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  1. could you make your awesome optics compatible with asdg ?
  2. hi all Could it be possible that the armor have a higher protection value than usual ?
  3. awesome atmosphere. I want to get this !!! :D
  4. hey toadie2k ... could you make a voting option ?
  5. Hi Toadie2k can you make your weapons aviable in the editor like the BIS ones ? That would be realy helpfull to place the weapons in zeus.
  6. Awesome !!! :butbut: I really looking forward to it. Would be great if you animate the doors.
  7. I think he means virtual arsenal that is a new added feature since the last update.
  8. chrys45

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Work in Progress

    It Massi's Weapon pack really necessary ? It would be great if we could play without it optional.
  9. chrys45

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi I got some problems in zeus. If I switch to another units via zeus, I'm not able to do any AGM - Actions like rest my weapon or take earplugs in anymore. When I switch to the player character, I'm able to do that again. In short I can't use some AGM features If I take control of AI units in zeus. Would be great if you could fix it. :) Besides this is a awesome mod. Thanks !!!
  10. Finally, thanks BIS !! Please add a safe option to zeus.
  11. chrys45

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    Unfortunately only the woodland ones are aviable in zeus.
  12. chrys45

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    Hi Raid Can you make your MBT's zeus compatible ? That would be great.
  13. Unfortunately it is the same to his MTVR's.
  14. Your Weapon mod pack is besides Robert Hammers weapon modpack my favourite weapon mod. Thank you and keep it up !!! :) I LOVE THE G3's
  15. hello shay_gman First of all I LOVE YOUR MOD. Since a few days I play zeus + mcc with friends and it is quite awesome. Never happend to me such a pretty arma gameplay. thanks !!! :) The possibility to save your mission is perfect, but unfortunately there are some issues. I saved my mission (clipboard) to play it later again (load from clipboard). When I load the mission some objects were displaced. The height of the objects that I set in zeus won't be saved also. When I convert the mission to .sqm everything seems to be fine. But then i cant edit the objects in zeus anymore. To Open the init line of objects in zeus, you have to double click on the object and wait a few seconds if you click just ones you get a menu where you can choose nothing. codes that you put in the init line of units manuelly (like _this addHeadgear"anything"; ) you have to mark the written line before it will be saved -> If you don't do that, the written init code will be deleted and nothing happend to the unit. If you can't fix it, maybe you know some tips to prevent the problem and offer it. Generally, thanks for this mod !!! keep it up. greeting chrys
  16. chrys45

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    An official method to save the mission and play them the next day with friends, it would be just awesome. Please BIS, make this happen. :butbut:
  17. There is something I dont undersand. The new sharpshooter camo variants of M320 and GM-6 have the same textures in the hands of the player and AI as they have if you put this guns to the ground. Other weapons like MK20 tan, MX black series become other camos if you put them to the ground.
  18. feels like always just at friday.
  19. chrys45

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    Hi Raid Do you plan to include the M1A2 Abrams anyday ?
  20. BIS, what are you doing ? A few simpe problems weren't fixed in the last time ? A lot of problems were produced because of your patches !!!!!!!!! It doesn't worth anymore to wait such a long time until you get it under control. Simple problems like this that are allready postet in the bug tracker... forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173517-get-behaviour-quot-safe-quot-to-work-by-units-with-handgunds
  21. The tan MK20 and the black MX' series aren't still aviable.
  22. chrys45

    Afghanistan Map - No Name.

    Quality over quantity. Minimalaco, I'm glad to see you create a detailed map for arma 3. :)