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  1. That look's great. All building you showed us, radiate a overwhelming atmosphere. This is awesome. :) Do you want to make some small objects like old computers, furniture and so on ? Also it would be great so see Underground laboratories, do plan anything like this ?
  2. That's also a big gamebreaker: http://http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14682 Dead bodies and small objects fall through desk, plastic desk, and so on. That's is very anoying. What is going on BIS ? Some months ago this problem doesn't have happened. I was able to place documents or other objects and desk correctly.
  3. chrys45

    African conflict a3

    LOL. The UN vehicles reminds me of District 9. also.
  4. I Know, it's very easy to use BLUFOR Vehicles for OPFOR and so on. But that is'nt that what I mean. If they have the coma pattern already In the screens, why we can't get them ingame ? :(
  5. It would be great If we could change the texture of the armored vehicles. For example the M2A1 to use theme at the other side. Like this picture. http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2011/05/Arma3_screenshot_09.jpg http://images.gamestar.de/images/idgwpgsgp/bdb/2296235/944x531.jpg The possibility to define the owner of the vehicles for yourself would be great.
  6. chrys45

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    It would be great when big Maps like Altis could get a better zoom level like stratis. It's very difficult to place small things exactly. I noticed you could go through some walls and pillars in the airport building at the entrance.
  7. Hello all :) Do anyone know, how I can stop the rearming of the AI units. I want to make light units with only a pistol and 2 magazines. But the units take new magazines at creates in the near. How can i stop that ? :confused:
  8. chrys45

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    hi LordJarhead great website. One Question, could you make dates when the "latest news" were written. Sure, it would be helpful to see if the news are actual. :) Gruß chrys
  9. hello all :) In Arma2 it is possible to put weapons on the ground in the editor. But I dont know, how I can do this in Arma3. I did following in A2, that doesen't work in Arma3. 1.I place a Road Cone 2.I write the following in the init: this setpos[(getpos this select 0),(getpos this select 1),-100]; Waffe1 = "WeaponHolder" createVehicle getpos this; Waffe1 addWeaponCargo ["arifle_Khaybar_C_ACO_F",1]; Waffe1 setPos [getPos this select 0,getPos this select 1,0.5];Waffe1 setdir 75; If I play, nothing happens. Their isn't any Weapon on the ground. :confused: normally in Arma2 their is a weapon. I hope you can help me. Sorry, for my english.
  10. chrys45

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    hi Thedog88 Since Operation Flashpoint I want to get addons like the camera, but nothing happened until now. thx for the mod. :) I have a question about the money. Is it possible to use money or some other small items like the pass in the inventory ? It would be great to use such things that would make missions more intensive. sorry for my english
  11. chrys45

    Weapons on the ground.

    Sure. But some Weapon Addons for example the R3F Mod haven't such classnames. A solution to attach Items to Weapons on the ground with an Init-Code would be very helpful.
  12. chrys45

    Weapons on the ground.

    I have another question. Is it possible to attach Scopes and other items at the Weapon on the ground ?
  13. chrys45

    Weapons on the ground.

    Hello F2k Sel thank you. It works. greeting chrys
  14. chrys45

    ASR AI Skills

    hello it's possible to change the skill of a unit but not the entire class ?
  15. chrys45

    ASR AI Skills

    Hi It's possible to change the skill of only one unit but not the entire class ? I hope you can help me.
  16. Hi Vilas Your last updates was perfect. The vehicle's now dont shake. Only one car, the military police car. All the other vehicles dont shake now. Thanks for the great update.:)
  17. chrys45

    Isla Duala

    Hi Icebreakr :) I'm looking forward to your update. It's great.
  18. Hi GossamerSolid :) If I place more as one vehicle the shakes will be annoying. I hope the problem will be solve sometime in the future. When I play with the Van's of the lingor Units Pack the screen will not shake.:confused:
  19. hi I mean, when I place a empty vehicle (only cars[not tanks or other] in all of you mods). I play a person in the outside of the empty Car of one of your mod's ( P85, PL and some other mods, that use your cars) and if i want to to turn around myself as a person the screen will shake a little bit. But if I place about 100 cars of BI or some other mods, the screen won't shake. If i place a empty tank of your mod, the screen won't shake. I dont know why. I hope you can help. I love your mod. I use your PL Mod often. Do you know, what are the problem? again, sorry for my english.
  20. Hi Vilas Your mods are great. I like your mods. But I have a little problem.:( When i place a vehicle of your mod in the editor and I want to turn around myself the screen will shake. Not performance problems, but little screen shake's. I think my PC isn't the origin of the problem, because i have a good system.:j: Do you know what I can do ? Sorry for my bad english. I hope your understand me :) greeting chrys
  21. Hi GalcomT The pictures looks impressive. Your demo was great and I'm sure, that your mod will be great. good work. @GD Mast The BW Mod havent released a Gepard for Arma2 but the AMT Mod. look here
  22. chrys45

    The Undead Mod

    Hi Charon :) I like you mod. Its great. I look forward to your Update.:bounce3: greeting chrys
  23. chrys45

    Visitors for Arma2

    Hi IceBreakr the new alien models looks very good. I'm pleased to see the release.:)
  24. Hello I want to release my "Bunker Template Pack" at BI forums. That is one of my ambitious projects. Sorry, the language for the bases are only german, but I want to update that in the next time.:) Info: title: Bunker Template Pack 2 version: 1.0 readme language: german piece of advice: if you want to use the elevator or the cement gates you have to use the generators with the action menu. some pictures: features: - 2x outposts - 1x big base - scripted/animated elevator and cement gates. (own scripts) - alarm systems - a lot of animations - Weapon Rooms - Night activity - exploding barrels/tanks - and some more Requirements: • Arma 2: Combined Operations (Arma 2 + Operation Arrowhead) version 1.60 or higher • Addons: Jade Groove and MBG Creationism -Jade Groove www.Arma2Base.de -Jade Groove www.Armaholic.com -MBG Creationism www.Arma2Base.de link -MBG Creationism www.armaholic.com link Here are download links for the template pack: -www.Arma2base.de link -www.assaultmissionstudio.de link -www.armaholic.com link Thanks to: -Mondkalb for the great "MBG Creationism" -IceBreakr for his great island "Jade Groove" -Miller -Imutep -BI