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  1. Ali-S

    I can't see my units

    Hi, i created my own unit and i joined my clan unit But when i select any unit from launcher or from in-game i can't see it in any server I tried close the game and verify it but it doesn't help Can anyone help me to make my unit show in server?
  2. Well thanks for the help, but after 2 days i tried to join any exile server before i do your solution and worked But if i encounter this issue again i will sure do your steps
  3. Hi, i was playing 2 days ago Arma 3 with Exile Mod, CUP mods And CBA mod on server and without any issue But today i am trying to connect to any server with it keep me connecting and then disconnect and sometimes kicks me So i contact the admin of the server and he told me i see this error: 13:53:06 Client Ali-S - client's ticket has become invalid. Code: 6 I can only connect to servers that have Exile only with vanilla maps but any additional mods it's wont working I tried to troubleshoot this solutions: - Verified the game - Delete Savegame and MPMissionsCache folder - Downloaded all mods again - Tried from Arma 3 Launcher and A3 Launcher - Added/removed parameters - Restarted my PC and my router - Deleted my character from server - Tried new profile - Run as administrator for Arma 3 and A3 Launcher - Direct connect by using server IP Non of these helped, but the admin it could be your steam account ID is doing the issue so anyone have fix for this issue?
  4. Done but do you think they will help me to give another working CD key ?
  5. Hi Guys, I am New to play this game And i got problem, i bought game [Retail] yestaday and i installed and everything is okay But when i choose servers i got error: Bad CD Key - Invaild CD Key Screenshot : http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/1739/1344361686611.png (601 kB) So i manged to uninstall and reinstall but when i try to install i got error : Wrong CD Key Screenshot : But when i press double click on next fast it working [Weird problem] I tried open as administrator but same problem So what solution of this big problem ? :(
  6. Ali-S

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I have Problem about Bad CD Key In Game This my Topic : Bad CD Key - Invaild CD Key - In Game