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  1. Lol. Who reported me? So intolerance is not permitted? I wanna to see any intolerance in my post. I've said - No problem. I can leave you with anything you like.... BBC, Eurogayvision (guy with beard is not a gay?) Have a nice day.... And who was that genius who reported me? Ok. Double standards and only one side opinion. I understand.

    To mr. Incognito which reported my post to moderator. Read carefully each simple letter, slow and twice: G O T O F U C K I N G H E L L with your tolerance. :)

    Have a nice day. :)

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Slavyansk. Thing wich i don't like. (why? i think we will know in near future) GF start to use Mi-24 with UN paint scheme and markings.

  2. OK seriously ArtTem stop the flamebaiting.

    No problem. I can leave you with BBC, VICE and RT and stupid pictures about Putin and bearded creatures from Eurogayvision. And you will be speaking in comfortable atmosphere. Have a nice day.

  3. I just remember the facts. I don't believe in good or evil.

    Most of world countries agreed that Russian actions were illegal.

    So, you can give all the reasons, excuses, stories, videos, comics, books, etc. you want. But you are not gonna change the facts.

    We are very scared. Brrrrrrr. :)

  4. Are you assuming that all the populations from the villages you posted the videos were there? And the ones who participate of that event or assist as audience, mean that they support Russia?

    Besides that we already know from scientific polls that about 45% of the people of Crimea supported the union with Russia. But that does not legitimize the Russian military invasion nor the fake referendum. Both have been declared illegal by the international community.

    To me people who try to cheat playing the solitaire are a bit weird.

    Ofcourse not the all people. But as i see. It's a majority in each city.

    Aren't you tired of repeating the same things? I remember about annexation. If you want to save the world from evil, stop torture keyboard, go and get us. What's the problem? :)

  5. Small town Chernomorskoe (Crimea) population 11 039

    Simferopol (Crimea) population 362 366


    Village Perovo (Crimea) population 3880


    For people from the West. 70-80% of red flags it's a replica of units combat flag (from WW2) and mainly the replica of the flag wich was placed on Reichstag. But ofcourse i see some groups from communist party with usual USSR flag.

    Djankoy (Crimea) population 35 700

    Cocktebel (Crimea) population 2 833

    Sudak (Crimea) population 15 368

    Armyansk (Crimea) population 22 468

    So according to videos from local peoples which i found. That towns and villages give us a 1 153 007 of people supporting Russia and celebrating a "Victory day". The population of all Crimea is 1 957 801 (Ukraine government data on 1 january of 2014). I think, i need to wait when people upload more videos from another towns and villages. That will be more helpful to see the real picture in Crimea.

    NOTE. According to Misty notice. Of course it's not the whole population in each city. But according to what i see, the majority of people from cities support and celebrate. So 1 153 007 some theoretical number.

  6. Vice loosing the quality of product. It's so hard to find real alcoholics for comments? Or it was so hard to speak with young and normal people? Or with many people's on the street? Vice is not interesting anymore for me. Now it's a product of propaganda with good directing and great attention to things in the camera frame, like RT and many other channels from both sides. High quality product, but no for me.

    I'm using youtube and google to find videos from regular people, from different cities and places of Crimea in 9 of may. And try to understand situation without any help of West friends (mean Vice now).

    Kerch (Crimea) population 144 600


    Sevastopol (Crimea) population 344 479

    Feodosia (Crimea) population 69 786

    Interesting video from Crimean Tatars Mejlis (theirs channel). Simferopol (Crimea) 9 may 2014

    According to videos from Mejlis, heads and active Tatar officials was awarded by medals "For returning the Crimea".

    Very powerfull speech from old Tatar man.

    Few statements from him:

    - i don't like victory day;

    - on 18 of may we was departed from our motherland;

    - why we must love that day?;

    - the long speech about Stalin crimes;

    - i remember the eyes of NKVD sergeant and the barrel of a gun looking on me;

    - but, i wanna to say to our young generation please learn our history, please compare carefull, we see difference, we must say thank you to Moscow;

    - we realy hope that on 18 of may Putin and Moscow will do many things for us, real things;

    - all Tatars will stand on knees to Putin if he make a full rehabilitation for us.

    They have many videos on their channel from that day. I think they was recording each officail from Tatars Mejlis.

    Saki (Crimea) population 23 400

    Uzun-Syrt mountain, near Cocktebel (Crimea)

    Village Krasnokamenka (Kizil-Tash) (Crimea) population 1192

    Very small town Gurzuf (Crimea) population 9056

    Evpatoria (Crimea) population 106 840

  7. Rada should pass the law on local referendum, - Yatsenyuk. 11.04.2014

    (UNIAN) http://www.unian.net/politics/906669-rada-doljna-prinyat-zakon-o-mestnom-referendume-yatsenyuk.html

    "The Parliament should adopt a law on local referendum", - he said, adding that these changes must be made in the law on national referendum.

    But i think it's too late to do anything with the law of Ukraine now. All bad things happened already.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    Slavyansk 12.05.2014 20:15 Local time.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

    Another official speak in Verhovna Rada. 12.05.2014


    P.S. Misty for both video from Verhovna Rada you can ask your wife to translate. They speak Russian on video.


    (UNIAN) In the Zhitomir region two hundred soldiers fled from their units.

    The site also published a list of 100 names of the servicemen of military unit A0409 (Novohrad-Volynskyi) and military units A3091 (Berdychiv), which were conscripted during the partial mobilization on a special period and who voluntarily left his military unit.

  8. Yes, the law is abrogated. Today there is no law that deals with local referendums. And?

    People in Slavyansk (local city), Donetsk (local city), Lugansk (local city) - simply terrorists by law. And that's all. And your law don't know any referendum for regions. BTW. The word regional self-government administrative-territorial units in Ukraine is using once or twice (and in point 6 too). You have only all-Ukraine referendum law. Local is aborted.

    Ukrainian legislation does not provide for holding regional referendum's, it was controlled by local referendum's law.


    Thank you. No need to worry. We feel our self's not so bad standing on knees. Although you've already stand up, stand up that the whole country collapsed.

  9. From the law

    This results in

    I'm speaking with the wall? I'm not interested in part of document about Crimea.

    Repeat it specialy for you:

    ...But today the law, which shall determine the organization and procedure for conducting a local referendum is missing, since the Law of Ukraine "On all-Ukrainian and local referendums" according to paragraph 4 of section XIII "Final provisions" of the law of Ukraine "On national referendum" on November 6, 2012 No. 5475-VI abrogated...
    Однако на ÑÐµÐ³Ð¾Ð´Ð½Ñ Ð·Ð°ÐºÐ¾Ð½, который должен определÑÑ‚ÑŒ организацию и порÑдок Ð¿Ñ€Ð¾Ð²ÐµÐ´ÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ Ð¼ÐµÑтного референдума, отÑутÑтвует, поÑкольку Закон Украины "О вÑеукраинÑком и меÑтных референдумах" ÑоглаÑно пункту 4 раздела XIII "Заключительные положениÑ" Закона Украины "О вÑеукраинÑком референдуме" от 6 ноÑÐ±Ñ€Ñ 2012 â„– 5475-VI признано утратившим Ñилу.


  10. Did you read what questions are supposed to be decided by regional referendum and what by country-wide?

    It is written about regional poll. A usual poll. Is there a single word about referendum and any supposed consequences? No. Did you just lie? Yes.

    Bla bla, RT hysteria based on false facts and manipulation.

    You kidding? How RT and your archive connected? Read carefull what you read. Ofcourse it written about regional poll according to regional referendums law! It was advisory. And i'm speaking about regions Lugansk and Donetsk.

    To enhance your knowledges:

    The nature of the legal force of the decision adopted at a referendum, there are consultative and mandatory (compulsory) referendum. Consultative referendum is conducted to ascertain public opinion on any issue, the final decision on which accepts the authority initiating the referendum. The decision, made at a consultative referendum is not binding.

    So about that newspaper is talking. Mechanically it's a full referendum. With a ballots and votes. Which was maded under "About all-Ukrainian and local referendums." 03.07.91 N 1287-XII Law.

    And please show me information from my post on RT.

  11. Where do you see I play with the timeline?

    I don't wanna to repeat how our West friends understand the problem. Deep or not too deep. I just post some facts which is not a secret.

    Let's look in to Ukraine government archive. http://zakon4.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/1286-12

    THE LAW OF UKRAINE. About all-Ukrainian and local referendums. 03.07.91 N 1287-XII (supplemented to 6/11/2012 â„– 5475-VI "About all-Ukrainian and local referendums")

    <....To ensure democracy and direct participation citizens in the management of state and local Affairs in Ukraine, referendum can be held. The referendum is a way

    adoption by citizens of Ukraine by voting for laws of Ukraine, other solutions on important issues of national and of local importance...>

    <...Solutions, adopted by local referendum have supreme legal force the decisions of the Councils of people's deputies in the territory of which it is held...>

    <.... Laws, other decisions adopted by referendum, don't need any approval of the state bodies and can be cancelled or changed only in the order stipulated by the present Law.

    Ok. Nice law.

    In april of 1994 Lugansk and Donetsk region held a referendum. We have a scans of Donbas region newspaper with results.


    http://dosie.com.ua/uploads/posts/2014-03/1395966406_donbass-gazeta-full.jpg (114 kB)

    What is written in newspaper?:

    1. "Do you agree that in Constitution of Ukraine, the Federal-land system of Ukraine (Federalization) should be provided and secured?"

    The results in the Donetsk region:

    Yes - 79,69%

    Against - 15,02%

    Invalid ballots - of 5.29%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 84,14%.

    2. "Do you agree that the Constitution of Ukraine confirmed the functioning of the Russian language as the state language of Ukraine along with the state Ukrainian language?"

    The results in the Donetsk region:

    Yes - 87,16%

    Against - 8.54%of

    Invalid ballots - 4,30%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 91,08%.

    The results in Lugansk region:

    Yes - 90,38%

    Against - 5,04%

    Invalid ballots - 4,58%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 94,72%.

    3. "Do you agree that in the territory of Donetsk (Luhansk) region language of work, office work and documentation, as well as of education and science was the Russian language along with Ukrainian?"

    The results in the Donetsk region:

    Yes - 88,98%

    Against - 6,86%

    Invalid ballots - 4,15%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 92,84%.

    The results in Lugansk region:

    Yes - 90,91%

    Against - 4,51%

    Invalid ballots - 4,58%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 95,27%.

    4. "Are you for the signing of the Charter of the CIS (SNG), the full participation of Ukraine in the economic Union, the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS States?" (in 1994 it was synonymous with Eurasian integration).

    The results in the Donetsk region:

    Yes - 88,72%.

    Against - 6,82%

    Invalid ballots - 4,45%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 92,86%.

    The results in Lugansk region:

    Yes - 90,74%

    Against - 4,54%

    Invalid ballots - 4,72%

    Excluding invalid votes: for - 95,24%.

    The turnout was 72% in the Donetsk region and 75% in Luhansk.

    So, people just use that law. And what? And nothing. In 1994 there was not any mass internet. So referendum was simply ignored.

    Aha. Everybody forget about that little fact. But not the government of Ukraine. They remember who and how voted in 1994 at East. And they don't need any referendums, because they know the result. For that, they did simple thing:

    RESOLUTION from 6 March 2014 â„– 35 "On some issues relating to compliance with Ukrainian legislation and referendums"


    <...But today the law, which shall determine the organization and procedure for conducting a local referendum is missing, since the Law of Ukraine "On all-Ukrainian and local referendums" according to paragraph 4 of section XIII "Final provisions" of the law of Ukraine "On national referendum" on November 6, 2012 No. 5475-VI abrogated...>

    Bravo!!!! No law for referendum's - no problems. Everybody now terrorist and separatist. Amazing! You can invite OSCE, NATO, US, Finland as observers and referendum will be illegitimate anyhow. No law... Sry guys.

    P.S. Referendum in 1994 according to newspaper was advisory. Regions was trying to speak with Kiev peaceful.

    P.S.S. Ukrainian legislation does not provide for holding regional referendum's, it was controlled by local referendum's law.

  12. Today in Verhovna Rada. About Mariupol, Donetsk.


    I don't have a time to translate. In few words:

    - TV is lying;

    - Government is lying;

    - Turchinov is lying;

    - We lost Crimea because of your politic;

    - Economic ruined (national currency, salary's, agriculture);

    - Two new regions can go out from Ukraine, if government will be doing things that way;

    - Nobody did any investigations about Maidan, Odessa etc.;

    - Mr. Turchinov tell us why BMP killed all family in kitchen of their house?;

    - Your drove us to situation when 7 million of people who live in regions which produces 30% of GDP, deny you and Ukraine;

    - We need to stop that bloody massacre in East;

    - We need a federalization to save our country;

    - We need to work on constitution..

    Mr. Turchinov face shows something like i need to make a call. 6:04


    It's a bit scary that some people is unable to see the differences between protests in Maidan ( aggressive if you want ) and armed insurrection in the Donbas basin.

    It's a bit scary that smdy play with events timeline as he want.

  13. Check the source, it says that is from April 2014 news.

    Muzichko was killed in march. Do you realize that after any events many journalist continue make articles, post photos and write investigations? No? Ok. Sorry.

  14. So if you were talking about the weapons in Maidan why you post photos from last month or march? You don't make much sense.

    That's why you posted this one from last month? ( probably Odessa )

    Muzichko in Odessa? Wow!!!! Holy resurrection!!!

    Yeeees!!! Last month!!! Ofcourse! How i forget....



    Or this one from march?

    Aha. They bury Muzychko and the "Right Sector" is with AK in the midst of a peaceful town.

  15. OK then go ahead and explain the conenction between these pictures


    and what has happened on the Maidan. Please also provide sources.

    Pistols and double barreled shotguns might as well be bb guns when your opponents have kevlar and AK74's...

    You don't see leescubes post? You don't understand what he is typing?

    And you never seen bullets for double barreled shotguns? And what damage they provide?

    It's not my problem.

  16. @ArtTem You post pictures that are not connected to the actuall events only to imply something. You must have learned from RT. Stop that. You have been banned from this thread already once and you don´t want to be banned for flame baiting again, do you?

    To be banned or not to be banned! That's the question of the life.... But not for me.

    Read careful. All pictures was posted as answer with quote. Or as an answer for Misty's peaceful BB Guns on Maidan.

    "Don't tell me what to do and i will not tell you what you must do." Old Russian proverb.

  17. Ok, you proved that a couple civilian shotguns were used. Now compare that with war weapons like: AT, AA, BMDs, Grad rocket systems, etc. :rolleyes:

    I did not prove anything. I'm not in court and you are not a judge. I've just collected interesting photos in one place.


    Pistols and double barreled shotguns might as well be bb guns when your opponents have kevlar and AK74's...




    The facial scruff on the other hand? Dudes NOT US Army- someone playing dressup.

    Yep. We understand... And all that i typed in post, was: "I like that picture. Nice berets."

    Afro-american guy dancing nice.


    Smby still don't understand: "Never play any games near the forest where bears is sleeping, they don't like noise."

  18. What i feel is that you Russian guys don't want to say here what you really think, about Ukraine not being a country, about all the "Russian speaking guys" needed to be reunited to mother Russia, wherever they may live, etc.

    Please keep in mind. That if i start think such way. (because i don't think so) I'll post it here.


    Nice scarf. Odessa football club.


  19. Just suggest you to buy good books about the 2WW and visit the museums of the Nazi concentration & extermination camps.

    What's wrong with them, with all 1634? And how they according to that thread? I think i need to make statistic from all posts. To see in digits, who and how many times speak about fascism, Hitler and gives radical charges here.

    Maybe after that Spooky and Rus comrades - you understand that you are loosing your time.

    Like i've said. It start to look like comics more and more.