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  1. I've been playing around with the High command module and voice commands, inspired by video put up by Jester814. My question is: In command mode (CTRL + Space), how do you order fireteams into vehicles, like the Marshal? The work around by Jester in the video was to have direct control of the infantry units, but I would like to have the team leaders linked to the subordinate module, for a simulated unified chain of command. Is this possible, or am I missing something? My teams don't want to respond the vehicle in any way....
  2. So, it turns out that you need to place a mechanised or motorised team down from Groups, not create fire teams and hope they jump in any Marshall. For each Mechanised unit, put down a Subordinate module and sync the Squad leader to that SO module, then sync the SO module to your HC module. Now preview the mission, give each team a way point, right click the waypoint, select Type, then Get In. You are effectly giving orders to the Squad leader and not the Vehicle Crew. The squad leader will order the squad to mount up, given the vehicle is nearby. A word of warning, though. It turns out that driver awareness isn't that great in AI, so you may have one or more of your squad members becoming road kill if they get in the vehicles way. Now, all I need to do now is learn how to organise multiple mechanised units into formation...
  3. I've done some digging in the Feedback tracker (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12934) and it seems you need to sync a fireteam with their own transport before syncing that with the subordinate module. I haven't tried this, but I foresee a problem when things invariably turn to chaos. The way I see it, at the end of an engagement there may be some losses - be they mechanised or infantry. If a Fireteam still has the numbers, but their synced transport has been knocked out, there is no way they can "bum a ride" with, say a Ghosthawk or similar. They are forced to slog it to next waypoint. This offers a level of inconvenience that I think needs to be addressed, unless there is a workaround that I haven't come across yet. That being said, I am only learning how to do this side of things with the assistance Jester814's Youtube channel. Is there any documentation anywhere to say how to use modules in Arma 3?
  4. OK, had another bash at the tailhook. Still doesn't respond to mapped HOTAS input, but I now get a menu option to lower it, which seems to work. Gear down, on approach to carrier, joystick input to lower the hook should respond, shouldn't it? Does it only lower in a specified airspeed range?
  5. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I tried the to lower the tail hook on approach to Nimitz. No joy. I fly the Superbug in FSX and I "dirty up" before I reach to left turn off the bow. Hook down first, then flaps reduce speed on the turn and gear down. I understand this may not be within the sphere of concern in this simulation of the jet, so if it means gear down first, I'll give that a go. I'll report back with any findings.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I got some help over TS the other night. It turns out that throttle is controlled by the forward 50% of deflection of throttle (whichever is bound, left or right) and the aft 50% of deflection controls "braking": this refers to both WoW and Spoilers in flight. As for the 2 throttle quads, I only need to map one, as long as the other isn't bound to anything I am ok with it in locked position. Being a long time sim fan, I find mouse and k/b a bit unnatural. Just what I'm used to I suppose. Plenty of good flyers out there who use mouse and k/b. ---------- Post added at 19:44 ---------- Previous post was at 19:12 ---------- Got it tweaked, flying like it should be...just having trouble getting tail hook to work. I have AB mapped fine on my China hat forward, and China hat back is mapped to tail hook. AB works, but tail hook doesn't. I tested it on the ground and also on landing approach to the Nimitz. Tail hook doesn't want to move. I have them mapped as per page 7 of the manual. Any ideas?
  7. Hello folks, just started playing around with this mod and I hoped someone will be able to help me. I have a Warthog HOTAS and am trying to configure inputs for the SH. Throttle seems to stick in full, even when I have both +ve and -ve directions mapped for analogue throttle. What am I doing wrong? Also, are the "Brakes' referring to wheel brakes or speed brakes in the config? Is anyone one else using the Warthog for Air assets? Thanks in advance.
  8. astrospud

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    It is 2035, you know...The Comanche program was scrapped IRL, so calling the helicopter by its contemporary name just doesn't gel. Like anything new, it takes time to get used to. More time in game exposed to these names and you will remember. Please don't ask for fundamental game concepts to be changed for want of an exercise in memory.
  9. astrospud

    Take On Mars - Steam Trading Cards

    This is great news! Just had a quick look at Steam Market... Wow! already heaps of card content!
  10. Just have to say, BIS, that since the last patch to 1.02 the night time visuals are just stunning. Where night ops were something I avoided because the sheer black coverage, now it's just as in reality, with low ambient lighting conditions and very, very cool volumetric lighting from sources, as well as shadow casting by flame and explosions/tracers. I just love night ops now. And my performance online has improved with a noticeable increase in view distances for FPS drop-off. I'm now able to increase view distance to 4500 meters with frames remaining where they were pre-patch. I have no idea what you guys did, but fantastic job BIS. Obligatory dancing Banana
  11. astrospud

    Latest patch, noticeable differences in visuals.

    Actually, reading change log for 27th Sept: Kinda don't feel so silly, now. There has been a change :)
  12. astrospud

    Latest patch, noticeable differences in visuals.

    Indeed I have. Either way, it looks spectacular. :)
  13. astrospud

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    LHD's with LCAC. Futuristic-ish, of course. Nothing too contemporary, but enough cosmetic differences to highlight a possible evolutionary path. We have 2 Islands. What better opportunity to simulate an amphib assault.
  14. astrospud

    Blastcore A3

    While I agree that PR has given long life to Battlefield 2, I have to respectfully disagree with this statement. The persistent smoke particles in A3 are as good as I've seen in any recent games so far. While I'm really looking forward to Blastcore A3 to give that extra cool factor, the particle effects in BF2 aren't enough to win this argument.
  15. I agree. Having multiple personal waypoints means for better planned route following. Great for when having to drive 10-15 km's to next objective.
  16. This has to be the most concise, level headed response to what seems to be a constant on these forums - poorly thought out gamer entitlement girly tantrums. I couldn't have said it any better, HighplainzDfter. Kudos. If you have a problem and are running DEV Branch, do a search of the feedback tracker and see if your problem has already been posted up. If it hasn't, start a new Feedback Tracker ticket, stating clearly the nature of the problem. That is the only way you will be heard, otherwise these childish rants are just wasting electrons. If you are not running Dev Branch...why not? :rolleyes:
  17. astrospud

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    Where can I find error/crash logs to include in my issue tracking submissions?
  18. astrospud

    Stone Apxs - Mission ref - 6275

    What I've found, is that if you still have the 6 wheel drive still active whilst trying to perform experiments, it will drift. Take it out of "drive" by selecting another tool.
  19. astrospud

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    I think if you remember the ZX81, you automatically qualify for 'old fart' status! :D So I qualify! my first computer was the brown brick...the C=64 :)put a cassette tape in the deck, go away and have some dinner, maybe watch some tv, come back and the programme would be ready...Dang, we've come a long way! . . . 42 btw...
  20. astrospud

    Radio Protocols

    To add to this, while multiple hand signals will be very difficult to implement, could it be feasible to include a single directional arm gesture to indicate threat direction, move order (in concert with net/verbal comms)? I have found radio calls often require that I look to my map for targets/threats, sometimes getting shot in the process. My squad mates see targets and call them over the net and when in visual range, with a pointing gesture, I can be more effective, not taking my eyes off the battle space. Maybe this can be implemented with a single key/combination? Thoughts?
  21. There is so much data available from both surface missions and (moreso) the MRO mission. Does BI have an agreement with JPL to source up-to-date data to apply to terrain in near real time? I understand it would require a lot of computer grunt, especially if you have been exploring for a long time (in game).
  22. astrospud

    here is what TOM needs... :)

    I suppose...sorry for my over reaction. I see in other space exploration games the players want to have missiles on their ships. Each to their own i suppose.
  23. Thanks for the really quick reply! I figured as much, but I gotta ask :)
  24. astrospud

    Base building on Mars?

    I like the idea of the initial remote mission as a precursor to the manned mission. Determining the best locations to establish a colony through sampling several different locations using the rovers instruments. Subsurface water ice, calcium,CO2 ice and other substances important to establishing a colony can be catalogued and a "resource map" can be put together. The idea of a colony is great!
  25. astrospud

    here is what TOM needs... :)

    Please,no! Not Arma in Space! Don't get me wrong. I enjoy arma 2/3, but a peaceful scientific exploration game is just as appealing, just in a different light.