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  1. First of all, i do not know about all features of the game and honestly i do not know if in Arma 3 will be DAMAGE system like in every other shooter games but if in Arma 3 gonna be DAMAGE system then i wanna suggest something.

    Instead of damage system you should make a system where there is just a deadly range for every weapon. Make it the way that there is certain range for every weapon to penetrate bulletproof jacket and to kill depending on its caliber.

    For example with a pistol (except the big caliber ones like DESERT EAGLE etc)you cant kill a soldiers that wears bulletproof jacket from 200 meters even if you shoot 100 times but with rifle you can, the same goes for different weapons wiith different calibers.

    But ofcourse if you shoot with pistol in the face or from side (where bulletproof jacket does not cover your body) from 200 meters or even more the victim should die.

    Sorry for bad English , we just need to say bye to DAMAGE system in shooters (especially in army simulator), its just not realistic.

    [add on]

    By "DAMAGE system" I mean the system where u got Health and every shot does certain damage , it exists in every shooter, what im asking is to get rid of it. There is no hit point system in real life , bullet goes through buleltproof jacket or it does not , if bullet does not from 200 meters away then it wont do it even if you shoot 50 bullets.

  2. 1) Add to game some mode with no respawn after death (like in Americas Army or CS)

    2) Add for server Admin posibility to restrict quantity of sniper weapons and also RPG (like in Americas Army) becuz its very rare that in Army all 50 men are with RPG or all are snipers.


    Shoulder transitions. Be able to go from weapon on your right shoulder to left shoulder. Becuz otherwise when you lean to the left yuo show off half of your body while leaning to the right side you show only head and maybe little of shoulder. With that option player will eb able to change weapon to left shoulder and it will only show head while leaning to left.