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  1. Ahem, M25. The M5 is far to the West.
  2. AsterixTG

    Audio Sliders/mixing

    Fully agree - good post.
  3. My i5 3570k (4.3Ghz) & GTX680 is running nicely at over 40fps - probably averaging around 55fps - with everything maxed out pretty muc. Game looks stunning.
  4. AsterixTG

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Very pleased to see Sa-Matra's wasteland up on Arma 3 now - great work. Is there going to be a 'Hardcore' server such as the No4 server on Arma 2? That would be awesome.
  5. AsterixTG

    [HMM] Stance Indicator

    Not working for me - I have the CBA file installed (which oddly looks like a Windows Media File) and they both show up in the Expansions bit in Options but it's not working. Any ideas? Edit - Forget it chaps - was a launch error on my part.
  6. This may sound like a daft question - I have the CBA file showing as a Windows Media File. Its still shows up in Expansions OK, as does the Stance Indicator which I'm trying to get to run but nothing is happening. Odd.
  7. I've just done a new build as the old one was so bad that I'd be lucky to get above 20fps out in the open and going into Cherno or Electro was simply a bad mistake. Anyway, what the new build has shown, as I can now run things pretty much maxed out with over 40fps everywhere on a full server (EU #5), is that I was getting a microstutter - it would hesitate and then carry on but it was regular. Had a look around and the first thing I did was install Game-Booster and this fixed it. For me it was a process running in the background.