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  1. Was going through the thread and noticed a few post's thinking ALiVE is a full on war simulator and just wanted to post that ALiVE is more of an amazing Mission Framework! I have been an ALiVE closed tester for awhile now and have had a chance to do some pretty neat stuff with it. If you're a fan of Insurgency style game-play and you are liking what ALiVE has to offer so far checkout my sneak peak of my upcoming ALiVE | Insurgency map. Click Here -Haze
  2. hazey

    Speed Of Sound

    Any chance we could get another hotfix for the above? IMO it's pretty game breaking. It's the only reason I am truly not able to enjoy your sound mod to the fullest extent. While we wait for the next patch any chance for a hotfix of those two items? Thanks, Hazey
  3. hazey


    You can do it with All In Arma mod. Click me
  4. MilitaryGaming.org runs a modified version of War In Takistan on their ace #3 server. It is a very popular game mode and is always filled with people.
  5. Nice job code, keep them coming. Any chance for a panthera port?
  6. hazey

    Insurgency Sim

    That sounds like a good revision, we may have to take a look at this. Is there anyway you can create a zip of all the latest version maps? It would make it easier for most of us to play and test unless you are not releasing the map in which case I am confused on the thread.
  7. hazey

    Insurgency Sim

    Does this have any bug fixes? I know on previous versions of insurgency the OPfor players would be teleported around the map with the AI.
  8. hazey

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    We are also seeing a issue with the JSRS distance. Currently kicking players off our server. It was also reported a few pages ago and you said you would take a look at it today. Just also doing some reporting. Thanks for a great mod. -haze
  9. Most of the functionality is built into DAC. I simply create trigger that makes the DAC spawnable camp and units. Than you simply create a trigger at every location you would want auto generated waypoints to be created. DAC will then chain all those zones linked together for potential waypoints for the created units at the camp. Please refer to the DAC user manual to understand these numbers.
  10. Everything is dynamic. There is no such thing as clearing a town. You can temporally relieve the town of enemy opposition but chances are the enemy could and will re-populate that location. Also remember everything is based on the players location, if you sit inside a town that has been temporally relieved the modules will notice this and spawn enemy units to either attack your position or to re-populate the town. A few users and myself use DAC for creating that Blufor ambiance effect. I have 3 roaming patrol convoys that constantly roam and patrol all the towns on the map. This makes for really interesting and dynamic situations when you roll up into a town and see your AI already there fighting. I use a custom slimmed down script version of DAC but the normal script version works perfect as well.
  11. hazey

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Yes please, I would love to take a look.
  12. hazey

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    I attempted the same in a few different ways. We must be missing something.
  13. Please note though this is only the dedicated server. The client has a better understanding.
  14. NG is Multi-Sesion Operations Next-Generation - I believe that is the new name of the next version of MSO. One of the main issues with Arma 2 is that it has no idea that you have a cpu with 8 cores and wants to jam everything onto a single thread instead of spreading everything out evenly. It has been one of the largest issues from the start of time. At least for me. So technically newer (low GHz) quad-cores will probably run Arma worse than a fast (high GHz) dual-core.
  15. Well I have came to the conclusion that these things will be more optimized by the time NG comes out in a few months. Besides that the BIS devs have new abilities being implemented for server hosting that will allow you to offload stuff onto a separate client. Good things happening in the Arma 2 community.
  16. Yah when I use my Kestrel 4500 "radio" all I get is wind speeds. "Helloooo is this thing on". A kestrel 4500 is a wind speed monitor and not a radio hahaha. Also a DAGR is an advanced GPS receiver, both of which will just get you funny looks if you talk into them. Now if you went and grabbed yourself a PRC-119 you would be having yourself a logistical day! Note you will have to have a marker added into your mission which spawns the radios. I think the marker name is ammo off the top of my head. Also you might be required to manually add the ace items into your mission.
  17. Yah, I noticed this yesterday actually on my server. It starts off great but the longer the mission runs the longer it takes to do script actions. I also noticed this on the MilGo MSO server which is the main reason I went to start my own was because I thought it was just performing poorly. Now that I am not the only one getting this I feel much better. MSO is by far my favorite mission of all time. I am all about dynamic coop multiplayer environments that allows me too build bases and have AI teams and everything else that it allows is just what I have been waiting for forever. Keep working at it guys!
  18. hazey

    Expansion assistance!

    Pretty sure you have to purchase everything again. Expensive mistake.
  19. Figured, thank you. The last question I actually have is that CIM integration is currently broken and not supported anymore right? I launched a server with that mod since when reading through some of the files it said it was supported. My server proceeded to crap itself and jammed my RPT full of script errors. I am also getting a weird thing, which I don't know if this is normal or not but at the start of the map probably 30 seconds in like 5-6 of the cities turn blue without any players going too them. Am I doing something wrong? I am pretty sure a helicopter isn't supposed to spawn and head to my base and land. Also, is there an alternative I can use for civilian interactions? I really love these little extra feature, even more so when it comes to civilians and interactions. Civilians for me are the realism cherry on top of the pie.
  20. Question about the item naming scheme inside the editor. I see some items/units named MSO_1 / MSO_2 / MSO_3... My question is, what do these unit names effect? I know on some of the scripts I have created I have used ranges to specify different item types. Is this the same for MSO or is it all just arbitrary as long as it has a MSO_# it will work. Thanks for your response ahead of time. -Haze
  21. Development restarted with permission from eggbeast, will update with new name and new version. Everyone thank eggbeats for allowing this to happen, weather I finish this project or someone else does. We really appreciate the chance!
  22. Playing it now and having some fun, but for some reason it was 2 vs 1 I didnt see a option to make it free for all. Actually now that I think about it, I didnt even see my PMC units 0.o *edit* im pretty sure im just a big dummy lost in the settings.
  23. I have always used the steam copy of the game, until recently the update 1.62 for all the dayz players really broke the crap out of my steam version and mods. I have bought the original version for probably the third time, between steam sucking. Issues with Securerom and my previous purchased non-steam version saying I can't install it on more than one computer... To make things simple, I bought all the copies of the game for the third and hopefully last time. Here is the issue. The Arma 2 (Arma 2: Combined Operations ) Download is currently corrupt / broken for the US. You may only download ARMA 2 from Europe (GB) via Sproket. No other mirrors work / Downloading VIA html downloads corrupt files with size of 0 bytes. I really don't want to download ARMA 2 from Europe at 162kbs even more so considering I can show all my previous keys proving that I have bought this damn game three times. I love it so much, could I just catch a little break? I need a place where I can validly download ARMA 2 at a speed which is not at a SUB-PAR DSL level. Any idea's or ETA? I have the download running from the EU. Its really slow considering I live so far from that location.