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  1. Hey guys. Just wanting to make it so that a helicopter will land for an extract and wait for a certain few players (by name, not amount) to enter before taking off to the next waypoint. I've got a three squad mission and I want a three chopper extract but I want each squad to load into individual choppers and for those choppers to wait until certain players are in before taking off. I'm currently just using a load command but that doesn't seem to be working at all. I'm pretty new to scripting too so if you could explain what the actual commands do too that would be great.
  2. Hey all. Pretty damn new to this so bare with me. I've figured out how to create a helicopter insertion for the start of the mission. Currently I'm using two waypoint markers to get the insertion almost perfect but no matter what the chopper will always come in fast, pull up hard and then slowly descend at a rate that is going to get me shot. What I'm looking for is the chopper to come in low and slow down around 300m out so that the landing can be done without having to pull the nose up hard as the story is that they're landing in a hot zone. I've already got a marker 300m out for move, limited and one on the LZ for unload transport, limited. Sadly the choppers come in at 300m, pull up a bit to limit their speed then speed up normally and pull up hard on the (alleged) LZ. The other thing is that the choppers all seem to pick this exact same area for their unloading rather than going to the actual designated LZ. I heard there is a way to make the choppers fully land and then force unload the cargo instead but I can't find how to do that. Is it just a simple case of more waypoints or is there some scripting involved too? Cheers guys.
  3. GPU isn't as much a problem in ArmA 3 as the CPU. Depending on your CPU you could have a GTX Titan and still only get 10 FPS.
  4. Potplanty

    FOV still a bit messy

    Exactly my thoughts. A slider would be the best thing they could implement. I've manually changed mine in the text files but even that doesn't seem to have done much. Wouldn't be a hard thing to implement either, a slider that is. As for the weapons and vehicles they should all auto default to whatever your slider is set at.