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  1. Their is a bug with the weapons. If you put the weapons down to the ground than they look completly other as you have the weapons in the hands.
  2. Zeus get a UI to place items like weapons and so on ?! Why not the editor ? -> A such Feature are still highly requested.
  3. chrys45

    Jurassic Arma

    booahhh... I want to get this !!!! :D That's pretty cool. keep it up! :)
  4. hello :) I want to set Units with handguns who doesn't raise their pistol. They should only raise their guns if enemy are in sight. Normaly i have to set "setbehaviour"safe"", but now it doesn't work by units with handguns since the last stable. :( This units still raise their pistols like in a combat mode. I need safety light units with handguns to make security units.
  5. Off course, that are great additions, but the symbol (magazine crate ?!) are too large. Could you change that ?
  6. chrys45


    The BW unit takes opfor NVGoggles (Black), therefore you have to use following code: this removeItem"NVGoggles_OPFOR";this unassignItem"NVGoggles_OPFOR";
  7. chrys45

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    really ?! The player can't holster handguns but sometime ago if you set the AI to "safe" the AI could put their handguns away. Now they can't. To set the AI in "safe" mode with handguns was perfect to make security guards. Try it in Arma 2: set the AI to safe with "this setbehaviour"safe";" and you will see it work.
  8. chrys45

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    setbehaviour"safe" seems not to work. Units with only pistols doesn't let their weapons in holster.
  9. chrys45

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It would be awesome when the AI could keep their pistols in holster (safe mode) like some time ago.
  10. chrys45

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Probably we get first after then tools to create our own maps.:(
  11. chrys45


    Is it possible to activate the siren and the lightbar by the AI to the mission beginn ? That would be great.
  12. The new vehicles are a great addions. I hope you could fix the small bugs. I think the new black MX's are atmosphere killer, because if you put the black weapons down, the weapons aren't black -> They are brown again. That's a very anoying bug.
  13. Sorry, I dont now the exactly build but I notice the performance boost this weekend. It must be one of the last.
  14. Now I havent any performance problems. That was a mistake by myself with object view distance that i set about 8.000 accidentally. The performance is pretty better than before since the last dev. update -> That's awesome.
  15. In the dev build the vests doesn't seems to work as they should. One shot with a P07 to heavy vest and the unit die. In other mods it's also in the dev build.
  16. I have above 55 fps (by ultra) but the player camera is still shaking. I change all my setups to very low (what the hell) and nevertheless the game (only player camera) is shaking. This problem is annoying me since the today's update. Maybe this problem existing since yesterday. But before there it dosen't exist. I know it's "dev" therefore i hope BIS will find a solution for this problem.
  17. I'v found a very anoying issue. If you sit on the gunner or on the commander seat of the strider, ifrit or the hunter you'll get shadow issues (missing shadows). I use ultra shadow settings.
  18. chrys45

    RH M4/M16 pack

    A Solution for this probleme would be awesome.
  19. chrys45

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Have anyone a solution for this ?: :(
  20. chrys45

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Hi RobertHammer The mod pretty good. I love it. But I have a little issue. I create 15 units with your weapons and put them all together in one area. Then the game is shaking if i look to the units. If i create 30 units with other Weapons for example the tgr21 of BIS the game isn't shaking.
  21. great work Aplion. :) I like your mod. The weapons are a awesome addition to other ones. Do you plan to make some weapons compatible to other mods like FHQ ?
  22. I want to use a unarmed Orca helicopter, but there isn't available in the editor anymore. Is it possible to disarm the normal Orca helicopter ?
  23. The new campaign seems to be good. All i can say "awesome".
  24. chrys45

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    ... such a simple Mod ? maybe, But it is still one of the best mod that we can get. keep it up. :)