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  1. Remember that the defense islands increast the defense of every island linked to themthem. And 2 defense islands together will strengten one another. So look for weak Is;ands you can snap off. Also if you want to temporarily break a link all you have to do is kill the pier on one island and all its links will break. So you can go to a defense island for a few minutes, plow up the pier and then sail off and that will weaken the Islands linked to it.
  2. Its probably better to go back to a save. What you have to do is airlift a barrel of coolant into a lava lake on each of them. You will have to search for the barrels however. But there was a bug that had the barrels vanishing if you did not do it the first time you visited the Island, so its probably best if you just went back to an earlier save.
  3. If your talking the campaign, just taking the islands isnt enough. you have to shut down the power plants to the field protecting Thermopylae. Once you do that then sailing to the island will start the final couple of missions of the game. The last one of this I haven't completed as I cant fly for toffee...
  4. Unfortunately there was a bug that the containers would vanish if you didn't complete the first time you were there.
  5. Also you can take out the command center with rockets or missiles from long range and leave, and the buildings will vanish after you leave and the Island will turn neutral. Then you can rebuild the command center when you return. The Island will have to rebuild itself again but I've used that way quite often when I cant take an island directly
  6. Yeah. From what I remember you start off running about and avoiding a train, then you get onto a walrus and drive it about a bit, then you wander through the carrier shooting stuff. And then its the GLORIOUS FREEDOM OF THE OCEAN WAVES!! I don't remember a droid part at all.
  7. I've seen functioning turrets on neutral islands before. Keeps you on your toes of nothing else :)
  8. Myrik's voice sounds fairly authentic to me.
  9. I live in Ireland. This is normal to me. Seriously. You try being on the front line of the gulf stream hitting the latitude of Alaska.
  10. Suranis

    Mod Script Findings

    Sorry, where can you get the CC unpacker tool? I know silly question and all that.
  11. seems to be an XP issue. I have that as well.
  12. very interesting. I think I;'ll try this scrip myself. I actually find just taking the islands to be really good fun but hell beefing up the enemy carrier is definatly a plus. thanks
  13. Suranis

    Manta hook

    sometimes the walrus will free itself in that situation if you just give it a move order to some point ahead and just leave it for a while
  14. Aurora is supposed to be with you yes, as she features in the final battle.
  15. Aside from that first mission I found them pretty enjoyable yeah. Pretty limited but gave a touch of variety to the campaign
  16. Ok I've confirmed that the enemy units are turning up on different islands than the enemy carrier is attacking, at least occasionally. Heres the save https://dl.dropbox.com/u/52562896/strategy_save_auto1_6.save Fly into the center of the island and you will see the enemy carriers mantas circling. Basically the enemy carrier only attacked one single island up to that, and its the one its presently causing to flash red. Needless to say, without units the attack isn't going very well I imagine. I've reported this issue here http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback/view.php?id=706 I know you guys are focused on the Pathfinding issue, but this should have a pretty high priority too I imagine.
  17. That Vulcan thing didn't happen to me. I retook Vulcan without any problems. Enemy soon took it back though when I left the area razzen frazzen.
  18. Suranis

    Sense of Plasma gun

    Plasma is very useful, especially on mantas. I prefer heat on a walrus due to the fact that it arcs and my aim is crap, but plasma is a good straightline weapon.
  19. Suranis

    Production Tip...

    It's actually more fun to play it straight. All it takes is a little preparation, like queing up 4 mantas and walruses first thing at the stockpile island, then bringing 2 of them with some machine guns to the carrier. You do know it can carry 2 spare mantas and walruses that you can pop out if you lose some. Machine guns are cheap as well and will kill stuff en masse so you if you are unsure you can always send in them with cheap equipment You can also attack islands with weaker defensive ratings and whatnot. I actually get more frustrated when I do the save game thing because it seems like I am stuck doing the same thing FOREVER!!
  20. Beta 2. It would typically engage you if you arrived in the island it was on, mess you up, then turn around and leave.
  21. Well All I can say is that the enemy carrier would actively engage you in the beta. Dunno whats changed if anything.
  22. A walrus without fuel WILL very slowly move to its docking point but it can take HOURS. You are better off bashing the thing along with another Walrus if you don't have a hook. And moving the carrier close to it if its in the water. You really don't have an excuse not to keep your mantas fueled up. They can fly. send them back as soon as you get the warning.
  23. I liked putting Borden in a medical Scarab just to listen to her complain. "Come to nurse Borden" Yes nurse! :bounce3:
  24. When you have no armour or equipment on a unit it will move zippyfast and can evade lotsostuff.