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  1. Llano

    Grass rendering technique

    Almost only 2 years old? Well look at that..
  2. How do you even figure that out? Some clearification:
  3. Well, i think people are losing their patience considering there are issues over a year old thta still isn't fixed.
  4. Llano

    Making MP3s play through microphone

    There exist software that can stream the speakers sound to the mic. Search and you shall find.
  5. How do we know that they are doing their best to fix the game? Just look at the Feedback Tracker.. God i would love to see that development/performance blog that they were talking about, but never released.
  6. Yeah, and why is that? People doesn't complain/whine just to complain. There are som serious problem with the game. Some people can't even enjoy the game because of the performance issues. Do we not have any right to demand a product that actually works? I'm sorry, but i have a hard time to just go with the flow and just accept the state of the game that i bought. ---------- Post added at 12:33 ---------- Previous post was at 12:31 ---------- And there is also a Feedback tracker with a huge amount of issues that never get fixed. Issues that are easy to fix and over a year old.
  7. Or, fixing the game and these threads will disappear? :D
  8. Intressting. And still i'm getting the same performance as i did in the alpha.
  9. Wow, i really looking forward to this "multipleyer mass improvment", you wanna know why? Because I don't think it will be a mass improvment. It's been 13 years and no such thing has happened yet. Given what bad performance people get with their monster rigs, it feels kinda weird to upgrade the computer specs. Rather upgrade the engine to fully utilize/support the specs.
  10. Correct. Everytime a palyer joins the server it will look thought the database to see if the user has been banned. Well, i can surely implement something like that. Also, BE wont have anything with the banning to do. It's all by the admin. Get better admins :cool: No but ban-abuse will always exist.
  11. I've been trying to get it tow work with Leaflet, but hell. It feels like it's bugged or something. I will be checking other API later on. Im not really sure i understand the questions about the banlist. You mean that for example Admin1 wouldn't agree with Admin2's banning? Why would you want to exclude banlisted players between servers? Sorry if i do not understand :)
  12. Yeah, as i said earlier. it is possible to run this on your own webserver, though you will need my server program also that send all information to the website. Currently i am going for this approach because i thought i would be easier for each server-owners. But it can surely be changed. Regarding map: I have been working with this too. It's not impossible but i havn't got the convert between ingame-coordinates -> browser-map coordinates working very well. Anyhow, i will probably fix this later on. Global banlist with only be a database where you can add people however you want. It will be shared over all of your servers. You decides the rules :)
  13. Yeah, i've been thinking of this. Though this will also require each server to run their own SignalR server. I just thought i would be easier to have it centralized. But i understand that people don't trust that.
  14. The problem is that the way i have designed the code + database requires each server to have a unique key to identify them. A server IP-address can be changed, and therefor i cant use that (If i am thinking this through correctly :)). I understand that it might seem like a bad way, but its really simple. All the authentication-info will exist in a .txt-file on your computer, so its only something you set one time.
  15. Thank you! Some of them will definetely be added. Regarding the authentication: This is required since Arma servers has no command etc to use to identify each server (AFAIK).
  16. Llano

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    And what about the competition? I do not really see how the DLC is gererous. Sure, we get some extra stuff "for free" but shouldn't that already have been in the game from the start?
  17. Llano

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Can't really see how they need money when they are having a competition that involves 500 000€ prize pool, and after the success with Dayz.
  18. Considering the past 10 years: I'd say no.
  19. Llano

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Yeah, let's waste some money.
  20. To make it look like they are actually trying to fix it. Bam nailed it.
  21. Poorly optimized game engine + not the best cpu = bad fps
  22. Can't really say that i have noticed this "lot improvements" regarding performance.
  23. With other words you mean that the price of the DLC is required so that BIS is able to make their economy to work?
  24. Check what temperature your cpu is while playing Arma. You can use HWMonitor (http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html).