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    UAV Waypoint Precision

    setPos will place it at the exact position, yes. But it will just "jump" to that position, whereas I need it to fly there smoothly.
  2. chronicsilence

    createDiarySubject picture

    Ok, so maybe not quite perfect. Your code snippet works for the briefing menu (map screen before the mission starts), but not when you open the map screen after the mission starts. Is it a different display or something when it's opened from the map screen instead of the briefing screen?
  3. chronicsilence

    Default Team/Side

    Sorry, I think I didn't explain the question well enough. I'll start with saying that I'm very comfortable with the editing, so don't worry about that. - I have 10 playable BluFor units - I have 10 playable Independent units - I have 10 playable OpFor units - players need to be able to select any of the above units (any of the 3 sides) - there is no AI. If any of the playable units don't get filled by a player, they don't exist in the mission - when a player joins the server, they should default to OpFor, but must be able to choose a BluFor slot if they desire to So changing the unit's side in the editor won't help, because I still need the option to play as a unit on each side.
  4. chronicsilence

    createDiarySubject picture

    Ah, that's perfect. Thanks! Edit: see next post
  5. I'd like to revive this thread. Being able to put an icon next to a subject in the diary would be very nice. Alternatively, can a subject name have a color other than white?
  6. I have a diary entry with some information, created with the createDiarySubject and createDiaryRecord commands. I know that you can open the entry using the createDiaryLink and processDiaryLink commands from within a script. My question is, is there any way to open a diary entry using a hyperlink or similar within a structuredText control? You can have hyperlinks that open websites, but can you have a hyperlink that either a) opens a diary entry directly, or b) executes a script when clicked, so I can manually open the diary entry from within the script? Thanks!
  7. Hey folks, I'm trying to attach a camera object to a UAV. Essentially, I need the camera to act like it's strapped very securely to the bottom of a Darter. I am currently using the following code to do this: _vehicle = createVehicle ["B_UAV_01_F", getMarkerPos "UAV_spawn", [], 10, "NONE"]; createVehicleCrew _vehicle; _camera = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _camera attachTo [_vehicle, [0,0,-0.3]]; _camera setVectorDirAndUp _cameraOrientation; // where _cameraOrientation is the direction I want the camera pointed relative to the front of the Darter This is working for the most part, but the camera doesn't seem to be attached very well. When I bank or pitch the Darter, the camera kind of wobbles around a bit and doesn't follow the motion of the Darter very precisely. Even if I just pitch the Darter straight up or straight down, the camera wobbles side to side. I'm trying to find a way to make it stick to the Darter more securely so this doesn't happen. I've seen some scripts that use a loop with camSetRelPos to keep the camera in the right relative position, but I would much rather use the attachTo script command so that the camera view changes properly when the UAV rolls and pitches. Any thoughts on how to do this? Thanks!
  8. I'm setting a waypoint for my UAV (Darter) via script, using _wp = group _vehicle addWaypoint [[_xCoord, _yCoord, _zCoord], 0]; When it gets to the waypoint, I need the Darter to be facing a specific direction. I know I can do this instantaneously with setDir, but I'm trying to find a way to have the UAV gradually turn itself to face that direction. I've tried using setFormDir, but that didn't have much of an effect. Any thoughts on how to make the UAV do this?
  9. chronicsilence

    Securely attaching camera to UAV

    Thanks, I'll try that. Currently I have a "vectorDirAndUp" that specifies where I would like the camera to be pointing relative to the nose of the Darter; do you know of a way to convert that to a point in space that it should be focusing on?
  10. I'm trying to find a way to hide the messages that the game shows when someone connects/disconnects ("Player XXX has connected"). I know you can "disable" systemChat using disableChannels[]={6} in description.ext, but that doesn't seem to have any effect. Can anyone think of any other way to accomplish this?
  11. Using the "actionKeys" command, I can get a list of all keys bound to the given action. Does anyone know of a way to do the opposite, i.e. to get all the actions bound to a given key?
  12. Consider a UAV, flying through the air. I need to find the roll, pitch, and yaw of this aircraft. Unfortunately, BIS's vectorDir and vectorUp commands do not make this easy. I noticed that there was a very handy function posted on the BIS_fnc_setPitchBank page in the comments that allows you to sett the roll-pitch-yaw of an aircraft, but does anyone know of a way to get the orientation of an aircraft in that format? Thanks!
  13. I'm having a bit of an issue here. Through the "keyDown" and "mouseButtonDown" handlers I can capture keystrokes and mouse clicks, but is there any way to capture input from other game controllers like a joystick? The User Interface Event Handlers page lists a "onJoystickButton" handler, but also says it's not in ARMA 3 (I tried it, no luck). Is there any way anyone knows of for having a handler of some sort fire when a joystick input is given?
  14. Just a quick question for you guys. I'm running on a very powerful computer, and the game runs great at Ultra settings. Ok. Now, I have several PiP views up at once (4), and each one shows the view from a camera I attached to a UAV. My question is, does anyone know of any methods for improving the framerate and/or resolution of the PiP displays? I cranked the "PiP" video setting up to Ultra, but didn't notice much of a difference. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I'm relatively new to using the camera scripts, so a little help with this would be great. I'm trying to create a "Dashcam" on a vehicle. I would like to attach the camera to the front of the vehicle, and have it so it doesn't have a target but always just aims the way the vehicle is pointing. Is it possible to attach a camera to an object without giving it a target? If so, what "mode" would I use for the cameraEffect? Thanks!
  16. chronicsilence

    Creating a Dashcam

    Sounds good. Should I use "Fixed" then, or "Internal", or something else for cameraEffect?
  17. Is anyone here aware of any way to have a ListBox control element that auto-sizes its width to the size of the text that is put into the different rows of the listbox? i.e. if I use lbAdd to add a row with more text than any other row, the ListBox width would increase? If this is not possible with list boxes, is it possible with static controls? I see that they have the 'fixedWidth' parameter, but it doesn't seem to allow dynamic widths (that I can tell through testing). Alternatively, is there any way to figure out what with a certain string will take up with a given font? I suppose you can use a monospace font and calculate the required width by multiplying the number of characters by a preset width per character, but is there a way to do this for non-monospace fonts like PuristaLight? There must be a way, since the built-in "Action Menu" (scroll wheel menu) resizes its width based on the text length of the current actions. If I can calculate the text width, then I can just manually resize the listbox every time I add/remove an item. EDIT: what the shit? In testing, I have found that the ARMA monospace font (EtelkaMonospacePro) is not actually monospace. A 'W' is about 30% wider than an 'i'. Not cool BI! Tricking me like that.
  18. Let's say a player is standing next to a vehicle. You know how the action menu (scroll menu) items change based on which part of the vehicle the player is looking at? e.g. looking at the driver's door it will say "Get in Driver", looking at the passenger side door it will say "Get in Passenger", etc. What I need to do is find a way, via script, to determine what part of a vehicle the player is looking at. i.e. how can I determine with a script whether the player is looking at the driver's side door or passenger side door? The reason I ask is because I need to make the player get into the position they're looking at, without them having to use the action menu or press any buttons to do it (i.e. do it automatically).
  19. chronicsilence

    ListBox Auto-Width

    Using ctrlTextHeight is an interesting idea, thanks. Any idea what the "fixedWidth" property is for, described here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Text? I tried using it but couldn't seem to make it do anything useful.
  20. Hello, Is anyone here familiar with a mod for automatically capturing video/screenshots from the game and saving them? Specifically, I need to record a "liveFeed" that shows up on a dialog control on the player's screen. I know you could use screen capture software for it, but I would prefer a more integrated solution that can start/stop based on in-game script commands. Thanks!
  21. Hey folks, I'm trying to figure out how to make a live feed from a UAV appear on a control in a dialog. I know you can add live feeds to objects through the BIS_fnc_liveFeedModuleXXX functions, but how can you add it to a dialog control? Basically I need the feed to always be in the same position on the player's screen. I know this is possible because the MCC Sandbox has this feature, but I cannot find any way to do it through info on the wiki. Thanks!
  22. I'm trying to have it so that players get a respawn location menu when they die, but have no respawn delay. One would think that you would use the following in your description.ext: respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnDialog = 1; respawndelay = 0; But this doesn't actually work, and will cause you to instantly respawn without getting a menu to select your spawn position. If you change the "respawnDelay" to anything greater than one though: respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnDialog = 1; respawndelay = 10; Then it works properly and shows the menu. Does anyone know of a way to have it show the menu without having any respawn delay?
  23. chronicsilence

    ListBox Auto-Width

    Going to give this a little bump. Any way to dynamically resize a control to its contents size?
  24. chronicsilence

    Respawn Delay of 0

    No, I don't want the player to respawn at all until he clicks the respawn button on the respawn menu. But, I want that respawn button to be available immediately, instead of having a count-down timer to when its available.
  25. chronicsilence

    Determining nearest vehicle entry point

    That's crazy. So there are multiple "pos cargo" but the "selectionPosition" script command will only return the coordinates of one of them, and there's no way to find the positions of the others. Could you describe a little more what you mean about measuring the "perpendicular length" and using it somehow?