like to use to create the feel of a "setting". If it became a kind of defacto standard (somewhat like Sickboy's SixUpdater) then others can make their collections conform to the standard and they can be added in with minimal fuss. Reusability is key. It's a big ask but one the community would benefit from over and over again.
  3. DAP, docpet, or anyone else who knows; are these STALKER assets importable into ARMA3 alpha?
  4. Great still & gotta get me that fog script! Awesome.
  5. @Old Bear It's a great map. As someone who has studied the Google satellite view of the area I can see how much research you've done in making this awesome map. I'd love to see CNPP with a better texture/finish.
  6. I think blind dog classnames can be found in DAP stalker mod documentation.
  7. If I had to recommend a solution based on what you're asking, ShadowNX, I'd say a DirectCU-II 7970. 4Gb VRam is very hard to use - you'd have to try. If you don't often succumb to TL;DR --> I've used the Gigabyte Super OC 7970 3Gb and the Asus Direct CUII GTX670 2Gb (current card). The NVidia has a nicer "light blending" but the 7970 feels less hampered by complex scenes. The main thing is that a very quiet cooler is put in place. My GA-SOC-7970 was just too loud for me to put up with because I didn't realise what 42db of noise actually sounds like! I also play a mod called Stalkersoup and that uses more VRam than ARMA2 + a bunch of mods, maxing out at 1488Mb. I doubt anything except a super-collection of 2048x2048 textures would push over 2Gb, and even then the NVidia will take some system RAM if it's required.
  8. Sorry for thread-necromancy, but I'm not sure my question is worth a new thread. The Pripyat map in CRD3 is said to be unfinished; and I have seen where in particular - stairs into some buildings in Pripyat and other towns, the texture on the main reactor building & the sarcophagus. Has it been updated, or even finished, since the last post?
  9. FPS hits are in heavy vegetation or similarly heavy concentrations of buildings - like big cities. This is about polygons within render-range. As the LOD increases and there's more polygons to increase the detail on, the performance hit is factorial, if not exponential. Have a look at some of the larger urban areas in game to get an idea of what causes performance hits. If you keep the urbanization limited to a level like the GSC games, you'll unlikely notice any performance hits. However, if you wanted to but the Duga/Woodpecker right next to the CNPP plant, and the iron forest (transformer & distribution site), you'll likely see a hit. :-) IMO you're not going to see a problem and if you make 100% enterable but turn out not to need it, then at least you had it - rather than the inverse, need it and not have it. If you're going for a simulationist experience then arbitrarily blocked and indestructible buildings are a no-no. Quite frankly you can't really go wrong modelling every structure as enterable (if it logically could be entered).
  10. Making this as "its own beast" is a great thing. I look forward to it. It'd be great to get that stated up front and remove any assumptions that it might be yet-another-stalker-mod. Namalsk's genius is the sound design, IMO. Turn it off and it loses most of its atmosphere. Ambient sound is "critical" in setting the mood. Whether it's Mooze's industrial-ambience from SoC or even the Fallout 1 soundtrack, it adds to the feeling of the game. STALKERSOUP - all over it and have been contributing in rewriting dialog to cleaner English. Also made available weapon edits to line up with real performance. One of the issues with default (Terra) is that they have no idea about the effectiveness of modern body armor and the game implies the body armor is "5 minutes in the future" in that it's superior to what is available today (think all those exo-skeleton variants). Quite frankly I think the efforts of STALKERSOUP are wasted on the old xray engine when something like ARMA2 is available. All those loading transitions between "levels" gets annoying and I often pine for a single environment that easily allows co-op. Ah well.... it'll come eventually. :-D Keep up the great work meanmachine1 & team!
  11. Google Maps - Satellites and Pictures are invaluable resources. Check'em out if you aren't already. Regarding Sled88 and OldBear's work, wasn't suggesting any interference - just that their map, if they were okay with you using it, would make a great base for a Zone inspired by the real terrain - but with your modelling and mesh-ing skills. :-) Whatever the choice on your part I can see it will be visually excellent. 8-)
  12. MeanMachine: Those are some nice objects you've done. :-) I'll keep tabs on your development blog. Thought it might be worth you considering contacting Sled88 and OldBear. They have made a terrain map that appears to be based on Google satellite images of the Chernobyl & Pripyat region. Sled88 released it in his Conpsiracies: Rising Dead 3, and from what I've seen of it has a lot of good details but needs a high-level of polish to make it truly excellent. Objects of the quailty you've been making would certainly provide that polish. I can imagine the old collective farms that dot the area south of CNPP rendered and modelled to you standards would really bring a simulation-ist quality to the experience. I've long thought it would be fantastic to have a "real Zone" to explore in the STALKER way and for it to have player-controlled (via interface) population levels of STALKERS. It's always felt like the Zone is as popular as a National Park in Summer, there's that many people there. :p Great works and I look forward to more.
  13. When this is done I may be able to stop playing Stalkersoup. ;-) DAP & crew; have you got artifacts to be more than fancy objects?
  14. grimwald

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Here's some tips to those having issue with mission 6: Awakening in Hell.
  15. A few things: All the req'd mods are listed in the readme.txt Vilas AK pack needs to be the date I mentioned. (vilas_aks_06-02-2011) docpet helped me sort that out. Strictly speaking you don't need all of Namalsk, however, I don't think it will break DAP's work to have it all included. DAPMISC/Scrpts/ That probably needs an 'i' in Scrpts (scripts). An icon for the anomaly... that sounds weird. anomilies ought to be anomalies Where did you d/l the file? I've not used six update so can't comment. That's a lot of problems. I have just recovered from a system-crash and haven't recovered all my ARMA stuff, yet. After I do and look through my mission I'll see if there's anything more helpful I can give.
  16. grimwald

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Glad this has come up now. I'll wait for 1.16 or whatever the fix for this is. Looking forward to all that extra goodness in Namalsk. Lots of extra buildings that are more than decorative boxes will be great (ie. units can enter them) and the glass set to actual glass for ballistics will be good.
  17. Lordprimate: Are you running any extra mods? Which units can't you place? How have you entered the anomalies sqf in the trigger? The trigger needs to be "anyone" and "repeatedly". Try not to make them too big. I found everything worked fine once I got Vilas's AK pack working (vilas_aks_06-02-2011). The date is important. Make sure you go over DAPs readme. Also note there's some simple spelling errors in the names for some items within that file.
  18. Very atmospheric screens. :-) @DAP: Is this for the co-op that docpet mentioned?
  19. I saw VOSDAP (Youtube handle) trade a while back and wondered it if was the DAP from this mod. Suggest put a choice at the start of any trade so one can "Quick Buy", like from the crates with the dialog and no visuals. Or, "Browse" with the VOSDAP scripting like from the youtube clip. The more choices the player has in how they can interact with the world the more immersion is created. Any ACE compatibility would be very welcome - even if it's just the stamina/rucksack system. @docpet and team : this is GREAT work! Looking forward to more updates. :cool:
  20. The one in the youtube video is their "private" mission that they made. As far as I know Mr Knoxy & crew haven't shared it and I infer from their conversation that they were really just testing out the work so far. I've been using ACE with my work and throwing the bolt has never caused damage to the player in my testing. It is probably some other mod causing this issue. docpet is saying that PIONEER is working on a MP/Co-op mission, I think. Whether it will be shared is another thing.
  21. I see it like cars. As soon as you buy one and drive it off the lot it loses a third of its value! :-D HD8*** series? Wow. The only thing I'm regretting about my 7970 is that I it's not the ASUS DirectCUII Top edition (no units in stock anywhere when I was ready to buy) with its uber-quiet fans.
  22. My machine is mixed use, yes. I have all kinds of things installed and running in the background. My FPS testing and figures was on the southern shore of Namalsk island where it's lightly wooded with some buildings, a lit train signal, and a few AI about the place at dusk. I got the FPS figure from the diag_fpsmin scripting command that I put in an action as part of my debugging tool within the mission I'm making (STALKER Co-op with some persistence). I also have Vsync enabled so that might be capping it. With Vsync disabled I got some tearing. Mods that might affect FPS: ACE, ACEX, JSRS, CBA. I'm sure you can get higher with tweaking but the important thing for me is no texture pop and a decent view distance when on the ground. I think you can reasonably expect to get the same or better FPS than me since I only focus on good visuals, & getting rid of stutter, texture pop, and lag, not total FPS: there's likely more tweaks for FPS boosts than what I'm using. Spec's: i7 3770K 32Gb DDR3 @ 2400Mhz ARMA2CO + All Mods running in a 22Gb RAMDisk (SuperSpeed LLC) Windows swap file on a 4Gb RAMDisk (DataRAM) System drive is a SSD (OCZ Agility 3, 120Gb) but I haven't checked disk activity on this whilst playing. Just found out that Catalyst 12.9 is available (I'm on 12.8). That may increase FPS a bit, too.
  23. v1.62 installed and I decided on FXAA with Sharpening at high. This looks nice and works a treat. In testing I get about 55fps with view distance ~2600metres, res: 1920x1080 (UI and 3D), and very high all details, HDR normal, vid-mem @ default, post processing on normal. The colour-palette and detail at these settings is gorgeous. Best times to show this off is transitioning through dusk or dawn.
  24. DAP's add-on is really a toolkit so others can make their own missions. The mission included is a kind of demo. The one in the vid is DAPStalker + ACE (at least). There may be more mods but hard to tell since they're pretty lightly loaded to get that rookie stalker feel, I guess. :-) For sandbox stuff there's nothing Stalker-flavoured as far as I know. However, I'm working on a long-duration co-op game with saves so it can be a bit persistent.
  25. Hi Jonas; For setting up Mods follow this FAQ. I use option 2. Check your folder structures thoroughly. Not all zip files are arranged correctly. Remember it must be @MOD\AddOn\. And that has to be added to the command line for ARMA2 (all in the linked FAQ). Creating your own multiplayer is a large complex task. There's lots of good guides around for free download. Search for Mr. Murray's deluxe editing guide. That's the most thorough one I've found. In combination with the scripting_commands wiki here at Bistudio websites is just about everything you need. For tough questions search the Editing section of the forums. Think of multiple questions about this so you don't have to start a new thread only to be told it is already answered elsewhere. If you don't have a programming background I strongly suggest you put in the time for reading some basic programming tutorials to understand the working of variables and functions. Otherwise you've got a large learning curve ahead of you which can be discouraging. Essentially it's a lot of work and there's no short one post answer on how to make a MP/Co-op mission. :-) If you want an out of the box STALKER-esque Co-Op experience try Sumrak's excellent Namalsk Crisis for its MP campaign. It's totally worth it. :cool: