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  1. As these conditions worsen their effects ought to accumulate. Something like: Freezing: rapid small shakes affecting aim; then increase reload time; then increase chance of jam (think you've fitted mag but create fail-to-feed, or something). Hunger: reduced stamina recovery; then reduced stamina cap (max, ceiling, whatever you want to call it). Most games make this happen far too quickly. Dehydration should be your primary enemy. Overheating: slow swaying affecting aim; then blurred peripheral vision; then falling over. Perhaps also consider wrong clothing, rapid dehydration (comorbid with overheating), and glare (sunglasses). Long term cold leads to freezing effects & increase calorie requirements (+10-20% perhaps). Wet leads to long term cold; then freezing (same sequence). Can also lead to fungal (infection) problems, particularly the feet (trench foot). Wind: Long Dark might have some cues for you in this regard. Wind shelter is calculated and shows on screen. Prevents getting frozen as quickly. Clothes have wind-chill mitigation (mountaineering parka). That said some benefits might come out in longer term play: If you can maintain health your stamina cap might increase, as would your carrying capacity and top speed running. You seem well on to a good track with that post. Will you make it a module that can be dropped on any map?
  2. G'day everyone. I'm very close to releasing a playable Alpha version of a mini-sandbox set on Namalsk with the Stalker theme. It uses a few add-ons so does require a bit of pre-downloading. Just want to gauge some interest before I put it up for download. Should be ready in three or four days. Requires: ARMA2 Operation Arrowhead/Combined Operations with PMC Lite And Mods: @NC - Namalsk Crisis (Pathfinder version) @DAP_Stalker - DAP's port of Stalker models and some other things @JSRS - Jarhead soundscape @ACE & @ACEX - plus their dependencies @CBA @ARP - roleplay items @RSP - Real Survival Kit, food, water, gathering meat, cooking, containers for same @Vilas AK mod - a whole bunch of AK variants (dependency of DAP stalker) @C1987_G3 - Christian's mod with various H&K G3 rifles (dependency of DAP stalker) @RH Pistols & @RH SMG - Robert Hammer's pistols and SMGs mod - lots of variants. @Infantry_Armor - because Stalker's need body armor. Download NSMSB here. It's 1800kb. Also some YT footage of the mod: .
  3. Well, five years later, I am "porting" this to ARMA 3.
  4. Same problem, here. So far it's not broken anything, yet it looks bad if I want to share a mission using these addons.
  5. Hi all, One of the stumbling blocks I hit when making NSMSB was how to handle the idea of body armor. In ARMA2 this is pretty cumbersome and not great. For Meshcarver's Nova Zone, what ARMA3 implementations exist? Also, Meshcarver, do you intend to make body armor, exo armor, etc. for Nova Zona IF there's a framework for donning/doffing suits?
  6. In case you want some more ideas... this is the current evolution of CryZone 23, now called Neya 7. http://www.indiedb.com/games/neya-7 What I think you might like is the "dry" area as it could be useful as inspiration for Ash-land: colour palette change and you're off.
  7. I have been unable to find the usage examples I require to enable the ACE interaction menu to trigger medkits. :( For those who might be watching the thread: I'm wondering what parts you found were good about NSMSB? What missions did you find? What missions have you completed? How many stashes have you found? (without checking via the editor)
  8. grimwald

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Should be some fallen soldiers with gear near the bottom of the stairs, or close to the crashed heli. Move to them at low crawl and take the gear then seek cover in the crashed heli. It will help you deal with the hostiles a bit easier. After that it's bit more straight-forward.
  9. Great - loaded and will start testing soon. :-) Thanks DAP!
  10. I'm working up another version incorporating DAP's newest Stalker mod release. Have already removed RSP (food, hydration, survival) since it is unreliable and I don't have the skills to fix it. Unfortunately it looks like ACE breaks medkits and backpacks. Since that is used a lot in NSMSB (mainly for gear) it'll take a lot longer to remove ACE from the mission. However, if I could figure out how to use DAP's medkits through the ACE Self Interaction menu then it could be a work-around.
  11. ataribaby: I replicated this with the blind dog pack north of the road to Sebjan Dam & the Duty camp in v1.02. Also noticed there's less of those 'big' stashes in v1.02.
  12. That's my video and that dog chased me all the way there. You can see it briefly near the start of the vid @ 0:11 seconds. I think it got stuck on an anomaly - perhaps broke its pathfinding.
  13. Just for you meshcarver -- . Leave a comment on what to do next.DAP - since you're working on 1.03 it'd be good to have a repeating longarm of some sort with a cost between the AK and the double-rifle at either the trader or the "quest-giver". Something like an Enfield, Mosin-Nagant 1891, Saiga 12, or an SKS.
  14. Tried in 1.0 single player and found the same issue - kill a Zombie become a criminal. This is a bit too magical even for Stalker ;) MP didn't have this issue - but can't sleep so have a night-time problem (unless I leave it on overnight so it advances). Are there more mission-types than the fetch quests I've seen so far?
  15. Hey DAP - can I host a copy of the updates as well? How can I get my Stalker to sleep? [Play single player game... lol] Do I have to buy a tent? [No] Can I just accelerate time without my Stalker getting exhausted? [sP game solves it] It's getting dark in my YT playthrough and it'd be silly to keep stalking in the pitch black of a foggy Namalsk midnight. :-) I updated to 1.02 and SP game, then, after taking out some Zombied stalkers my faction changed to Criminal. Not good. Also agree with Archer336 that the icons are a bit large (and a bit skewed in 16:10 ratio).
  16. Border Island / Kordonu Ostrovy This! Or even straight-up Cordon Islands to evoke the starting place of the Stalker game franchise.
  17. To me it looks like the paint underneath the grime was never white. So make it a bit whiter in parts, particularly under the glass of the bowser-face, and it'll look better, IMO.
  18. Great stuff. When I look at the bowsers/pumps of the fuel station, they seem to be off the same palette as the concrete and the tiles, and I can't help but think there ought to be more obvious white left of the paint/powder-coat. Just a niggle.
  19. I've mirrored it here: www.stalkerverse.com/files/STALKER.7z
  20. Hey DAP, when messing with ACE a little with your mod I found that the makarov and AK magazines were rendered at the trader. Just an FYI.
  21. DAP - would it be okay if I mirrored/hosted a copy of your mod file at my website?
  22. I'd also like to know if CBA/ACE/ACEX will break anything. Particularly because I want to use an awesome grenade throwing addon (Tao Fast Grenades).
  23. Please don't prod my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. pride - my family may not see me for weeks. :D
  24. Please do release it! :-) What do you mean without magazines models? Is that the weapon magazines?
  25. It's not ARMA3 but it's pretty fine fodder for a Stalker-themed Island. Have a look at Caribou Frontier http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161801-Caribou-Frontier