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  1. Just have taken the first peeks into this promising mod. Lots and lots of great features.

    I noticed a little bug with the interaction menu. Since I'm using a 12:3 Aspect Ratio, all the letters of the menu are way to big. Any chance that could be fixed in a future version? Thanks

    Issue was logged here, and has been resolved.

    Can build the latest agm_interaction.pbo from GitHub or wait for next update. Or if you can't do either, pm me your email and I'd be happy to send it to you.

  2. I'm messing around with the provided RenderWorlds maps (white, blue, green) but i'm having issues with the sky.

    I was expecting the sky to be the same colour as the terrain for keying, like the screenshots from the wiki:


    Instead i'm getting this:

    http://i.imgur.com/0ktbqYz.png (494 kB)

    The sky is green but gradients to white at the horizon. It's same for white and blue RenderWorlds.

    Is there a way to get RenderWorlds to look like the screenshots from the wiki? Changing the mission time doesn't seem to help.

    Is there a setting i'm missing, or perhaps a launch parameter?

    Would appreciate any suggestions.

  3. Hey I posted in here earlier about TFAR not working on Linux. We are having a problem with the radios not working properly. When I press caps lock or ctrl+p, nothing happens. I can see the radios in the crate, and the local chat is working. I have re-installed the mod and the problem is still there. Also, when I try to use the radios in a local hosted mission, there are no sounds for the radio, but it says it's transmitting. Anyone else having any issues like these?

    Not sure about your linux issue, but to get sound when transmitting - confirm that you have copied the "radio-sounds" folder to "../Teamspeak3/Installfolder/plugins/" and that you have "Sound Pack Volume" turned up in Teamspeak/Playback settings.

    Also noticed that there's update v0.9.0.1 for Taskforce Radio in PwS. Is there a changelog for this update?


  4. Great mod, and hoping to use it in alot of missions but have noted a few things regarding its weapons.

    From what I've seen so far, there are two types of AGM-65Ds on the default loadout. One called CCD and another called IIR. Pressing right click with CCD selected, it gives the lock tone. But when fired it does not hit the target. Is this meant to be TV guided by the TGP like an AGM-65H? The IIR (infrared = 65D?) variant locks on and strikes target like any other ATGM in Arma 3.

    The GAU-8 does not inflict any visible damage to T-100s, even after making multiple gun runs to its rear.

    The current bomb reticle in the hud seems to be very inaccurate. Mk84/82's drop 100-200m short of target. Really can't wait for CCIP/CCRP modes.

    Can anyone confirm whether or not the GBU12 is able to track painted targets from Arma 3's default laser designator?

  5. Inspired by Kerry's ruck in the campaign, I made a custom name tag that uses hidden selections so that player's names can be scripted in. I have tried to use attachto to stick the name tag on rucks but it would not follow the ruck's movements correctly, for example, if the soldier goes prone, the name tag would stay horizontal and not flip facing upwards. It just floats at the designated x,y,z coord and doesn't adapt to any rotational movement of the ruck, or the player.

    I have resorted to porting an A2 ruck, and added geometry to the ruck's model directly, to add the name tag and clan patch, seen below.


    I would still like to use the tag on A3 rucks though, so attachto would be ideal. Is something like this possible?

    My name tag model has named selections "Spine2" and "Spine3" which are both vert painted for animation.

    Would really appreciate any help.

  6. I believe "Spine2" and "Spine3" selections determine the ruck's position on a soldier's back. I could be wrong here, but weight painting the verts for each selection (for each lod as well) to 100% has worked for me recently. If the weight was anything other than 100% then the ruck would sit low, like in your pics. These sections should also be defined in your model.cfg.

  7. Figured it out, finally. The faces that were intended to display letters required a base texture that contained an alpha channel in the p3d. Originally, the base texture for each of these selections were *_co.paa's. I set their texture with a letter which already had an alpha, and now each hidden selection can be defined with setObjectTexture, with alpha channel intact.

    http://i.imgur.com/3yb0lKE.png (2267 kB)

    Thanks to those who chimed in, appreciate it.

  8. Thanks daringd, i'm open to any suggestions at the moment, but i'm not entirely sure what you mean. Each letter position currently has a texture assigned in the p3d which is a scaled and cropped version of the area it sits on top of. How would you add the letters over the top as detail? If you could point out some examples where this happens in-game, i'd like to take a look.

    I've uploaded the source files here with what i have so far, hopefully someone could take a look and let me know where i'm going wrong.

  9. I tried all of da12thMonkey's suggestions one by one then all at the same time, even set some faces to "Reversed (transparent)" in the Lighting & Shadows area of face properties, just to see what would happen, and still got the same results. Thinking it might be a size issue, I scaled the model up to around 20m on the x axis and the letters still got a black texture.

    Do you need any other lods for alpha channel to work? At the moment, its only the one lod at 1.000.

  10. I am trying to make a little name tag at the moment that has a base shape, and then a series of flat faces that are placed just in front of the base shape.

    Each flat face is a letter position at 9mm x 9mm in blender's scale, and each face is designated a hidden selection. The plan is to place letters on each face by script or init to spell out someone's name rather than having to do a separate texture for everyone's name in the group.

    I have created separate letter textures in Photoshop with an alpha channel and saved as .png, then used Texview2 to convert to .paa. However, this is the result when the texture is applied to those forwarded faces. The alpha channel is ignored.


    The strange thing is, when those same letters are applied to a larger area, the alpha channel is applied. Here's an example of those same letters being applied to one of BI's signs.

    http://i.imgur.com/NhJ2Xs6.png (693 kB)

    So i tried a different method of creating the alpha channel texture, by saving them as *_ca.tga instead, and and then converting to *_ca.paa but still getting the same results. In the example below, the new textures are shown as a black square.


    Would appreciate any help to get the alpha channel applied on the letter textures.