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    Determining nearest vehicle entry point

    This looks very helpful. It brings up a couple questions: 1) where does "CargoTurret" fit into all this? 2) Some vehicles (such as the "B_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F") have more Cfg entries in "Turrets" then they actually have on the model. For example, that minigun boat has the "FrontTurret", "MainTurret", and "RearTurret", but only the "FrontTurret" and "RearTurret" appear to be used. EDIT: ok, I think I got it working. But there's one thing I'm having difficulty with. Consider a Hunter ("MRAP_02_base_F"). You can get into the passenger seats from either side, when you're within about 2m of the vehicle. The memory point for getting into the passenger seats, though, ("pos cargo") is on the left side of the vehicle just behind the driver side door (x-coordinate is -1.33). This means that if I'm on the opposite side of the vehicle, things get really wonky. Are there multiple selection points or something, one for each side of the vehicle? Maybe hidden ones?
  2. chronicsilence

    Determining nearest vehicle entry point

    I like this approach, but I'm finding it to be only semi-functional. For example, the Offroad (Armed) has a turret in the back but it does not have a CFG entry for "memoryPointsGetInGunner". So, there's no way for me to find the entry point for the gunner.
  3. chronicsilence

    Determining nearest vehicle entry point

    Thanks! Could you describe how to "poll the object" for selections?
  4. chronicsilence

    ListBox Auto-Width

    As a follow-up question, what about finding the width of a given StructuredText? Perhaps after using parseText there's a way to determine how wide the resultant text would be?
  5. chronicsilence

    ListBox Auto-Width

    Put two static text field controls one below the other, set the text of the first one to "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" and the second one to "WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW", and you'll see that they gradually start to deviate in alignment.
  6. I'm adding some Rsc stuff that will go along with the built-in action menu (a.k.a. "scroll menu"). I would like to match the look of the action menu as closely as possible (font, size, background colour, etc.). It looks like the action menu is just some sort of listbox (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-ListBoxes), so I was thinking that maybe it is defined somewhere in the same way user-added dialogs are defined. Does anyone know where I could find the class definition for it? Or, at a minimum, how I could determine what the exact font/size/position/colour of it is? I've been able to match it fairly well just from trial and error, but it still feels off. Also, somehow the action menu has the text to the far left of the box; I have been unable to replicate this with a listbox (it always leaves a larger margin on the left). Anyone know how to change the margins of a listbox?
  7. Different positions in different vehicles have different "death" animations. You can see this in the Animation Viewer under the category "A<Unknown> P<Unknown> (DeadActions) M<Unknown> S<Unknown> W<Unknown>". An example would be "KIA_chopperHeavy_L_01_H". It is not necessarily obvious which vehicle an animation is for just by its name (e.g. "KIA_chopperHeavy_LP_03_H"). My question is, does anyone know of any way to determine which death animation is used for a given crew position in a given vehicle? Say, how would I find out which death animation is used for the driver of a C_Offroad_01_F? I have searched through everything I could find in the Config Viewer under CfgVehicles but didn't have any success.
  8. Does anyone know of a way to open the action menu (scroll wheel menu) from a script? And possibly to set a specific index of which action on the menu is highlighted?
  9. I have an animation of my player laying on his back: player playMoveNow "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon"; This works fine and dandy. However, now I want to add a camera view above the player looking down on him: _deathCam = "CAMERA" camCreate (player modelToWorld [0,0,15]); showCinemaBorder true; _deathCam camSetTarget player; _deathCam cameraEffect ["INTERNAL", "BACK"]; _deathCam camSetFOV 1; _deathCam camSetFocus [50,0]; _deathCam camCommit 0; For some reason, executing this code causes the player to roll over onto his stomach. How can adding a camera effect change the animation of the player? This is making me crazy trying to figure out what is going on. "enableSimulation false" is not a solution I can use for this to keep the player from rolling over, I need something that keeps the simulation going.
  10. chronicsilence

    Getting the current top dialog

    Is the first or last item in the array necessarily the topmost item?
  11. chronicsilence

    cameraEffect changing animation

    I tried it with a new mission and you're right, he rolls over onto his stomach again immediately. I realized the only thing different between that and my actual mission is that when I was testing it, the player had no weapon. So I dropped the player's weapons in the new empty mission, and sure enough he stayed rolled on his back and didn't go onto his stomach again. Looks like it's playing an animation to get into a prone shooting position because his weapon is out. This, however, does not solve the question of why the camera effect is causing him to roll over again even when he doesn't have a weapon.
  12. chronicsilence

    cameraEffect changing animation

    The weird part is that if I don't add the camera effect (i.e. just use the regular 3rd person camera), he doesn't roll back over. He'll stay on his back. If you add the camera effect through the debug console while he's on his back, then as soon as it opens the new camera view he'll roll over onto his stomach again. It has something to do with adding the camera effect, and I don't understand why.
  13. chronicsilence

    CutText on top of Dialog

    @DaVIdoSS: that's a very helpful video, I didn't know about some of those functions. It looks like all of the new ones he mentions that I didn't already try though (BIS_fnc_infoText, BIS_fnc_titleText, BIS_fnc_titleText2) all have funky animations that I'd prefer not to have to use. @R3vo & austin_medic: adding it to the dialog might work. The issue with that though is that there's no command I'm aware of to fade a control in/out, and I'd really like a fade. You can use ctrlSetFade I suppose, but you'd have to spawn a script to repeatedly change the fade level. EDIT: ahh, looks like I could fade it in over time with ctrlSetFade and then ctrlCommit (time). So things brings up a new point. I have a lot of dialogs, and I'd like a generalized solution to show a message over top of any of them. This means that I need to have a base dialog config class with the text message control which all the other dialogs inherit from, so I don't have to manually put the control in every new dialog I create (I could, it would just be messy programming practice). I cannot, however, figure out how to get a dialog config class to inherit controls from other config classes. For example: // the base controls class containing my message text control class cfg_controls_base { class cfg_control_testing : RscText_Background { idc = 999; text = "TESTING"; x = 0.5; y = 0.5; w = 5; h = 1; }; }; // the dialog config that inherits the base controls class cfg_dialog_test { idd = 200; movingEnable = false; enableSimulation = true; class controls : cfg_controls_base { class cfg_control_test2 :RscText_Background { idc = 1000; text = "ANOTHER TEST"; x = 0.5; y = 1.5; w = 5; h = 1; }; }; }; This does not work, because the dialog class only shows the "ANOTHER TEST" control, and not the one it should inherit.
  14. I have a custom dialog/display open. I need to present white text over top of it, preferably using the cutText or titleText functions. However, something like the following code: createDialog "myCustomDialog"; cutText ["Hello World", "PLAIN"]; It shows the white text behind the dialog instead of on top of it. Noting from the wiki page that I can tell it to show on a specific layer, I tried createDialog "myCustomDialog"; 9999 cutText ["Hello World", "PLAIN"]; to try to force it to the front, but no luck. Is there any way to make it show up in front of an open dialog?
  15. chronicsilence

    cameraEffect changing animation

    Going to give this a little bump...
  16. chronicsilence

    Dedicated server mission auto start

    That worked, thanks!
  17. I have a dedicated server running my mission. I have it set to "persistent mission", so it continues to run when everyone disconnects. However, the only way I can find to start the mission on the server is to have a player connect to it and click "OK". Is there a way to force the server to start the mission on a timer, so that it will start even if there are no players and it won't automatically start when the first player clicks "OK"?
  18. chronicsilence

    Determining if an item is "assignable"

    I'm a bit confused here. Since "assignedItems player" returns "Rangefinder" in the array, why does it return as "not assignable"? Also, this is even stranger because in my testing it seems that "linkItem" doesn't work with "Rangefinder". ---------- Post added at 13:52 ---------- Previous post was at 13:21 ---------- I guess I should clarify my question a bit. Instead of returning items that "linkItem" will work on, how can I get a list of items that "assignedItems" will return?
  19. chronicsilence

    Determining if an item is "assignable"

    Thanks KK, but I need a way to know if a given config class is "assignable" without actually trying to assign it. How can I know if linkItem will work before actually trying it?
  20. If I have a Cfg name, such as "arifle_Katiba_F", I can get the config entry for it in CfgWeapons. Cool. Now, how do I determine whether a given Cfg is a primary, secondary, or handgun weapon? I've searched through the whole config class and I can't find any simple way to tell which type it is. Anyone know which property I'm looking for? Thanks!
  21. Ah, cool. I was looking at that but I was confused because "hgun_PDW2000_F" has a type of 1, and I thought it was a handgun. Turns out it actually goes in the primary slot. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 11:49 ---------- Previous post was at 11:32 ---------- Update: looks like launchers (aka "secondary") is actually type=4. There's nothing in CfgWeapons with type=3;
  22. To make this succinct: _number = 90984112; systemChat str (_number == _number - 1); // prints out "true" I'm scripting a mission that requires large number representation, and I'm running into this nightmare. Even a signed 32-bit integer can handle a positive value of over 2 billion, but this can't seem to handle anything over 16777298. I guess it's using 24-bit representation? Does anyone know of a way to use numbers larger than 16,777,298 and not have it lose precision?
  23. chronicsilence

    Large number representation logic failure

    Thanks for the link, I assume that function is probably very similar to BIS_fnc_numberText. Even with his function though, it looks like there's no way to keep precision above 10^7 because the internal scalar representation itself loses the precision.
  24. I can't seem to find any documentation on this question, all it says on the Dialog Control page is that one is for background and one is not. So my question is, what will be the difference in behaviour when placing a dialog control in the "Controls" category vs. putting it in the "ControlsBackground" category in a dialog CFG? When would it be a good idea to use one instead of the other?
  25. Hey everyone, I'm an experienced SQF coder, but this is my first foray into modding. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to go about this is. I'm looking to build a large multiplayer (~100 players) mission in Arma 3, and I don't want to use Altis or Stratis. I'm looking for a map more in the style of Chernarus or Bystrica, fairly large (maybe 70% - 100% the size of Altis), and most importantly, where all buildings have functioning doors and can be entered (like all the ones on Altis). Basically, I'm looking for an Altis with real hills and forests. Any suggestions on the best options? Thanks!