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  1. In Common_Defines.sqf Change. ins_debug = false; [b]to[/b] ins_debug = true; Try hosting the mission without using persistence and AliveServer and see if that fixes your issue. Sounds like you're still on 0.9.4 version of alive. Thanks for helping out.
  2. Just because its an include doesn't mean that it has to go into CfgFunctions. I don't use these scripts myself so I don't know exactly how they are init, however please see my example above. You need to go back and read the readme of those files and figure out which ones actually belong within those brackets and which ones belong just outside.
  3. The mobile HQ is actually WIP and will be changing all together in future versions. You'll bump into a bunch of edge cases where you might achieve weird behavior with it. It's the next core system to get some love. ---------- Post added at 23:27 ---------- Previous post was at 23:23 ---------- Sorry I guess I didn't understand what you were having issues with. Just put the includes that go into CfgFunctions with the already included bit. Example: Description.ext Before //--- CfgFunctions class CfgFunctions{ #include "functions\cfgfunctions.hpp" }; Description.ext After //--- General Includes #include "ASORGS\menu.hpp" //--- CfgFunctions class CfgFunctions{ #include "functions\cfgfunctions.hpp" #include "ASORGS\cfgfunctions.hpp" };
  4. I believe VAS is all self contained in 1 folder and should be okay. The only time it would ever cause an issue is if any of your scripts tried to overwrite the functions cfgfunctions.hpp.
  5. Oh well, everything on there is actually just sort of like a template, I mean everyone changes around the base and such when they add their own mods to the server. Missions free game for groups to change and use for personal use. Don't like the default base? Change it up! lol what? I really don't mean to be rude but that's probably the best thing I have heard all day. Included with the mission is also a un-pbo'd version of the mission. Feel free to change it to what ever island or world you wish. You don't have to manual edit anything in the misison.sqm however you'll have to change some settings in the modules and move the base to your new island.. The mission core scripts doesn't care what island you're on, it only cares if it has defined cities and house positions.
  6. A fix has been attempted. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/76084 no need to keep reporting. -Haze
  7. These are issues with Alive and the suicide bombers have already been fixed. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/76079 https://dev.withsix.com/issues/76080 https://dev.withsix.com/issues/76082
  8. Sounds like a BIS engine issue. Change via description.ext from respawnButton = 0; to respawnButton = 1; Or just remove it all together.
  9. hazey

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Fantastic update, is there anyway I can callExtension to the ACRE pipe to see if its connected to TS3? Did a search through the thread via keywords and found nothing similar. Would be a benefit for those trying to force ACRE on public servers.
  10. We were having issues with the index and thought we got this one squashed. Ill take another look at it, however I verified all the other ones that got indexed are working as they should.
  11. That's an issue with bornHolm all together. It's index is not correct inside of alive.
  12. Yup, do just this. Drop rates are based around 0 - 100%. 5% chance gives you around a 5/100 chance for Intel and so on. Luck plays a bit of a part as well in that equation. Found a small issue with JIP and Grabbing Intel. In common_defines.sqf Change //--- Start CACHE as a null object to avoid any init issues. CACHE = objNull; To if (isServer || isDedicated) then { //--- Start CACHE as a null object to avoid any init issues. CACHE = objNull; };
  13. Haha, you can also directly download it form the link just below it.
  14. It's on the first post under download :p
  15. It's a WIP feature. Currently during prayer times. Morning/Mid-Morning/Noon/Mid-afternoon/Night these loud speakers will start broadcasting a call to prayer. You can either DENY the enemy the rights to CTP or you can choose to leave it. Killing a CTP tower will slowly destroy your reputation with the civilians as they use them as an actual prayer tower.
  16. Might want to set that lower, because that's not units it's groups. You set the active limiter to 100 groups. lol
  17. Yup, due to time constraints, we were not able to get the blacklist marker stuff into alive. I'll put in a task request. Yes planned, probably around version 0.75
  18. Well, I say it works on almost all maps because some maps don't have enter-able buildings. That means the cache would not find a place to spawn, etc. As for changing the mission to another map yes, the scripts do not for the most part have any sort of hard coded map requirements. Meaning yes with very little modification you can just change it from .altis to .whatever; change the mission.sqm in the editor for a new base layout and fix the modules params to work better with the map. After that you just need to make 1 change in common_defines.sqf for INS_CTPLOCATIONS. Just define what ever building you want for CTP. Or just disable it in description.ext. Above in my first post you will see my signature. You can click on the youtube link to find all sorts of tutorials and videos on alive. Some of these might need some updating but should give you a general idea on how to operate ALiVE. Or you can click here
  19. Please note if you test out the insurgency alive demo and you remove the intro.pbo you will get an error saying you're missing the intro music. Just an FYI.
  20. hazey

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Step 1. You get a box.. Oh wait that's another tutorial, simply place down the AGM Respawn module set the options within accordingly and profit. Nice and simple - effective.
  21. Yeah I have not seen this one before. Does it happen every time? Or is it an intermittent kinda thing?