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    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    im playing through this campaign again, after a very looooong time away from arma. this campaign is the best for me so far
  2. kapitanbasa

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    welcome back!
  3. kapitanbasa

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    I've started playing after days of downloading through uber-slow connections... those who haven't read the book, you must...if only to appreciate the detail headup put in here. im am mighty proud of you sir. oh, and that tiring run...i thought it was going to be boring but your writing added depth and color to the experience. im so going to be busy this Christmas vacation.
  4. kapitanbasa

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    im itching to dive in and play...so im reading the novel right now!
  5. kapitanbasa

    Ghost Recon: Podagorsk

    loving this. thanks lightspeed!
  6. kapitanbasa

    Ghost Recon: Podagorsk

  7. kapitanbasa

    Addons in Combined Operations

    Had same problems when i combined a2free and a2 reinforcements into a2co. Foxhound told me to use a launcher. That solved it.
  8. kapitanbasa

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    i've been running around the immediate vicinity around the radar station but can't...really cant find the pilots in mission 3...can anybody, like, pm me for their location? thanks heaps!
  9. my laptop is core i5, 8gb ram, and nvidia 630M...(2gb)... i can run arma 2 reinforcements/combined ops lite normal to high settings...a few hiccups here and there but can be done away with a number of tricks i found here in the armaholic site.
  10. kapitanbasa

    ASR AI Skills

    noob question... can i use this mod to improve AI behavior in the vanilla campaign? and in the user-made SP campaigns?
  11. thanks a lot for the heads up. currently i'm groping around the singleplayer Armaverse as I have no stable internet connection. i've downloaded quite a number of mods and islands and taking in a lot of years' worth of information from here and Armaholic. loving it so far.
  12. hi all. finally was able to access BI Forums after some weeks... i have a question about ACE mod...can I use it to play through campaigns that were not originally made for ACE? like the original campaigns (in Reinforcements for example)