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  1. Kracker give SpiritedMachines launcher a try. Works very well with Steam version and fairly straight forward to use. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?89731-ArmA-2-Game-Launcher&highlight=spiritedmachine Good video tutorial: DayZ is a mod with everything in one package. Arma 2 mods are different in that they can be mixed and matched. CBA is a prerequisite of DVD, and most other mods, which is why you have to download that also.
  2. docbrown

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    On Mac via Bootcamp on Windows. Just like a regular PC, but the problem is that Apple Keyboards have no numpad =) h34dup a USB numpad is probably the better option since you are controlling the camera with it. It would probably get annoying constantly saying to your computer "left, left, left, left, up, zoom in, left, right, down" etc etc haha.
  3. Really like these animations but experienced a couple of bugs so far. Running and pressing V causes my character to constantly run, unable to stop until I fix headbug. I have @st_bunnyhop running as well and suspect this has something to do with it. Stamina also seems to never run out. Is this expected behaviour?
  4. docbrown

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    I'm in the same boat. To create intro/outro with numpad are you constantly pressing keys or are they just single keystrokes? If its any help, i'm using VAC to voice activate numpad keys, ie use the MFD in ACE. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?96773-ARMA-2-and-VAC-(Voice-Activated-Commands) Would be useful if you need to press a numpad key every now and then. Back on topic, frothing for the campaign! =)
  5. Learn a new language just to play Arma? Totally worth it =)
  6. Have you tried using any launchers? I'm running Steam but use this to launch the game with mods, but it will launch vanilla if you don't add any mods to it. You have a choice of running Arma 2, Arma 2 OA or Arma 2 CO. All you have to do is point the launcher to the two .exe files. Might be worth a try. You do however lose the Steam overlay. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?89731-ArmA-2-Game-Launcher&highlight=spiritedmachine
  7. Hi Jim Best place to start would be to check out the Arma 2 demo. http://www.arma2.com/free Install it, see how your computer handles it and whether or not you like it before spending any money. As others have said, that sniper mission could possibly be a custom mission made by the person who created the YouTube video, however you will find similar gameplay in the demo. If you decide you like it, then you can purchase Arma 2 Combined Operations from here: https://store.bistudio.com/arma2-combined-operations The game is also available on Steam if you have that. If you are specifically looking for sniper missions, there are many user made missions out there free to download. Send me a message if you need a hand, would be glad to help.
  8. docbrown

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Has anyone experienced any issues with ACE wounding and the latest A2OA beta? I was playing last night as medic and the ace wound menu was appearing very slowly. Each medical item would appear one by one at about half second intervals. My ACE is up to date with six updater.
  9. Works great on a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X without having to mess with PPjoy and GlovePIE. Thanks! However, the helicopter does not lift off until the throttle is at around 75%. Throttle at %50 causes the helicopter to lose altitude fairly quickly and the threshold for hover is very very thin. Is this the expected behaviour? My throttle axis is set to 0% sensitivity in-game.
  10. I've got Arma 2 CO via steam and works fine if i'm launching the game via steam. However, I can't seem to get VAC to respond to any keys or mouse buttons if I use a launcher with mods. It appears it only works if the steam overlay is present. Would anyone know a workaround for this? Edit: For some reason it doesn't work when i'm using the launcher with the Arma 2 OA beta. Works without it just fine. Thanks again asuseroako and Jojo for putting the profile and additional files/info together.
  11. totally missed that one =) thanks!
  12. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but can't seem to find JojoTheSlayer's profile. Getting a 404 on dwvac.com/profiles.html and could only find profiles for flight sims and rpg games in the dwvac forums. Any chance of a mirror?
  13. Thanks Sven. Still got a few hours to go at work, but i'll hop on when i get home. Might be 4am over there though! Should be able to get on at a better time during the weekend. Either way, i'll jump on TS. Could you PM the details? Cheers.
  14. Hi Sven, would like to help test out. I'm GMT+8 though, when are you usually on?
  15. thanks for your response pvpscene, that didn't seem to work though. but i managed to get some love using six. problem solved =)
  16. docbrown

    Dead Links

    Nah just leave it in the root folder of TOH. The file needs to be in @CASmission\addons\
  17. rayhere have you run steam as admin then launch each game individually through steam?
  18. docbrown

    Dead Links

    I made a modfolder in TOH directory called @CASmission, but it can be called anything you want. c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\take on helicopters\@CASmission\addons\btk_close_air_support.pbo Then you can either launch it as a mod with "-mod=@CASmission", or enable it in Expansions, or add the local mod to the TakeOnHRA ACE preset in SIX Updater. Send me a message if you need a hand with that.
  19. docbrown

    Dead Links

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127235-SP-Close-Air-Support-(A-Random-AH-6-Assault-Mission) links broken but i found it here: http://arma2.co/files/index.php?dir=Take%20On%20Helicopters/Missions%20-%20Singleplayer/&file=btk_close_air_support.pbo
  20. Amazing! Thanks for your detailed instructions. I am getting a couple of errors though, i suspect because my games are purchased from Steam and A2 and OA have separate installation folders. The lite DLC do not seem to load. I have posted my issues in the ACE thread to keep this one on topic.
  21. I am attempting to use SpiritedMachine's launcher with TOH + Mods. My games are bought from Steam and own A2, A2OA, Hinds DLC. OA is with ACR Lite DLC. Following the instructions on this thread, i have started Steam as admin and launched each game before launching with mods. I have also verified integrity for each game prior to launching via Steam. I am following Heliman's instructions for using SpiritedMachines launcher in this post: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140180-Bought-TKOH-on-Steam-Can-not-find-a-way-to-patch-it-to-1-6-install-noisecontroller&p=2231022&viewfull=1#post2231022 The game runs mostly fine, but i get the following error messages at launch: Popup error message before load: Addon 'ace_anims_reload' requires addon 'CAWeapons_BAF' In-game error message after load: Cannot load texture ca\ui\data\compass_emisive_ca.paa or Error: creating weapon M621 with scope=private ACR messages also don't show up like usual, and I don't hear explosions when M203 rounds explode near me. I do hear shrapnel pinging around. Am I missing a folder from A2 or OA that needs to be loaded as a mod so that the lite DLC are included, or are the mods being loaded in the wrong order? The launcher is doing: "-mod=@airhead_toh;@acex;@acex_ru;@acex_usnavy;@acex_sm;@ace;c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion;c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\take on helicopters;noisecontrollers;rearmed;hinds;@cba_toh;@cba;@cba_oa;@cba_a2" -nosplash -noPause -world=empty I would use SIX but it's not playing nicely, code appears on the screen in-game when i launch TOH with CBA/ACE/beta in SIX. Would appreciate any help, thanks.
  22. Heliman, could you please describe how you got SpiritedMachine's launcher to work with TKOH? I've tried making a new profile. Do you point it to the TKOH exe rather than Arma2OA.exe? Thanks.
  23. docbrown

    Server list

    I also experience the same, issue has been discussed here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?138175-Missing-servers-in-in-game-server-browser