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  1. Llano

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Yes, maybe they only were one guy working on this. But still, it's the principle. Imo, wrong content.
  2. Llano

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Karts? Really?.. Wow. fun? Yes maybe. Does the game need it? Not really. There are SO many other things that this game is screaming about to get implemented. Priorities my friend, priorities. Mad? No, dissapointed? YES. I thought there was more important stuff that BIS was working on.
  3. Llano

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    I'm sorry, but imo this is retarded. How about spending the develope-time on something that the game actually needs?..
  4. https://github.com/Llano/AWS Though, it's only real-time for Altis/Stratis
  5. Well, arma 2 performance isn't good either..
  6. Your framerate increased thanks to the cpu upgrade, not hdd to ssd. But yes, upgrading to ssd might remove stutter
  7. Just select the value, add/substract/multiple, and then insert the value again. _value = (_pos select 2) + 1; _pos set [2, _value];
  8. Llano

    A Complete Arma 3 - Not That Far Away

    1 thing; better performance Forever And again, better performance
  9. Yes, and? Arma 2 performance is still bad, and so is Arma 3. Considering the recent games in the series, it' hard to believe that they will fix the performance issues.
  10. rofl... I'm not that sure.. just look at Arma 2
  11. Aaand we have a winner +100
  12. Patience? Isn't 12 years enough?
  13. Ah well. That's it. Uninstalled Arma 3, taking a break. Getting tired of this now. The feedback tracker have had the same top-voted ideas/problems since the alpha. Awsome priorities.
  14. Yes, for me it's unplayable. Still, you give 0 information on what server you play on, map, teamsize etc. Yes, i can also get 60 fps if i enter a server with 3 guys on, 10 AI, and no action. But how much fun is that?
  15. No, you do not need the Arma2NetExplorer.exe to complete the setup.
  16. Uhm, can anyone confirm this? Have a hard time to believe it..
  17. Llano

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    Still, the problem with Arma is that it require so much cpu? Is't mantle only for gpu?
  18. I wonder why it doesn't exist BECTI missions without AI? Would it not work? I hate playing vs AI.
  19. VR engine came out like 10 years ago? Still the same engine as core in A3. I actually find it hard to believe that the devs will come up with some super optimazation and we all get extra 20 fps. It's not like the devs havn't had time to work on optimizing the game.
  20. Have the devs mentioned what exactly these "engine limitation" is?
  21. https://github.com/Llano/AWS One of the values in the returning array is the current date, though it's only for Altis/Stratis and it takes a little more time to set up :)