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  1. Thanks for pointing that out Duke, i'm also experiencing the same issue.
  2. docbrown

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Hi guys sorry noob question here. I'm currently on a Macbook Pro i7 running Bootcamp Win 7 64bit and I've installed Facetracknoir v160. I'm running it as admin but i all i get in the preview is a white screen instead of my ugly mug on the video. I see the green light on the isight come up so its activating the camera. And the camera works fine when using Skype in Win 7. The X,Y,Z values are also changing as i move my head so i know its picking something up. Would anyone know what is causing the white video preview, and what i need to do to fix it? Just about to try installing faceAPI as well. Not sure if that will do the trick. In this current state, whenever i open Arma 2 CO my character just looks straight up no matter what i do with my head. Would appreciate any help, thanks.