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  1. Maj. Gastovski

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Made my day (err, night) right here, just in time before bed.
  2. That's some beautiful work there, bludski. Kudos.
  3. Need this in my veins right now. Slatts and others, you're doing God's work here. Looking forward to more.
  4. Maj. Gastovski

    Forums Upgrade

    Huh, this was grayed out when I checked it and I just initially thought it couldn't be changed. That's kind of the common thing to assume when something is grayed out, but it can in fact be done. Thanks, appreciate the info.
  5. Maj. Gastovski

    Forums Upgrade

    I'm okay with the layout change besides the fact that some usernames (mine included) are not properly resized to fit in the poster box... so now it just looks like my cat jumped on my keyboard during my account creation. That's got to change, or please allow me to edit my username at least.
  6. Beautiful work, meshcarver. Keep it up.
  7. Maj. Gastovski

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Straight from the PC Gamer review: I respect BIS for all they have done so far, and I see the potential in Arma 3 after it has marinated with the community for a while (I've always considered it an investment other than a release purchase) but this is an issue that needs to be addressed and prioritized.
  8. Maj. Gastovski

    Fatigue effects

    Again, I really hope they just allow those who wish to tone it down to disable it some way via the video options. That way - you all can play the way you wish and not affect my experience that I paid for as rightfully as yourselves. By completely canning a feature due to a complaint thread, you only create yet another potential complaint thread (which I would have no problems writing out) from the opposite perspective of players who don't mind the feature at all and those who even wish to see it expanded.
  9. Maj. Gastovski

    Fatigue effects

    Whatever floats the boats of people displeased with it, as long as it isn't taken away from players who don't mind it at all. To make sure I wasn't going mad or completely blind I just ran a bit with a bunch more than what would constitute an average player's set up might be. There is a pulsating vignetting effect and the out of breath audio. The blur is subtle and pulsates, it will eventually become more frequent when the player is continually pushing himself further without taking a brief rest. Again, that is what I would expect to happen and what I would prefer. No, you're not mistaken because you're speaking your opinion and a perspective I respectfully don't agree with. I didn't enjoy Arma 2's system in this regard. It was far too lenient and players have obviously become accustomed to that. I'm not against whether folks here like it or not, I just don't want to see it removed or compromised - I think that is a fair and respectful way to put it. Perhaps some tweaks may be in order, this is beta after all. Tweaking features is better than out right removing them. It is a game where you, the player, have control, the effect only occurs if you continue to push yourself in that manner. It isn't going to automatically stop for you, as you are in control the entire time. In reality, as you're trying to compare it to, people can easily push themselves to the point of passing out and that is what is trying to be simulated within the game. When you notice the vignetting starting to grow consistent before the blur takes effect - that is your sign, or "your body" giving you that preemptive sign to slow down a bit and take it easy. I honestly believe people are misinterpreting or misunderstanding the simulated effect here. Don't drop nothing, you want watered down immersion I would suggest BI makes it optional.
  10. Maj. Gastovski

    Fatigue effects

    I'm not sure what everyone is seeing. When exhausted in-game I get some pulsating vignetting effect and certainly not enough to bother me - I rather like it and hope it doesn't go anywhere. If there is some blur, it must be rather subtle. I've been playing Insurgency type missions with friends and carrying an over abundance of gear and while I do tire out fast (as I expect and that's the way it should be), there is nothing that transpires that would be enough for me to complain about. My settings are all set pretty high as well, so surely I would see any drastic effect if it were happening. Whatever comes from this I prefer they make it optional, unless it seems to be a bug that might be potentially occurring with some that exacerbates the effects. Because I certainly wouldn't want to miss out on features simply because others on a forum are displeased with it.
  11. Maj. Gastovski

    Surround sound problems, DEVs take notice

    Having the same exact issue here, Plantronics Gamecom 780 headset. Voted up both tickets.
  12. Maj. Gastovski

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    That's why I edited my post after reading on that particular part of the feature shortly after I posted it. I wasn't expecting nor mentioned PiP to be utilized for iron sights (the first guy that replied to me implied it). I could already imagine the ramifications on performance. Yet being that I'm not a game developer I perhaps entertained the potential of having something akin to it (like a placebo work-around) in some degree - hence the curiosity. What I expected though was at least some sort of filter to the peripheral sides, perhaps a subtle blur and/or saturated effect. That's what I meant about some further work since we've already accepted the benefits over the mild oddities. I like the 3D scope, it could be better but it's better than nothing. Though I'd like to see something applied to help balance it a bit to some degree, just my humble opinion.
  13. Maj. Gastovski

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    Has there been any clarification or mention on the 3D scopes they showed off on the live streams and latest Alpha build? The fact that the outside peripheral is zoomed-in along with the scopes themselves is a bit odd. Will it be fixed/adjusted? And yes, I'm aware of what was mentioned in the SITREP #00014... I can't decipher if they are keeping it as is because of the outweighed benefit or moving forward to fixing it as development continues (which would I assume would be the case)?
  14. I have asked for the same thing a couple of months back in May. Making it completely optional would be beneficial for players who can utilize these keys for other elements, actions and features (especially those who particularly play co-op/MP like myself). I messaged a few of BIS devs active here about this after I created a thread that didn't go nowhere, only DnA replied back (which I greatly appreciate). So I really hope this still holds true and they can consider this for Arma 3. A game of this nature needs to give complete control to the user in my opinion. I actually use the mouse scroll for those actions, so for others that desire to rebind those reserved numeral keys they can do the same, the functionality is still there by default. The Num Pad keys are binded to looking around you, I use ALT and mouse to do that (some utilize TrackIR), so anything reserved to the numeral keys I would love to move it to the Num Pad and free those up for my own personal customization.
  15. Maj. Gastovski

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    The potential of this mod sounds amazing. I hope you ride this through and enlist some help, I'm sure a team is needed for this sort of endeavor but it would be so worth it. I can already picture the scenarios with a mod like this. Looking forward to more updates, good luck with this.