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  1. So stoked about this! Been a fan of the various Mars Missions. This has so much promise!
  2. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1 Intel i7 2600 @3.4Ghz 16Gb memory 2x ATI Radeon HD6800 in Crossfire. DX11 I'd like to attach DxDiag but don't know how to do it and putting the whole thing in quotes exceeds post maximum letter count. Did a recovery to last install of DirectX, which did not help. ArmaII vanilla works, but OA gives error. PMC and BAF gives same error. Funny thing is last night it worked fine as I started the SP Campaign. AFAIK the last update was 23 May. I've read re-installing OA does not help, so I am loathed to re-download the whole kit-and-kaboodle (steam purchase, Arma II Anniversary Ed). EDIT: Just ran Combined Ops from right-click context OA in my Steam Library. Weird. I suppose I could use this, but it's still annoying that I have all those shortcuts on my desktop that I can't use....