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    Linux Dedicated Server feedback

    Welcome back from a well-deserved vacation! THanks for looking into the reports! Definiately a bit of an annoyance, but consistency would be perfect - thanks for looking into this. Not a big issue for the 15thMEU yet, but will keep an eye on this. Gonna have to learn how to put a working public as well as private servers together with a coherent strategy. :) No crashes yet (crosses fingers) but I'm sure we'll run into those eventually once performance comes up to par. Cheers! WIld applause! Mayhem! Hehe, thanks - looking forward to uninstalling java ASAP! Yeah, here's the problem for sure, unfortunately. Loading up a 7 player coop mission with one human and six AI partners resulted in a server FPS of six to start. Yikes! Thanks for thinking of us Linux admins! :) - MGySgt Reite S3 Operations Chief (servers and stuff) 15thMEU(SOC) Arma 3 Realism Unit ~300 members strong and still growing. Lord help us. :)
  2. MGySgt Reite

    Linux server 1.62.96687 alpha

    Ok, definitely on the right track. The latest binary has run for over 24 hours with no glibc-related crashes. Threw caution to the wind and ran our normal weekend deployment mission on the server - about 50 people for over 2.5 hours with no issues. Everything ran just fine. That's with most of those people having to rejoin multiple times as they have managed to screw up their mods over the last five weeks and hadn't gotten their modlines straightened out in advance. I will note that we do not run battleye on our unit missions, so I can't speak to how well that may or may not work. Looking forward to some fine-tuning of the server binary, but again - on the right track and thanks very very much. - 1stSgt Reite 15thMEU(SOC) Realism Unit BLT 2/4 [REIN] Echo Company First Sergeant
  3. MGySgt Reite

    Linux server 1.62.96687 alpha

    Hmmmmm. Ok, not a bunch of testing in yet, but I'm *not* seeing a "glibc: corrupted double-linked list" on most startups anymore so far. Need to hammer this for a bit. It looks promising so far. As for the people suffering a segfault when restarting... Could you check 'lsof|grep UDP' and report any results? Could be the port is still hooked open after the segfault. Bohemia - thanks for the work on this. Looks like we might be getting close! - 1stSgt Reite 15thMEU(SOC) Realism Unit BLT 2/4 [REIN] Echo Company First Sergeant
  4. MGySgt Reite

    Linux server 1.62.96458 alpha

    Seems to have most of the problems during initial load (corrupted memory, et al.) But once it starts, seems to be better so far. Will whack on this with a few people and report when I have more information. {edit} Btw - since these servers are unit specific, we do not run Battleye - so the corrupted memory on load isn't battleye related. {/edit} - 1stSgt Reite BLT 2/4 [REIN] Echo Company 15thMEU(SOC) Realism Unit
  5. MGySgt Reite

    Linux 1.62.95946 alpha

    I'm still suffering from glibc errors - double free, corrupted chunks, malloc errors (already reported on CIT) whenever activity picks up on the server. That's assuming it doesn't immediately crash with a glibc error on startup. Running Ubuntu 12.04 - Got all the reqs for the libraries as documented. I'm not generating any cores though. :/ As soon as I figure out why I'll upload them to the CIT. Hoping for a new alpha or beta to test soon. - 1stSgt Reite 15th MEU (SOC) BLT 2/4 [REIN] Echo Company HQ
  6. MGySgt Reite

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    doh. You do realize you never mentioned that in this thread?! Ok, so I know why we haven't had a new linux build recently. I will continue to wait (quasi-patiently) for said developer to arrive back from vacation. Where do I send the $5000 worth of lattes to keep him working? ;) - 1stSgt Reite 15thMEU Realism Unit GCE BLT 2/4 [REIN] Echo Company HQ
  7. MGySgt Reite

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    I would also like to see more information regarding progress on the linux binary. We at the 15thMEU have re-provisioned one of our servers with Ubuntu 12.04. Although the binary, while it runs, is brilliant - it's nowhere near production quality. I'm seeing massively improved multithreading and a goodly reduction of network bandwidth as well as improved server FPS running complex missions - but the binary still cacks way too often. Bohemia - please. Let us know what's going on. - 1stSgt Reite 15thMEU Realism Unit GCE BLT 2/4 [REIN] Echo Company HQ
  8. MGySgt Reite

    Linux 1.62.95577 alpha

    Well, that's unfortunate. In order to even test the new alpha, we (the 15thMEU Realism Unit) will need to reimage all of our servers (currently Centos 5.5) to support the required libraries to run the new server binary. The new symbol requirements ( GLIBCXX_3.4.15 ) in libstdc++.so.6 are not supported in any current version of Centos or Redhat (even the 6.X versions). This will result in the requirement of completely reinstalling with either Ubuntu 12.04 to support the new server, or give up on Linux and install Windows (2003/2008/whatever). As our servers are remotely deployed, this will require a lot of extra effort. I'm not a programmer though. It might be possible to compile the required libraries and use an alternative LD_LIBRARY_PATH to satisfy the requirements of the new binary. If anyone has any well documented ways of accomplishing this, I would be very grateful if this information was made available to the community at large. I'm ambivalent about the extra work. In any case, there are likely similar changes required to support the upcoming Arma 3 community alpha. This will be worthy work in the long term. It's just unfortunate that it needs to be done this late in the lifecycle of the Arma 2 series. I'll be investigating alternatives before committing to any specific upgrade path at this time. That means that the 15thMEU public servers (and our private operational servers) will continue to be unavailable until we sort everything out. With respect, - 1stSgt Reite First Sergeant Echo Company HQ 15thMEU Realism Unit Primary Server Administrator