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  1. Oh its no big deal for me, My download finished over night. Just trying to bring the attention for others who will run into the same problem. Thanks for your quick response.
  2. hazey

    Patrol Operations 2

    Hey love the map, I seem to be having some issues though. I turn on ambient civilians but I don't see them anywhere. Always same with insurgents, I have yet to run into one. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Loading server with all of ACE without ACE_SM. and @lingor.
  3. You are awesome! Welcome back.
  4. hazey

    CO10 Czech Mate [ACR DLC]

    I like this way of thinking :) Will probably try this out now.
  5. It was me that took a port and made A LOT of changes ;) in an attempt to get it to run a little bit smoother. None of the code was scratch although I did include one file from xeno in there that did a vehicle repair that I found on the open net. I since removed it, Not that it matters anymore since I have stopped development on that version. I will do my best, those of you that did get a chance to play the version of evo I was working on could tell you that it was starting to shape up to a pretty cool map.
  6. Great, this is exactly what I might do. Thanks for the chance to port over your version of evo. Ill make sure to provide credit and I will change the name so your don't get bug reports. If you saw a bit what happened to my thread on forum.iron-front.com its all kind of a joke.
  7. See I could, and that is what I was stating I could do. Check this forum post here. http://forum.iron-front.com/showthread.php?559-Evolution-FFA-BLUE-v1-04c-Now-with-MHQ-and-Revive The only issue with that, is my code would not change at all. Nothing would change because what he did was basic and minimal. Just changed the LIB from Russian units to German. Not even that good either, seeing as german units where added as enemy's in town causing a all out war on spawn... That's a pretty big bug to release a map in. That's why I fixed it. and HAZ, I agree 100% but he is a BIDEV. He gets special privileges because he has a some text next to his name that says he is better then you.
  8. Well, I say keep running the map. The only thing I am guilty of is trying to provide a better experience to the community. His version had nothing special in it, all that changed from the red version he took and his version was the classnames. I know because I looked, I simply could have by-passed him all together and remove his name, but I decided rather than re-invent the wheel I would just use those changed classfiles, the same thing I could have done. Try to be nice and you get screwed. Go figure.
  9. Jedra, You don't have to remove it off your server. The issue with this is I never claimed ownership of evo. I don't want ownership of it. I just want it to fucking work right. You are more than welcome to keep running the mission.
  10. Could not find: HALO_init.sqs The script your are calling is looking for the HALO_init.sqs script as well, but it is missing. I am guessing if you looked in your root file directory you will be missing HALO_init.sqs. This script might contain the air drop and animation code, and might fix what you need. You have two options: A. Find what belongs in the HALO_init.sqs script and make it yourself. B. Find the HALO_init.sqs script and drop it into your map root file directory and profit. -Haze
  11. I have been working a small active aviation script that will spawn 3 rusky p39s in group with a waypoint that is set to search and destroy with a large radius when triggered. It works but I need a little help expanding it. - I need help figuring out how to make a delete script for this. I want to remove the 3 planes when you move out of the zone. *Note - I spent a few hours attempting a bunch of different combinations and I was unable to figure it out. I am stumped! Here is the code if you want to play with it. I had some fun with it. By the way developers, despite some of the stupid meta scores and such. You have developed a really fun game and It runs really smooth on the Virtual Engine still a few bugs but that's why you guys have jobs! Kudos guys if you see this post, honestly. on act = nul = [this] execVM "ActiveAviation.sqf"; ActiveAviation.sqf grp1 = createGroup east; _wp = grp1 addWaypoint [getPos Alpha, 0]; [grp1, 0] setWaypointType "SAD"; [grp1, 0] setWaypointCompletionRadius 500; for [{_x = 0}, {_x <= 2}, {_x = _x + 1}] do { _p39 = "LIB_P39" createVehicle [(getMarkerPos "PlaneSpawn" select 0), (getMarkerPos "PlaneSpawn" select 1), 250]; _p39 setPos [(getPos _p39 select 0) + (_x * 40), getPos _p39 select 1, 250]; _p39 engineOn true; _p39 setDir 0; _dir = 0; _speed = 250; _p39 setVelocity [(sin _dir * _speed),(cos _dir * _speed), 0]; "LIB_SOV_pilot" createUnit [getMarkerPos "PlaneSpawn", grp1]; (units grp1 select _x) moveInDriver _p39; (units grp1 select _x) setSkill 1; (units grp1 select _x) flyInHeight 25; }; Credit: Script built using online tutorials and resources, if you find that some how this script infringes on your work (You won't) please let me know so it can be removed or proper credit can be given. Thanks -Haze