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  1. thanks for the release guys. i am getting an error on launch: Addon 'cba_xeh_oa' requires addon 'CA_CommunityConfigurationProject_E' using @CBA_CO, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACEXSM, @UNS, @UNS_ACE_COMPACT then in the "Epicentre" scenario, the cutscene finishes and goes into gameplay, then crashes. any ideas? *edit: Managed to get the error to go away by loading @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA rather than @CBA_CO, but still crashing about 30 seconds into Epicentre.
  2. Just remapped my joystick with AHK this morning. Give this script a try: XButton2:: Send {a down} ; Hold down the a key. KeyWait XButton2 ; Wait for the user to release Xbutton2. Send {a up} ; Release the a key. return
  3. docbrown

    Infantry Combat-Boring and Unrealistic?

    I'd also get @ASR (not to be confused with @ASR_AI) which automatically converts any vanilla missions to ACE. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?125329-ASR-Appendix
  4. docbrown

    ACE for OA 1.13

    With the new medical system, if the hint on the top right indicates that the person is already under the influence of morphine, only epi is required to get the casualty up and running again. Its probably not a good idea to give them another shot of morphine if they're already under the influence as it may cause an overdose.
  5. docbrown

    co9 Czech Ops - Wolverines

    thanks for an ace version =)
  6. I'm using VAC with Arma 2 OA, latest beta build on win7 x64. You may need to turn off UAC in windows.
  7. docbrown

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    yayer! Congrats he4dup, cant wait to play.
  8. docbrown

    Learning to master the UH-1H

    movies are make-believe, like elves, gremlins and eskimos. for more realistic controls, unbind right and left turn. only use banking... when you are banked, nose up to turn faster. the harder you nose up, the faster you turn.
  9. docbrown

    Learning to master the UH-1H

    To turn fixed wing you bank then pull up "W". The same can be done with rotary but shouldn't pull up too hard or you lose a lot of speed.
  10. docbrown

    co@18 Twisted Fork v0.2

    which blufor launchers? at4, m72 and javs are single use in ace. launchers that need rockets are maaws and smaw etc.
  11. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=military+abbreviations
  12. docbrown

    Blackfox34 Presents:

    Are you grabbing a chute before you get on the plane? It's in the metal box on the right side of the hangar. T-10 for static line and MC-5 for sport with manual cord. Shift-K for altimeter after you jump. I usually deploy the MC-5 at around 1500 meters due to ACE chutes opening a little slower. Thanks for the mission blackfox, played it with a friend for several hours today. Found it very fun and challenging. Manually respawning after being downed results in a black screen though, is that normal? Since it was only two of us, it got a little tedious waiting 500 secs to respawn if we both went down. Also, got a suggestion. What do you think about adding a parachute crate in the C130 incase you forget to pick one up on the way out?
  13. Taki's are dreaming of a white christmas.
  14. docbrown

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    lol +1 for Ali G voiceovers. Mi Julie well mingin' innit. Booyakasha.
  15. docbrown

    Would like to learn ARMA

    As long as you're on v1.62 you're good. Current betas are also compatible with 1.62 so you can run the beta if you wish, but is not mandatory to play online. ACE is a mod that makes the game more realistic. Highly recommended. But it also adds a heap of different game mechanics so i'd suggest to get your head around "vanilla" Arma first, then give ACE a try once you're comfortable with controls and how the core game works.
  16. docbrown

    Traning black screen

    I also experience the same issue and have purchased TOH, Arma 2 + OA all on Steam. There is a work-around to get the training missions to work by disabling Rearmed, Arma 2 and OA in the Expansions menu, however this is hardly ideal since I have to restart the game to switch between training missions and playing with Arma assets. Would love to hear if anyone has a better solution.
  17. docbrown

    Learning to master the UH-1H

    I believe you should unbind "turn left" and "turn right" from your joystick.
  18. Appreciate your help hon0. Just wondering, will this version affect my ability to use acre while on the beta, or is it compatible for both?
  19. Thanks hon0, so in order to get acre to work without beta should i be using the @jayarma2lib included in that zip?
  20. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up Nuo, now to find what the issue is!
  21. Sorry, thought the beta was a requirement and was the reason I am getting the error "ACRE not connected to Teamspeak" when not using the beta. I am using @jayarma2lib_new from Six, is that the same as the included jayarma2lib in the description?
  22. Is there a way to run ACRE 1.4.10 without the beta? The beta is causing the game to crash with a version of MSO i have been playing, and when i connect to the server without the beta i get the error message "ACRE is not connected to Teamspeak". Is it possible to use the current version of ACRE without using the beta?
  23. docbrown

    [CO-OP] Get HIND, Get Out!

    Sounds great, will give this a crack tonight. possible to play SP with rest of squad as AI? Thanks for sharing!
  24. docbrown

    Can't tell friend from foe in this game!

    sthud is helpful at times however can only really be helpful when everyone on your side is in the same squad. Players, or ai in other squads will not appear on your sthud so PID'ing targets is still a necessary skill. As said before, the more you play the more you will learn who the bad guys are and knowing who is on what side will become instinctive. one way to quickly learn is to use the editor. drop some opfor units right next to you and add this in the init for the "player" character for god mode so you can get in close and take a look without dying: this allowdamage false;
  25. That's great news Sven. Excited to see what you will come up with when you get the fine liners back.